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Which Democratic Presidential Candidate Talking About Racism? (October 2015 Update)

On the discussion of racism, there is a noticeable and persistent difference between Lincoln Chafee, Jim Webb, Martin O’Malley, Lawrence Lessig, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders:

Number of Democratic Presidential Candidates' Web Pages discussing racism, September and October 2015

Not all the Democratic presidential candidates are alike. At a time of persistent racial discrimination in the United States of America, this difference between candidates bears notice.

7 thoughts on “Which Democratic Presidential Candidate Talking About Racism? (October 2015 Update)”

  1. Leroy says:

    Probably within hours of your Post?

    Actually makes some good points in his press conference (IMHO).,_2016

    Obviously he was going nowhere in the Democratic race. I would imagine that his supporters would tend to lean toward Bernie???

    And now with Biden out of the race also… does the race between Hillary and Bernie tighten up strongly?

    1. Jim Cook says:

      I don’t know if his supporters would go for Sanders. For a Democrat, Jim Webb leaned pretty far to the right in many ways.

      Although he does talk about black Americans a few times in his book, the word “racism” doesn’t appear once in Webb’s book.

      1. J Clifford says:

        Also, Jim Webb has a habit of talking, and writing, about the special needs of “poor whites” – not just poor people, but “poor whites” in particular. In much of his politics, there is a seething resentment against affirmative action.

      2. Leroy says:

        Well, I see that he is now talking about a Third Party run (???)… though I don’t see it getting off the ground.

        What I see from Webb supporters that I have interacted with (which always helps), I always detected a quite strong “independence streak” – and it seemed to me that they would be more likely to opt to go with a Bernie over a Hillary out of just being ornery.

        (Plus the fact that the few – maybe 7 or 8? – that I’ve talked to specifically indicated that they’d turn to Bernie before Hillary… none indicated voting GOP or sitting it out).

        1. Jim Cook says:

          I agree with you that a Webb independent run won’t get off the ground… he’s kind of like Jon Huntsman in that his main support comes from some think-tank quarters. I would not be surprised to find some of those think tanks (especially those funded with speculative investment money) to flock to Webb as a hero and to try to create the appearance of a popular wave of support for him. But that tactic hasn’t worked before and it won’t this time around either.

        2. Leroy says:

          A actually, I looked at Webb as primarily a Centrist. (And one of the more intelligent candidates out there in the combination of intellect combined with common sense – and the facts of his Marine Corps experience didn’t hurt in my particular case, being a Marine also for that same era / experience… And possibly the only candidate on either side with any military experience???).

          Anyway, I think that there’s a lot of merit to this article (speaking just in general terms):

          But the problem is that TODAY that stance is no longer a legitimate option. Based upon changes that started back in the Nixon campaign (with the Deep South strategy) and which moved slowly until the Reagan era where it picked up speed significantly and then exploded with the NeoCons of the 1990s and early 2000s and then the even stronger explosion of the far right Tea Party in the late 2000s has in fact developed this into a war, a political war.

          The time for Centrism and bipartisanship has long passed. Not only the welfare of this country but its very soul seems to be at stake.

          Will this land become a Theocratic-oriented Plutocracy? Or return to a government and society “of the People, FOR the People”?

          That is why hard, non partisan, non Centrist positions MUST be taken. Now and for some generations to come.


  2. Leroy says:

    Actually Webb’s book “A Time to Fight:
    Reclaiming A Fair and Just America” (written in 2008 when Webb was Senator from Virginia) is a pretty good book to read.

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