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Upcoming Protest in November 2015

Looking around the interwebs and fishing through activist discussion boards, these are the protest events I see coming together in November 2015:

Is there a protest event you know of that should make the list? Let me know about it by posting a comment and a link. Thanks for spreading the word.

2 thoughts on “Upcoming Protest in November 2015”

  1. Larry says:

    Dignity Day Protest.

    I like that one.

  2. Robert Milnes says:

    see: Protests at Camden County Hall of Justice to Resume Soon; Colestown Cemetery to Start Pending Impromptu Exhumation. New post at The PLAS PLACE.
    I say Ruth Blumenstein is not buried in Colestown Cemetery. Nice new headstone though.
    I say she is not dead. Most probably poisoned and kidnapped and taken to Israel.
    Nancy Benson is not buried in Boulder, CO. Poisoned and kidnapped and taken to Israel.
    Several others also.
    The Israelis attack Americans in America in support of the democrats and republicans who lavishly support Israel.
    Check Libertarian and Green party platforms re: Israel and Palestine.
    Neither supports Israel in the lavish way it is accustomed to.

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