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Who’s for Rand? (Rand Paul vs. Reality)

For much of this year, Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul has offered a promotional webpage on which he encourages certain groups of Americans to download their very own “_________ for Rand” image to use in social media and on their own web pages.

Who's for Rand Paul, according to Rand Paul?

As you can see, with just 21 named groups, a lot of groups are left out.  Teachers, liberals, Asian Americans need not stand for Rand, apparently.  Some euphemisms are necessary: I imagine that “Hunters for Rand” would take off in the worst way.  But do you notice they’re sportsman and fisherman? There’s nothing about women here, not even in a suffix.

Where are the religious groups for Rand you might expect from a Republican?  A limited few badges used to be offered by Rand Paul — Christians for Rand, Catholics for Rand, Jewish for Rand — but then state legislator and political media commentator Mike Schlossberg asked why there were no Atheists for Rand or Muslims for Rand badges made available.  Rather than allow for that possibility, the Rand campaign took all their religious badges down.  You apparently have to be careful what company you keep when you’re an upstanding presidential candidate.

I thought it might be fun to actually search through Twitter and see how many times the phrases Rand Paul’s campaign designed for The People were actually used by The People over the last six months.  Here are the counts:

  • African-American for Rand: 0
  • Conservative for Rand: 0
  • Democrat for Rand: 0
  • Doctor for Rand: 0
  • Farmer for Rand: 0
  • Fisherman for Rand: 0
  • Iowan for Rand: 1
  • Italian-American: 0
  • Lawyer: 1
  • Libertarian: 1
  • Marine: 0
  • Musician: 1
  • Native-American: 0
  • Nevadan: 0
  • New Hampshire: 0
  • Nurse: 0
  • Runner: 0
  • South Carolinian: 0
  • Sportsman: 0
  • Student: 4
  • Veteran: 0

Burning down the Internet.

One thought on “Who’s for Rand? (Rand Paul vs. Reality)”

  1. ella says:

    That isn’t really surprising. Rand wasn’t well known or popular at his brightest moments. Trump gave him a chance to show up in the first debate by taunting him – and he just stood there looking down. By now there are very few getting any attention and the field is starting to narrow. I expect Rand to be one to soon bow out – and rightly so.

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