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Numerology Of Jeb Bush’s Right To Rise Allies At Oath Strategies

Oath Strategies only started business on June 19 of this year. For a company just 5 months old, Oath Strategies is doing pretty well. The company just received $6,666,566.00 from the super PAC that Jeb Bush set up and supported, but is now supposedly independent of, Right To Rise. So far this year, Oath Strategies has received $29,526,057.13 from Right To Rise – the biggest beneficiary of Jeb Bush’s super PAC.

The headquarters of Oath Strategies is 8136 Old Keene Mill Road, Suite A-300, Springfield, Virginia. Other companies sharing that executive suite with Oath Strategies are:

– Media Ad Ventures (At this company, Carolyn Bush, formerly an employee of the Republican National Committee, works as an account executive. It is not known if she is a relative of Jeb Bush and the Georges Bush.)
– Source 3 Communications

That’s 3 different companies in the same suite. Sweet.

Another address given by Oath Strategies is P.O. Box 2484 Springfield, Virginia.

Number of miles per hour over the speed limit that Mekedes Balcha, giving this same P.O. Box as an address, was arrested for driving: Between 14 and 19.

Guys named Brad who work at Suite A-300, 8136 Old Keene Mill Road: 2… or 1…

– Brad Mont, President of Media Ad Ventures
– Brad Mont, contact for Right To Rise at Oath Strategies

Three other employees at Oath Strategies:

– Media buyer Patti Heck, who is also President of Crossroads Media, LLC, working alongside Michael Dubke, who became infamous as an inhabitant of Suite 555 at 66 Canal Center Plaza, where employees of the Romney for President campaign routinely met with coordinators of super PACs supporting Mitt Romney.
Carolyn Bush – remember her, from Media Ad Ventures
– Senior media buyer (sorry, Patti) Emily Milhoan, who writes, “I’m not saying let’s go kill all the stupid people….I’m just saying let’s remove all the warning labels and let the problem sort itself out.”

emily milhoan oath strategies

Is that the kind of oath that Oath Strategies is suggesting Jeb Bush should make? Is that the best professionalism that 29 million dollars can buy?

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