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Vote Freedom Over Fear. Elect Bernie Sanders.

This week, from Senator Bernie Sanders:

“If Donald Trump and others who refer to Latinos, people from Mexico, as criminals and rapists, if they want to open that door, our job is to shut that door and shut it tight… Too many have people suffered, and too many people have died for us to continue hearing racist words coming from major political leaders… I am disturbed by some of what I am hearing from my Republican colleagues, and I will just say this: During these difficult times, as Americans we will not succumb to racism. We will not allow ourselves to be divided and succumb to Islamophobia. We will not turn our backs on the refugees.”

“What terrorism is about is trying to instill terror and fear into the hearts of people. And we will not let that happen. We will not be terrorized or live in fear. During these difficult times, we will not succumb to Islamophobia. We will not turn our backs on the refugees who are fleeing Syria and Afghanistan. We will do what we do best and that is be Americans – fighting racism, fighting xenophobia, fighting fear.”

“A few months ago, Donald Trump said about people from Mexico that they are criminals and they’re rapists. Trump and others are talking about, well, maybe we will close down mosques. Last I heard, we had a Constitution in this country which gave all of our people the right of religious freedom. And then I’m hearing other people saying, well, we may have to undermine the Constitution in terms of civil liberties. When we do all of those things, then, in fact, the terrorists win without having to explode a bomb in America. We’re undermining what we stand for as a country. I understand that people are frightened. What we saw in Paris was disgusting, was horrible, was barbaric. But we are a strong enough nation to say we’re not going to lose who we are as a people, that we’re going to protect our Constitution, we’re going to protect religious freedom, and we’re not going to turn our backs on women and children who have been thrown out of their own countries.”

Vote freedom over fear – Elect Bernie Sanders

Vote Freedom Over Fear Elect Sanders

33 thoughts on “Vote Freedom Over Fear. Elect Bernie Sanders.”

  1. Robert Milnes says:

    Bernie, the biggest racist is the state of Israel, you moron.
    Israel uses jewish americans to control leftists like you, you moron.
    You are talking leftist in the reactionary democratic party, you moron.
    Thank god you are going to lose, you moron.

  2. Robert Milnes says:

    peckerwood, I’m waiting for State of the Green party pres. part 4 or subsequent where you may get to me. Assuming it is a hit piece, I’ll try to defend myself.
    Ever thought of Bernie bolting the democrats to the greens? Well, Jill Stein has figured he will not do that but his voters may be up for her grabs.
    Won’t happen, Jill. The voters will figure you will lose, so why support you? Then they will find their way back to the democratic party.
    Much ado about nothing.
    All the while the greens could win with a fusion ticket.

    1. ella says:

      Hi Robert, the Green Party knew they would never be a party of great size. They have been able to gain inroads with patience, civility, common sense, and love for their world. Many public offices are now held by Green Party members, they are making the changes in their communities. Do you agree with that?

  3. J Clifford says:

    Robert, you need to tone down your own fears a few notches. Breathe deep. Relax. Sink back down to reality.

  4. Leroy says:

    LMAO… Lots of luck with that!

    One cannot take a deep breath, calm down, and sink back to reality when mentally ill!

    This isn’t an anomaly for him. Read his blog. Read his “presidential campaign” site. This is normal routine for him.

    Meanwhile… Truman’s intelligent response to being repeatedly asked the difference between the national database for Muslims in America that he proposes and that as developed and put into practice for Jews in Nazi Germany:

    1. Nathan Norman says:

      Mental illness is funny? What a piece of shit you are.

      1. Robert Milnes says:

        Good point, Nathan Norman.

      2. Leroy says:

        Gosh… where did I say that mental illness was funny, asshole piece of shirt?

        My reference was clearly to “J Cifford’s” comment in believing that mental illness could be so readily treated, you idiotic turd.

        Funny that this refers to ELEVEN COMMENTS (prior to mine just posted), yet only displays SEVEN.

        When were the other four comments (critical of Irregular Times) deleted?

        1. Nathan Norman says:

          They were removed because you are a loser piece of shit. You said LMAO at Robert Milnes’ mental illness. You are a terrible person and a cumguzzler. Fuck you Leroy.

          1. Leroy says:

            So I see from your contributions to Irregular Times that you are either a Straw Man or Sock Puppet for Milnes. (Norman the Nazi? Or Jonathan C. C. himself???)

            Once you referenced NO logical reason for the censorship, you spelled out exactly who you were. (obviously nasty language – at least when directed against specific targets – is NOT censored, but factual posts are censored… if JCC doesn’t like them)… That and the fact that you don’t possess the logic to see that my LMAO was in Reply to Jonathan’s post – and he never mentions a mental illness. Like Milnes, Norman cannot properly deduce facts.

            And such a foul mouth.

            I played along briefly to see how far you would go. And you truly crossed the boundaries!

            If Jonathan is going to allow these types of assaults against progressives on his blog sites then I can just take my business to (as well as a lot of specific information and links, why, such as this article)… I am sure that as Milnes (or is it JCC and the UU?) Sock Puppet / Straw Man the response will be to applaud such a move.

            (Hint: Just because I don’t post here anymore – if that is what I choose, unless Jonathan wants to reveal his true character and ban me – which would be looked at hilariously by a number of Progressive Liberals that I know – doesn’t mean that I still don’t visit and collect links to some of the articles with really crazy posts to, ah, pass around)

            In any case, reply away as much as you like.

            In a battle of logic and wits, I refuse to do battle with an unarmed man.

          2. Jim Cook says:


            Are you seeking attention with your frequent “Goodbye, Cruel World” posts and wild, unsupported claims? You’re welcome to leave, just as you are free to continue to post here. We don’t delete posts. You do write posts closely resemble spam and so frequently get caught in our automatic spam catcher on a regular basis. Nathan Norman is not an Irregular Times sock puppet. We don’t do sock puppets. Nathan Norman is a presidential candidate: .

          3. Leroy says:

            Jonathan, your stories about my posts – with SINGLE links and on more than one occasion NO links… should have double checked) – getting caught up and discarded as Spam don’t fly anymore. I have posted the same comments at different times on DIFFERENT article pages and have had them appear (not awaiting moderation) and then HOURS LATER disappear.

            Sorry, that’s just plain censorship.

            And otherwise, this response is hilarious. I am one of the few who respond with supporting articles (the links that you claim get recognized as “Spam”… even after being carefully constructed posts with never more than one link. Yet more and more often censored. So if you provide support for a (very pro Progressive) position it gets censored. And if you don’t, then they are (unlike Milnes, Norman, Ella Korky, etcetera) “wild and unsubstantiated claims”.

            Just WHAT is it that you would like me to substantiate? Feel free to point out specifics. Just be man enough to let the information through.

            And then posts that had NO links… posts that were surprisingly there for hours (and NOT “awaiting moderation” – and then gone. Sorry, that is censorship.

            And I know full well who Norman is…. And how he is clearly antisemitic and homophobic, as reflected not by my opinion as by his own language (see his comments above for a start).


            Responses to A Preliminary Proposal on The Final Solution to The Jews.

            Nathan Norman says:
            November 19, 2015 at 10:37 pm
            How will you determine who is Jew? Many will lie. Will you have an agency perform penis examinations?

            Marlon Areola says:
            November 21, 2015 at 7:45 pm
            Can I volunteer to be one of the cock examiners?

            RobertLeMagne (WHO IS ROBERT MILNES) says:
            November 21, 2015 at 9:51 pm
            Circumcision, male and female, is an evil, sick, godforsaken thing.
            We will be rid of this pestilence.

            Marlon Areola says:
            November 22, 2015 at 1:12 am
            I prefer the circumcised look. Very aesthetically pleasing.

            When you become president will you appoint me as cock inspector?

            RobertLeMagne says:
            November 22, 2015 at 8:13 am
            Scars are aesthetically pleasing?
            You are brainwashed by The ZOG.

            Marlon Areola says:
            November 22, 2015 at 10:10 pm
            When circumcised it has a head and a face. It is beautiful. Nevertheless I will support your program if you make me cock inspector. That is a dream job.

            RobertLeMagne says:
            November 24, 2015 at 5:32 am
            A one eyed face?

            Nathan Norman says:
            November 24, 2015 at 11:58 pm
            Marlon is a dumb faggot. Ignore his faggotry.

            Big Dawg says:
            November 25, 2015 at 1:14 am
            Stab, gas or shoot all the jews and burn all the faggots at the stake! Feed mohametans to starving pigs and deport all the illegals. Milnes/Norman or Norman/Milnes 2016!

            Nathan Norman says:
            November 25, 2015 at 10:20 am
            Fuck you for stealing one of my names. You are not Big Dawg.

            Big Dawg says:
            November 25, 2015 at 8:36 pm
            What, Big Dawg, you think be da only Big Dawg? Nigga please.

            Big Dawg says:
            November 25, 2015 at 8:37 pm
            My bad Big Dawg…I meants to say you think YOU be da only Big Dawg? Nigga please.

            Nathan Norman says:
            November 25, 2015 at 9:53 pm
            Big Dawg represents the black man who eats watermelon, loves fried chicken and supports Nathan Norman for president.

          4. Jim Cook says:

            My name isn’t even Jonathan. Stop it.

          5. Leroy says:
          6. Leroy says:

            More substantiation:


            “Norman, a contributor to The Saturnalian who previously trolled Independent Political Report (IPR) as “Concerned Citizen” and “Concerned Libertarian Citizen,” formed the Functional Fillmore Frugal movement a couple years ago, touting Gingrich as the ideal nominee for the LP. As documented here, the Functional Fillmore Frugal movement folded when WordPress suspended Norman’s account after discovering a pornography collection on his blog.”

          7. Leroy says:



            To increase the exposure of his movement, CC set up a MySpace account with the treatise as a blog. It was lost several weeks later when the MySpace platform changed.

            “During a walk in the park, I encountered a hobo named Bob. Bob appeared to be in his mid to late-50s and wore an unkempt grey beard. He slept on the park bench, where I often ate lunch; so I approached him and asked why he was there. He explained that he was in town for some important business, but now he was stuck. Though he lived in a trailer on the other side of the river, he could not afford the bus fare back. The government had stolen his wallet, and he was too distraught to even think of going back. His clothes were filthy, and he smelled as though he hadn’t showered in weeks. I asked why the government had targeted him. He reasoned that they felt threatened. In his mind, he was an Independent candidate for President, with a chance to win the election. The government also knew he could win, and so they stole his wallet to hurt his campaign. I asked if he ever had a job or position that qualified him for the presidency. He said that he had always been unemployed and earned money off disability checks from the government. This man puzzled me. Here he sat with no job and no ambition to even return home, and yet he sought the nation’s highest and most ambitious office, and actually believed he could win it. Here he accused the government of stealing his wallet, and yet the government gave him all the money he had.”

            -Norman’s account of his encounter with Robert Milnes, from Part one of the Functional Fillmore Frugal movement treatise

            After receiving negative feedback on the content of the treatise, CC became abusive and personally attacked other commenters for disagreeing with his point of view. He called them “hobos” among other names and posted videos to Boxcar Willie’s “Boxcar Blues.” At this point, CC began referring to himself as “Concerned Libertarian Citizen” (CLC) after the results of the World’s Smallest Political Quiz labeled his views as “Libertarian.” Under the name, his attacks on others escalated and soon he became too much of a nuisance for the IPR community. He reached the last straw when he proposed creation of the “Retard Party” as a response to the IPR post on the newly established Disability Party in September 2013. He designated others to the “Retard Party” when they disagreed with him. These actions caused IPR to lose (momentarily) one of its top commenters, NewFederalist. In October 2013, CLC received his first ban from IPR…

          8. M. Hahn says:

            Well, well.

            It looks as if Gramps and Jason have been right.

            I have been sitting here watching over his shoulder as “Leroy” posts and does substantiation research.

            And goes to post his “second” to the above relies to “Jim Cook”.

            And immediately (and repeatedly) gets a notice that he does NOT HAVE PERMISSION TO ACCESS THAT PAGE!!!

            And this organization claims that they are some kind of Progressive – Left organization?

            What a laugh.

            As soon as things start getting substantiated, you get shut down?

            And not one link at all in that last post attempt (actually multiple attempts).

            So much for the junk mail theory!

          9. Leroy says:

            Jim, I apologize for that (Jonathan). I thought that this was still “J. Clifford” ( who had commented himself about Milnes’ “situation”.

            Is there a relationship connection (as with my nephew – actually grand nephew – and grandson and myself… which I readily admit to)?

            Just seemed strange with “Cook”.

          10. Leroy says:

            Of course, Norman the Nazi is actually (unless Milnes copped his ID) Nathan Norman a 2016 “candidate” for the right-leaning Libertarian Party.


            Current policy positions (as adopted by the party membership) include lowering taxes, allowing people to opt out of Social Security, abolishing welfare, ending the prohibition of illegal drugs, supporting same-sex marriage rights (however our friend Nathan likes to clearly express anti homosexual language quite freely), and supporting gun ownership rights.

            Lowering taxes, opting out of social security and abolishing welfare?

            Goodbye Safety Nets for those in need!

            How conservative?

            Take their most recent “star leader”, Ron Paul:

            “Ron Paul has been described as conservative and libertarian. According to University of Georgia political scientist Keith Poole, Paul had the MOST conservative voting record of any member of Congress from 1937 to 2002, and is the most conservative of the candidates that had sought the 2012 Republican nomination for president…”

            Son Rand is of the same ilk…. the son is more primarily Republican (daddy Paul went from Republican to Libertarian then back to Republican while son has stayed under the Republican umbrella).

    2. ella says:

      Leroy, have you been watching the TV news lately? There are a lot of real things happening but if we all have a good grasp on what is in the present, the possibilities for the near future, consider our place in it (just think I only have a cat and dog, but I can still meditate), and what, if any part in it we actually have, then we can look at it like it is on the outside. And see it more clearly.

      1. ella says:

        Feel free to say “HUH?”

        1. Leroy says:

          I can’t say anything Ella… I am censored again. As I try to post substantiation facts about Presidential candidate Norman, the posts won’t go through at all.

          1. Jim Cook says:

            As of this evening, you have posted 641 comments to Irregular Times. That is the very definition of not being censored. If Irregular Times wished to block you from commenting, there are easy ways to do that using our posting software that would allow us to do so in a manner that would prevent you from even complaining about it. But we have not done that, obviously, considering the 641 comments you currently have posted. Before spouting conspiracy censorship theories, have you considered taking steps to ensure that your own computer is not the source of the problem?

          2. Leroy says:

            So what? The fact that a lot of posts went through is meaningless.

            Obviously you don’t censor comments / posts that agree with your position (which is the vast majority of the time).

            Also, as I back up what I say (just as your article authors do) with links as to what they are referencing AND because your system supposedly doesn’t like a post with more than one link (as both you and J have said previously), I often have to post 5, 6, 7 whatever SEPARATE posts instead of ONE because of how your server’s tech people have it set up.

            And, yes, I have had a relative who has been an IT professional for ages and a manager of a very large schools district for years check out my Kindle (as I do ALL my posting off of the browser on my Kindle) on multiple occasions and it is fine. I never use my PC.

            But we went all through this before. It was posted online on Irregular Times. And was conversation with YOU. I was having this problem and J. Clifford kept saying that it wasn’t happening (basically) and then YOU stepped in and had it happen to you (supposedly) a couple of times, with the end result being, “Oh well, too bad, that’s our system”.

            My bottom line is that when I get on a roll about SUBSTANTIATION of character of Presidential candidate Norman and suddenly get shut down with:

            “403 – Permission Denied

            You do not have permission to retrieve the web link you requested from Irregular Times, /wp-comments-post.php

            If you encounter this error and it seems to be a mistake, please let us know! You can write to us at”

            I get suspicious.

            So I take out the one link and retry it multiple times (clearing History, cache, cookies, etcetera, between each attempt, I am not some computer novice).

            And still get:

            “403 – Permission Denied

            You do not have permission to retrieve the web link you requested from Irregular Times, /wp-comments-post.php

            If you encounter this error and it seems to be a mistake, please let us know! You can write to us at”

            And, no, I didn’t email that address. In the DOZENS of times that this has previously happened, I emailed them and heard back ZERO times! But, good idea, in trying to make it my fault. I must have a Mossad plant at Irregular Times server’s IT section who censors ONLY CERTAIN THINGS things and then intentionally doesn’t respond back with any tech support idea!

            “403 – Permission Denied

            You do not have permission to retrieve the web link you requested from Irregular Times, /wp-comments-post.php

            If you encounter this error and it seems to be a mistake, please let us know! You can write to us at”

          3. Jim Cook says:

            That’s an error, not a conspiracy. We’re a small, imperfect group of people, not a scheming corporation plotting to block you. I have no idea why you’re encountering that error, and as you know tried to offer a few fixes that didn’t seem to work. Having researched the subject but not being a tech professional, I don’t have any new ideas on the subject. In part because you’ve spent the last two weeks throwing around wild accusations here without merit, I’m not particularly inclined to spend hours trying to find the problem, honestly. Contrary to your we-delete-critical-comments claim, you’ve posted dozens of them to this blog where anyone can read them.

            In short, whatever. If you were nicer to me, maybe I’d spend another six hours trying to research and fix your problem. But I’m a busy guy and I don’t feel like being bullied today.

          4. Leroy says:

            403 – Permission Denied

            You do not have permission to retrieve the web link you requested from Irregular Times, /wp-comments-post.php

            And you speak for your Server people, your other article authors? Why does this seem to happen when Jon gets involved?

            I try posting a link that shows this to be a Progressive – Left blog (supposedly) and what its stats are (it is a small group).

            That link posted ONCE. And then was gone the next day. And now anytime that I go to post it, I get:

            403 – Permission Denied

            You do not have permission to retrieve the web link you requested from Irregular Times, /wp-comments-post.php

            (Which means, according to a truly high level tech professional is that your program now won’t let that link be posted… although at one time it did).

            Notice that this is from a DIFFERENT location, a different IP address. That is because I am visiting elsewhere and hooked on through their Wi-Fi – which has a different IP address.

            Before Wi-Fi hookups and people just had one hired wired cable computer, an IP referenced a single computer… today, the IP registers to the Wi-Fi “modem”, not individual devices. At the party here, there are right at this moment 6 devices going. All are showing the same IP address. There is the potential for 21 devices to be active right now. And ALL would show the same IP address!

            And that is why that I keep referencing “Sock Puppets” – mostly tongue-in-cheek, making fun of “J Clifford” as he unjustly made that accusation against me in a public post. Because he thought that his great detective work had found two different postings (different names / different emails) from the SAME exact IP address, then it had to be a Sock Puppet.

            So publicly called me out as SOCK PUPPET!

            I explained all of this to J. And how between my grand nephew (laptop and iPhone and three email addresses, including a school email address), my wife and her laptop and iPhone (three email addresses, including a work address) and my PC, Kindle, iPhone (4 email addresses, a personal and commercial one on PC, plus the iPhone and Kindle which have – in each their own separate email address), that comes to TEN different email addresses that register the same exact IP (unless we have company over and they sign online and then, like here, the count goes up).

            But, no, J – like Milnes – never was (apparently) able to grasp that. Because there never was an apology. There NEVER was a “okay, maybe I jumped the gun on that”.


            Just a, ummm, what did you call that?

            A wild, unsubstantiated claim?

            But let me try that link again. Or one of the other links identifying particulars of Irregular Times. And see what happens.

            My county services tech IT section manager brother-in-law and my school district IT manager son-in-law have thoroughly checked out things at this end and everything here is A-OK.

          5. Leroy says:

            403 – Permission Denied

            You do not have permission to retrieve the web link you requested from Irregular Times, /wp-comments-post.php

          6. Leroy says:

            Well, that reply had three links in it (all links to an Irregular Times email address), it is awaiting moderation, so will have to see if it goes through.

            Interesting that postings that are very positive to the Irregular Times party line have NEVER had a problem going through… just the ones where (maybe way further down in the comments and even though there is still basic agreement with the Irregular Times position) something that steps on someone at Irregular Times toes that the mysterious “it-must-be-your-fault” disappearances of posts and failures to post happen.

          7. Robert Milnes says:

            Cookie, stop Leroy from taking away attention from my conspiracy allegations! LOL!
            How many times have I posted a comment? I don’t think it would be anything near 641.
            + sockpuppet comments.
            Actually I have been wondering the opposite. Why haven’t Irregular Times deleted/banned me? Like Independent Political Report?
            I feel neglected!!!
            Don’t you care?

  5. ella says:

    This is something that aspiring candidates might want to mull over. Putin is proving to be the International leader that the US, or Obama and his cabinet and Department heads, have failed to be. Perhaps they should consider what ‘the world needs now’, is strength and resolve. Those who are able to stand up. Trump so far has that.–finance.html

  6. Korky Day says:

    The victory of my parents’ and grandparents’ generations was the creation of the United Nations in 1945. Unfortunately, it has proven incompetent. So we must make it competent, not cobble together a late, weak, confused, make-shift response for each new war.

    The charter of the UN must be amended to make it democratic (elected delegates), to eliminate the vetoes, to better fund it, to revive the trusteeship council in order to help failed states, etc.

    The task is easy to determine, hard to accomplish.
    Who’s talking about this? Few.

  7. Leroy says:

    One of the things pointed out is this:

    Republicans know if most people vote, they would never win so they try to demoralize the Democratic base and suppress the vote as much as possible, they buy some people off with tax cuts and scare the rest into voting against their own interests and that’s how they win. It’s a divide and conquer strategy that has worked well and they refine and expand it every election year.

    Republican Strategy:

    – Demoralize the Democratic base with phony press releases and whisper campaigns.
    – Attack opponent’s strength with character assassination.
    – Suppress the vote in every possible way.
    – Buy some people off with tax cuts.
    – Scare the rest into voting against their own interests.

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