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When You Read Spider Man Comic Books, You Send Money To Marco Rubio

Reading a comic book seems like a fun, harmless act. You sit down and flip through pages of pictures of brightly costumed people who act outside the law because they have the power to do so… Wait a minute. Besides the bright costumes, these people start to sound a lot like corporate CEOs.

Maybe it’s no coincidence that many of the people at the top of the comic book industry, and all of its merchandising outside of the pages of comic books themselves, are involved in pro-corporate politics. They spin yarns of powerful people who take matters into their own hands, for good and for ill. They won’t be contained by the needs of democratically-elected governments. These super-powerful elites know what’s best for everyone. They just know.

Republican politicians also support this comic book mentality. They work to protect the right of the most wealthy and powerful individuals to evade regulation, protecting the right of the financial elites to operate outside the constraints of democratically-elected government. Marco Rubio, for example, tells us that he’ll protect the wealth of millionaires and billionaires (“I’ll fight for our private property rights”), campaigns for the right of people to carry around guns wherever they go, just in case they have to fight crime like superhero vigilantes (“Dissenters try and stigmatize gun owners, but as we all know, responsibly exercising one’s Second Amendment right could mean the difference between life and death”), and supports shadowy cartels that use their financial power to squeeze more work for less pay out of ordinary Americans, complaining that “government can get in the way, big time” of these schemes.

marvel entertainment marco rubioSo, it’s a perfect fit when the top executives at comic book companies and politicians like Marco Rubio join forces. That’s what’s happened through Marvel Entertainment. Isaac Perlmutter, the CEO of Marvel Entertainment, brings home a massive amount of money, thanks to the enthusiasm of his company’s tale of super-powerful individuals like Iron Man, Spiderman, Thor, and The Hulk, who don’t need to follow the rules because might makes right.

What happens to that money after Isaac Perlmutter brings it home? This summer, two million dollars of that money went to a single political “donation” – a check written by Isaac Perlmutter’s “unemployed” wife, Laura Perlmutter, to the Conservative Solutions PAC, a political action committee that has done nothing other than prop up Marco Rubio’s 2016 presidential campaign.

That two million dollars came from the Perlmutters, but the Perlmutters got that two million dollars from all the people who read Marvel comic books and buy Marvel superhero merchandise. The Perlmutters, and Marvel Entertainment, have become conduits for Marco Rubio, taking cash from comic book fans and channeling it into right wing politics.

So, you buy an Iron Man costume for your kid on Halloween, and the profits go to help Marco Rubio celebrate torture.

You read a Spider Man comic book, and the profits go to help Marco Rubio reduce worker pay in the United States.

You buy a cool looking poster featuring Black Widow, and you help give Marco Rubio a platform to travel the country saying that people don’t cause global warming.

You get a Hulk lunch box for your kid to take to school, because you want to encourage your children to freak out violently for some reason, and your money goes to support Marco Rubio’s pro-war agenda.

You buy a Thor jigsaw puzzle, and part of your money goes to help Marco Rubio advance his agenda of creating a special tax loophole just for rich families.

Are The Avengers really cool enough for you to keep tossing money Marco Rubio’s way?

2 thoughts on “When You Read Spider Man Comic Books, You Send Money To Marco Rubio”

  1. Charles Manning says:

    Well done. This is the kind of reporting I can only find on Irregular Times. Thanks!

  2. Jay says:

    Yep. You are trying to shame someone out of an industry for having different standards from you. Happy to see you leave the fandom.

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