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Maine Foliage Report, October 1: Green

Courtesy of Bangor Daily News, the Maine Foliage Report for October 1 2015:

Maine Foliage Report October 1 2015

Is this what climate change looks like? Not necessarily. This could just be an abnormal year for Maine — and it certainly is abnormal. Past foliage reports from the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry, which are available from 2011-2014 online, show that at this point in each of those years every part of the state had at least moderate fall foliage coverage (30-50% of foliage in fall color), with large portions of the state in high or peak levels of fall color. This is another sign to keep track of in documentation of possible climate change. I’ll look back to see whether earlier reports using a similar method can be dug up, and I’ll be back this time next year, and the year after that, to follow changes.

2 thoughts on “Maine Foliage Report, October 1: Green”

  1. J Clifford says:

    I hadn’t really thought about this, but it is the time that we would ordinarily be having a large amount of turning colors, and it just isn’t happening yet. I love a few hundred miles from Maine, in the Northeast. This seems to be larger than just a phenomenon in one state.

  2. ella says:

    As El Nino deepens off the West Coast, NOAA predicts that Maine will have a truly warmer than normal Autumn right through November. Average in the 50’s. It will be interesting to see how El Nino effects that factor next year.

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