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Irregular Times Donation: Project Prakash

Irregular Times sells sweatshop-free political t-shirts to help spread messages we believe in, traveling from eye to eye on the backs of other folks.  We also sell the shirts to pay for the costs associated with a website.  A third reason for us to sell sweatshop-free political t-shirts is to, in a small way, help promote the kind of change we want to see in the world.

We refuse to sell sweatshop-made shirts because we don’t believe in exploiting the desperation of people born in the third world.  But to answer those who insist that exploitative sweatshops are better than nothing, we set aside a dollar for every shirt we sell to go toward helping desperate people outside the United States live better lives.

Our donation this time around goes to Project Prakash, which gives free treatment to blind children in India that allows those children to see again.  Too many children in India don’t have simple problems corrected because their families are simply too poor to pay for those corrections.  Cataract surgery can change a life.  Read this profile of Project Prakash in a recent issue of the journal Science to understand the profound impact such intervention can have on a blind child and, indirectly, on a community.


One thought on “Irregular Times Donation: Project Prakash”

  1. Quinton Underwood says:

    This really looks like very good project going forward. It is hard to imagine so many in one area having such a bad problem. All who can should make what ever donation they can for this issue.

    ” I make a living by what I get, I make a life by what I give ”

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