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Ben Carson Can’t Locate The Borders He Says We Have To Control

Ben Carson likes to talk about strong borders. Although the American invasion and occupation of Iraq, which Ben Carson supported, began a cascade of effects that led a devastating civil war in Syria, Carson wants to turn back refugees from that war who are seeking help. Carson wants to change American law so that Syrian refugees can be turned back at the border.

Syrian refugees have been displaced by the Islamic State, but Carson says that they’re likely to engage in terrorist attacks on behalf of the Islamic State once they’re inside the United States. Actually, the number of Syrian refugees who have participated in terrorist attacks within the United States is ZERO.

Simple facts like that don’t matter for Ben Carson. He says, “the key thing is we have to secure all our borders—north, south, east and west.”

ben carson border mapFor the sake of argument, let’s accept Ben Carson’s suggestion that the borders of the United States are insecure, and that they all need to be strengthened. If that were the case, then we would be in desperate need of a President of the United States who understands U.S. borders.

Ben Carson is not qualified to be that leader. The Boston Globe points out that last night, in a post on Instagram and Twitter, Ben Carson showed a map of the United States with a couple of strange features:

1. In Ben Carson’s map, there is no Alaska or Hawaii. Apparently, Carson doesn’t particularly care about terrorists coming into those states and launching attacks there.

2. More significantly, Ben Carson draws a completely new map of the borders of the northeast United States. In Ben Carson’s map, the border between New York State and Connecticut is directly to the east of the Adirondack mountains. Carson’s map of the United States is completely missing one of our country’s border states, Vermont. Rhode Island has disappeared as well, being absorbed into Greater Connecticut, a new state that lies to the north of a vastly expanded Long Island Sound, which is now at least 300 miles wide from north to south. The borders of Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine are even further to the north in Carson’s map, claiming territory that had belonged to the maritime provinces of Canada, and blocking the flow of the St. Lawrence River into the ocean. Apparently, the St. Lawrence now flows into Hudson Bay.

ben carson new england mapThis drawing of America’s borders reveals, as expert geographers would put it, that Ben Carson has no stinking idea of where the borders of the United States of America are. If Ben Carson can’t even locate America’s borders, how can he make them more secure? Would Carson send Homeland Security agents up to Quebec City to prevent refugees from entering our country?

Nobody with a high school education should draw a map of the United States like the one that Ben Carson scribbled together. Of course, this mistaken map is not just an isolated error. Ben Carson’s ignorance of basic geography is just one more manifestation of a more pervasive inability to master fundamental information about America’s borders. Carson seems completely unaware, for example, that net migration across the border between Mexico and the United States is zero. U.S. borders are not insecure.

This isn’t the first time that Ben Carson failed to understand the simple facts of American border security. Last year, Ben Carson was warning that unless flights from countries in west Africa were denied entry to the United States, our country would soon be dealing with an Ebola epidemic. He ranted on and on about a border security crisis that simply wasn’t real. There never was a significant threat of Ebola spreading across the United States as a result of lax border policy. The standard safeguards worked very well.

What Ben Carson has consistently demonstrated is that he is willing to exaggerate threats from foreigners in order to gain attention for himself. Carson exploits irrational voter fears to benefit his self-promotion. Such ignorant grandstanding won’t protect the United States. In fact, it will make our country more vulnerable to the dangers that our country actually needs to deal with.

5 thoughts on “Ben Carson Can’t Locate The Borders He Says We Have To Control”

  1. J Clifford says:

    Post script: Ben Carson got the borders of Virginia wrong, too.

    Oh, but what do details matter? It’s not as if he’s asking to be made President of the United States!

  2. Leroy says:

    I would really love to see his map of the Middle East.

  3. ella says:

    GROAN! Why doesn’t he just admit he isn’t OBama? At least Obama had some education on the subject before he jumped. All Obama wanted was to change the face of the US. That is all Carson wants to do. It is amazing how many people are will to follow him. (to me)

  4. ella says:

    (willing) My spelling again.

  5. Nathan Norman says:

    Almost as bad as claiming he visited 57 U.S. states

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