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Obama Puts United States Into Ground War In Syria

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When politicians want the American public to ignore a story, they release the news on Friday. When they want to release news that they’re afraid will cause a huge uproar, they release the news on a Friday before a holiday weekend – like the Friday before a Halloween weekend. If they want to bury a story as far as humanly possible, they release the news on a Friday before a holiday weekend when people “fall back” out of Daylight Saving Time.

Here’s the story that the Obama Adminstration is using this triple-thick cloak of invisibility to obscure this weekend. PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA ANNOUNCED ON FRIDAY AFTERNOON THAT HE WILL BE SENDING GROUND TROOPS INTO SYRIA.

If George W. Bush had put American soldiers on the ground in a war in Syria, Democrats would have expressed outrage. Today, however, Democrats are silent – even those who aren’t taking down frightening porch decorations or teaching their children how to take off their makeup so as to stop looking like the undead.

I’m writing this on Sunday night, when blood sugar levels of Americans has dropped, when they’re as well rested as they ever will be, when they’re just starting to pay attention to the news again, because this is a story that must not be ignored. Over the weekend, corporate journalists have buried the story under cute articles about girls dressed up as princesses, but at Irregular Times, we’re not letting it drop.

Americans elected Barack Obama to be President of the United States because they believed he would put an end to George W. Bush’s failed and flawed wars in the Middle East. Now, as we are nearing the last year of Barack Obama’s presidency, our military is still fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, and Obama is putting troops on the ground in Syria.

This is not the Hope and Change Americans voted for in 2008.

If we liberals continue to ignore the Perpetual War, just because there’s a Democrat in the White House, the fighting could easily continue another 8 years after Obama is out of office.

One thought on “Obama Puts United States Into Ground War In Syria”

  1. ella says:

    Be sure to vote Republican!
    That way if it continues, everyone can blame a Republican again.

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