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Marvin The Martian Considers Campaign For Speaker Of The House

In the wake of majority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s decision to drop out of the running for the position of Speaker of the House, Marvin the Martian has declared that he is mulling a campaign for the post.

Marvin The Martian“It is true that I am not a registered Republican, not an elected member of Congress, not an American citizen, not a human being, not a resident of the planet Earth, and that I am wanted for the attempted incineration of Bugs Bunny. Who have the House Republicans come up with to run for Speaker, though? Lynn Westmoreland? Who is that?”

Marvin made his statement while addressing reporters from atop the Capitol Dome, holding a red flag in his hand, shouting, “I claim this political institution in the name of Mars!”

2 thoughts on “Marvin The Martian Considers Campaign For Speaker Of The House”

  1. Quinton Underwood says:

    Looks like a “Real dyed in the wool Democrat” to me. Well, , why not, since for the past eight years the GOP
    Leaders have bowed down and kissed the ground that this “Anti-America Imposter” that we have in White house has done to destroy the USA. All this nin-com-poop has to do is just mention the words veto or government shutdown and the GOP (wana bes) Leaders goes a running and whimpering like a scared whipped puppy. This miss-fit for a President has spent more money than all of our presidents combined and we have gotten nothing in return, and the GOP did not have one thing past or present to do with this. We are now a total world embarrassment, our military has been relegated to such a weakened state that we could not defend ourselves against any regime no matter how small. Thanks to this miss-fit we are broke, the Chinese Yuan will more than likely be the next world currency. YEA , YEA , Go Marvin, Go Marvin Go

  2. ella says:


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