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The State Of The Green Party Presidential Race, Part 3

She Hulk For PresidentOver the last couple of days, I have been reviewing what information is available about the Green Party’s presidential candidates. These have included some filers who failed to follow up, a couple of jokesters registering under concocted identities, and two serious, though struggling, candidates: Jill Stein and Bill Kreml.

Today, I finish this review.

I’ll start with Samuel Vaynblat, from New York City. Vaynblat registered with a committee name that is rather unusual for the Green Party: The Committee To Restore America To Power. The FEC requested a revised filing because the committee did not contain Vaynblat’s name, as the law requires. The deadline for Vaynblat to respond passed 15 days ago, so Vaynblat can no longer be considered a contender for the Green Party presidential nomination.

Back in April, Dan White of Marietta, Georgia registered as a candidate for the Green Party nomination. Nothing has been heard from Dan White since. There is a Dan White from Marietta who has fought against the construction of a new stadium for the Atlanta Braves, but it’s not clear whether this is the same Dan White who thought he might run for President this spring.

A more interesting perspective comes from another Green candidate who is actually green, or claims to be. Jennifer Walters, a resident of New York City, filed a petition late last month to run for President. So, where does the green come in? The campaign committee that Walters registered was called She-Hulk for President. Jennifer Walters, it turns out, is the alter-ego to She-Hulk. The FEC has responded to “Jennifer Walters” and requested a new application with a different campaign committee. The Avengers have until December 14 to respond. The filing for the She-Hulk for President campaign came from the same building that houses Marvel Entertainment.

The CEO of Marvel Entertainment, we know, is a big supporter of Marco Rubio.

2 thoughts on “The State Of The Green Party Presidential Race, Part 3”

  1. John Anthony La Pietra says:

    Glad to see this mini-series. But it’s incomplete.

    There are three more at least exploratory candidates for the Green Party’s Presidential nomination — Darryl Cherney, SKCM Curry, and Kent Mesplay. And there’s Robert Milnes, who wants to be the nominee of both the Libertarian and Green Parties — though that may be difficult in states which don’t allow fusion candidates, and/or which tie ballot access to how the top of the ticket does. (GPUS rules might possibly get in the campaign’s way somewhat, too.)

    And there’s at least one other FEC-filed candidate you could mention — ‘Murican Cookies — as well as an update about Justin Robert Murphy, who (if we can trust the media) is only 29 and whose roommate filed the paperwork for him.

    Anyway, plenty of material for a Part 4. So when is it coming out?

  2. Gary Swing says:

    Here’s some more information about Jennifer Walters:

    She-Hulk for President 2016

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