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What Makes A Modern Cat Different From A Medieval Cat?

I came across the issue of Modern Cat magazine shown below in a bookstore yesterday. It brings several questions to mind:

Are there such things as post-modern cats?

Does anyone not know how to pet a cat?

If people don’t know what kind of cats they have, can a quiz help them to overcome this ignorance?

How do the magazine’s editors know what my cats want, when I don’t know what my cats want?

modern cat magazine

One thought on “What Makes A Modern Cat Different From A Medieval Cat?”

  1. ella says:

    The last living of my 8 cats (mom, pop, and the 6 kids) is the ‘mom’ cat. At 15 even she has changed through the years, but she does display a definite personality, as did they all, from hunter to lap kitten. Her actions and activities in any given day can be recorded like clock work. It does take some time to gt to know our pets, what ever they are. But one thing is for sure, we cannot treat any of them with a ‘one care fits all’ attitude or we’ll have very unhappy pets. Of course that is my attitude. Many say that pets are supposed to do what we tell them – or else. I say let them have their lives and we’ll work around each other. Sometimes they have to do what I say, but we have come to an agreement. Unless it is an emergency, it is a work together life.

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