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Update On The Wiccan Blue Moon Ritual Murders In Pensacola!

It has been two months now since the murder of Voncile Smith and her sons in Pensacola, Florida. It has been two months since the county sheriff there, David Morgan, held a sensationalistic press conference to announce that he had evidence that the murder was conducted by Wiccans who were practicing a Blue Moon murder ritual.

Dawn Perlmutter, a self-appointed “expert” on ritual murder, who actually has an art degree and no training in criminal justice, fanned the flames of Satanic Panic, saying that yes, it looked like a classic ritual murder to her. She had not actually seen any evidence related to the case.

Internationally, journalists jumped on the clickbait sensationalism. Almost none of them asked any critical questions, but repeated without scrutiny the claims of Sheriff David Morgan.

Sheriff Morgan then announced that, as soon as he got some laboratory test results in, he would make another public announcement about the case.

Two months have gone by now, and what update can we offer you?

The Escambia Sheriff’s Office still hasn’t come up with any evidence that there was anything at all Wiccan, or ritualized, or related to the Blue Moon, about the murders.

About two weeks ago, the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office stopped issuing any press releases about any criminal cases at all. Sheriff Morgan never shared the results of those laboratory tests.

Internationally, journalists have ignored the fact that Sheriff David Morgan’s claims of a Blue Moon Wiccan Ritual Murder Cult have turned out to be completely bogus.

2 thoughts on “Update On The Wiccan Blue Moon Ritual Murders In Pensacola!”

  1. Leroy says:

    Funny how the police do things like that (I am a retired 30-year career police officer and ad an insider’s view to that BS).

    Look at the shooting that just happened a couple of days ago. Within hours the local Sheriff was holding press conferences praising the bravery of the responding officers who engaged and shot down this rabid dog.


    The Medical Examiner (Coroner) then yesterday reported that the suspect killed himself and took NO bullet wounds from any law enforcement officers.

  2. ella says:

    Have you tried to personally contact the Sheriffs office, ask for information concerning the deaths? I just tried to find an email address and zeroed out.

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