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28 thoughts on “Do you miss George W. Bush?”

  1. J Clare Peteet says:

    YES, I DO !!

    1. Jim Cook says:

      What about him?

      1. Bob in Ohio says:

        Jim, What we see in our country is a percentage of people who
        fit right in with Barnum’s statement that, “A sucker is born every minute.”
        With the advent of computers and the Internet, it’s every nanosecond.
        It reminds me of Germany in the 1930’s. T-Rump sounds a lot like Adolf in
        many ways.

    2. Bob in Ohio says:

      Hummmm, what planet are you living on? Did you miss all of the outrageously disgusting things Bush did between 2001 and 2009? How about what the Bushes did during the Vietnam war? Go watch “Bush Family Fortunes” on YouTube and GET EDUCATED!!!

  2. Leroy says:

    Is this a trick question to identify the CONSERVATIVE TROLLS that hawk this Progressive Liberal blog?

    Or a real question so that if a majority reply “yes” that it then will turn into a Conservative blog?

    1. Jim Cook says:

      Or is it an opportunity for people to share their thoughts?

    2. Dave says:

      You’re obsessing on “trolls” again, Leroy/Larry. I smell fear.

      It seems to me that the IT folks have been gracious to their commenters overall, perhaps because of the common trait of being open to alternatives to the Republican and Democrat same old same old. I have seen a number of posts here point out Democrats who do wrong and Republicans who do right in the eyes of IT. They seem fearless to me, which is a prerequisite for having a conversation. Simmer down, Dude.

      1. Dave says:

        Oh, George Bush. Don’t miss him. I do miss Andrew Jackson, but only for his fiscal policy.

  3. Nathan Norman says:

    Did he ever really leave?

  4. Bob in Ohio says:

    FIRST, every American who cares about our country ahead of any political party should go to YouTube and watch “Bush Family Fortunes” by investigative reporter Greg Palast. It was broadcast by the BBC in June of 2003 and it exposes the Bush family, especially G.W., for the dishonest, unethical and downright criminals they are. Junior admitted to Oprah in a 2000 TV show that he was an alcoholic. When she asked about the rumors, he hesitated, then said he had “a drinking problem for 20 years”, but that he had stopped drinking (a big lie.) Just a few months after getting into the WH (only because Jeb and company stole the election for G.W. in Florida, also proven by “Bush Family Fortunes”), G.W. shut down the FBI unit that was investigating the men who later became the 9/11 hijackers. Now, why did G.W. Bush do that? AND, immediately after 9/11, Bush allowed all of the bin Ladins living in the U.S. to get on airliners and go back to Saudi Arabia. The FBI was forbidden to interrogate them! Now, why would G.W. Bush do that? AND, after 9/11, G.W. wasn’t going to do an investigation! Why would he do that? People tend to forget that Daddy Bush was President when Saddam Hussein, the brutal dictator, asked U.S. diplomat April Glaspie if the United States would object to Hussein sending his military to take Kuwait. Hussein told her that Kuwait was formerly part of Iraq and they wanted it back. What Hussein wanted was to grab the oil-gas wells and riches of Kuwait. Glaspie checked with the Daddy Bush administration and then told Hussein, “the U.S. has no opinion on that.” So, Hussein invaded Kuwait and the Bush administration immediately attacked Hussein’s military, creating Gulf War 1. SEE: After reading that, I think you will see that Bush and his crowd wanted to start a war with Saddam Hussein and get him out. Now, look at what happened after Gulf War 1! Alan Greenspan said in his book that the wars in the Middle-East, especially Iraq, were “Blood for Oil.” Historians will (and have) rated G.W. Bush as one of the worst Presidents in U.S. history. Watch “Bush Family Fortunes” and then tell me what you see of Junior. AND, the 2008 “meltdown” of Wall St. was the result of Junior’s administration letting the Wall St. Banksters go wild. Just add it all up and the 8 years of DUMB-YA are some of the worst in U.S. history. WHO was actually running our country (into the ground) from Jan. 2001 to Jan. 2009? Daddy! Junior was busy playing golf.

    1. Dave says:

      Yo Bob. I saw this video and also a YouTube video that says Obama’s the antichrist. So what’s your point? We’ve had seven years of a George Bush with leftist rhetoric, still letting the Wall Street banksters have their way with impunity, still reading your emails, etc. You are right about the Bush crowd wanting to start a war to get Saddam Hussein out, but now B. Hussein Obama wants to start a war with Syria to get Assad out, and that should bother you just as much. It’s past time to forget the nabobs of yesterday and concentrate on the ones we have now.

      Not defending George, but in all fairness, BHO has him beat hands down on trips to the golf course. Presidents gotta have their hobbyhorses – golf beats Sudoku any day.

  5. Bob in Ohio says:

    DAVE, I thought the discussion was about G.W. Bush? RE: BHO—you seem to forget the great things the man has done (1) got OBL (2) kept our country from going into a Depression that the Bush crowd came close to causing (3) ACA –ok, it’s not single payer and it’s not Medicare-for-ALL, but it has given millions of Americans healthcare coverage they didn’t have before (4) contrary to what the (R)at Teabagger Party and FOX fake snooze claim, the economy has done well in the last 4 years. Just look at the Dow Jones over the last 4 years. (5) Unemployment is way down. SO, if a (R) was in the WH and did these things, the (R)’s would be praising and shouting (think T-Rump) what great and smart politicians they are. ALSO, don’t forget that the (R)’s said they would oppose anything and everything BHO tried to do AND they have. Look how many (R)’s tried to repeal the ACA—over 40 times! I was stationed in Europe for 2 years during the Vietnam war and everyone in Europe had healthcare–universal, and those countries had better life spans than the U.S. BHO inherited the massive mess in the Middle-East that can be traced back to WWII. Of course, the Shiites and Sunnis have been fighting and killing each other for over 1,400 years. Just like ‘Nam, the U.S. should have stayed out of the Middle-East endless fighting-killing. “STICK your nose in a dog fight and you’ll get bitten.” Lest we forget, the French tried to control Vietnam with 8 years of war—they lost and left. The former Soviet Union spent 8 years trying to take over Afghanistan and lost / went home. SO, I’m supporting Bernie Sanders—a man who has been around for a long time and knows what’s going on. BTW, check out the total number of murders in some U.S. cities just since Jan. 1st. That number makes 2015 terrorist attacks look small. Detroit – 298, Cleveland is over 113, Baltimore over 300, Chicago over 400. Americans killing Americans.

  6. Dominick Marrero says:

    I think George W. Bush is very Dorky not smart person. I heard the rumors
    that his intelligent Quotient was 90 low that show he is not good President.

    1. Bob in Ohio says:

      That’s why I call him DUMB-YA, not W. It’an undisputed fact that G.W. Bush scored an abysmal 25 out of 100 on the Texas Air National Guard Pilot Aptitude Test in 1968! SO, how did he get in? Well, Daddy’s people made a call to Houston and all of a sudden DUMB-YA’s name went from the very bottom to #1 and he got in. See, national guard units didn’t go to Vietnam, so getting into a Guard unit meant “NO ‘NAM!” So, “Highly Privileged Boy” DUMB-YA jumped over 10’s of 1,000’s of men who scored much (MUCH!!) higher on the test. This is just one example of how corrupted our country was, and still is—even worse, today. Rich, powerful people / politicians rig the system so they get what they want and Joe and Jane Average get the shaft. At least 58,000 military personnel were killed during the Vietnam war—think about that number. How many rich peoples’ kids got killed? NOT MANY! How about Dick Cheney? He NEVER served a day in our military because he was able to get 5–count ’em–5 Deferments! As I have said many times, go to YouTube and watch “Bush Family Fortunes.” Then, you will see just how corrupt the Bush family really is. VERY CORRUPT! “Too Rich to Jail!” What ever happened to “Justice is Blind?”

      1. Dave says:

        Bob, you are right that the topic is Bush. My point is about Bush as well, the point being that he is old news. About like Nixon or Carter or Reagan. Or Clinton, for that matter. Part of the genius of the checks and balances in the constitution and its amendments is that a president is limited to two terms, thus limiting in some measure the damage that can be done. Bush can’t hurt you now, but Obama can. It’s more important to keep his feet to the fire than to make lists of past president’s shortcomings. It’s a now thing.

        I don’t want our own kids dying in Syria for the millions who walked away from their country just to complain about the sugar content in the food donations. Obama is under pressure to topple Assad. That’s current. I’m suggesting that we stop trying to fix George Bush and tweak BHO instead, as it’s time and energy better spent.

  7. ella says:

    One thing that he did was keep America free from what is taking place right now. The nation was prosperous while G.W. was in office and he did what he could with a Democrat Congress. He was able to work across the isle and always took the blame for anything that went wrong. Why is he blamed for everything? Because all anyone had to do was say he had something to do with it and he said bring it on. Even Katrina. The Mayor of New Orleans, a gutless, mindless wonder calls the President of the nation and screams in his ear for help! Not the governor of his state. G.W. treated him like the baby he was and told him what he needed to do to follow the chain of command. The Governor, poor soul, didn’t really know what to do either. So who got blamed? Bobby Jindal knows what to do. But G.W. just smiled and did what needed doing once he realized they certainly were not going to. I’d like to see another President take the blame like he did. Obama is still blaming Bush to this day – as well as others.

    1. Bob in Ohio says:

      “ELLA”–WOW, are you ever pathetic! Did you get that Yak, Yak, Yak, from FOX fake snooze? Sure sounds like it! You, like the entire (R)atpublican Party, just love to make giant excuses for the massive mistakes and criminal behavior of slugs like G.W. NEW ORLEANS and KATRINA: Wow, are you 100% wrong about that. Bush put in Michael Brown to head FEMA, but he was hugely unqualified for the job. He got the job as a political pay-off. “His standing had also been damaged when the Boston Herald revealed his meager experience in disaster management before joining FEMA.” GEE, maybe you can tell all of us out here in cyberland why G.W. Bush, as President, shut down the FBI unit that was investigating the men who became the 9/11 hijackers? And, while you are at it, maybe you can tell us how the Bush administration gutted the Wall St. regulations and the result was the “melt-down” of 2008-2009. BUSH and his bankster buddies came close to causing another Depression!

      HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN THIS: “In 2004, FEMA disbursed $30 million in disaster relief funds for Hurricane Frances to residents of Miami, Florida, where damage from Hurricane Frances was minimal. Brown admitted to $12 million in overpayments, but denied any serious mistakes, blaming a computer glitch. After investigating, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel wrote that Brown was responsible and called for him to be fired.[38]

      In January 2005, U.S. Rep. Robert Wexler (D-FL) publicly urged Bush to fire Brown, citing the Sun-Sentinel ‘s report.[39] Wexler repeated his call in April to Chertoff, citing new reports that FEMA sent inspectors with criminal records of robbery and embezzlement to do damage assessments.[40]” URL:

      History shows that (1) G.W. Bush scored a pathetic 25 out of 100 on the Texas ANG Pilot Aptitude Test in 1968, but Congressman Daddy made calls and got Junior in! (2) Before that, at Yale, Junior got D’s and F’s, but since he was a BUSH, he got “gentleman’s C’s” and a degree in History! Classmates said all he did was party. (3) Junior was not elected in the 2000 election–his brother Jeb stole the election for him in Florida with the phony Felons list. I don’t expect an honest reply from you because I think you are either a paid-off Excuse-Maker or a lemming-numb-skull. Go watch “Bush Family Fortunes” on YouTube, then come back here and try to make excuses for the Mt. Everest amount of evidence of massive wrong-doing and criminal behavior by the Bushes.

      1. Dave says:

        Bob in Ohio, I know that’s you, Leroy/Larry. Ella may have watched “Timeline Shows Bush, McCain Warning Dems of Financial and Housing Crisis, Meltdown,” for those who like to watch YouTube. Or she may have seen any of the videos on BHO and the Black Congressional Caucus, or Barney what’s his name, all of whom had a hand in pushing for lax oversight (and the cover-up) of Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac and the massive redistribution of the good credit of Americans who earned it to cover a lot of bad credit, and ultimately bad debt. Obama was pushing for the same fiscal policies that eventually brought on the “meltdown.” And check out Ray Nagin, jetting away from N.O. while nursing home patients in his city drowned in their beds. The worst legacy of George Bush is that his goofy presidency set a new low in the public’s expectations, and the current bunch of goofs keep people like you focused on the sad past instead of focusing on them.

        Leroy Larry-Bob, do you like to assault people verbally to their face or only when you feel safe behind the steel doors of the police union hall? Thirty years a cop? Somehow I can’t believe anyone let you loose in public with a baton and pepper spray. Heaven help those who didn’t think precisely the way you wanted them to if they should be walking down the street on your shift.

        1. Bob in Ohio says:

          Wrong. I’m not anyone else. I am Bob and I live in Ohio.
          I have never been in law enforcement, but I am a war veteran.

          1. Dave says:

            You have an evil twin.

      2. ella says:

        I seldom get nasty, most here will tell you that, but when 9/11 went down there were a bunch of conspiracy theorists that ran their mouths about the Bush’s. My comment about the 24 hour parties of celebration, were reported and investigated. There is no law against recording an event on television or celebrating the activities that were recorded. So just cram it!

        1. J Clifford says:


          If that 72-hour party in your neighborhood celebrating the terrorism of September 11, 2001 was “reported and investigated”, then you should be able to point us to a newspaper article that reported the incident.

          If not, could you please give us your address so that we can come to your neighborhood and investigate your claims ourselves? We just want to talk to your neighbors, to ask them to confirm your story.

          1. ella says:

            “In Jersey City, within hours of two jetliners’ plowing into the World Trade Center, law enforcement authorities detained and questioned a number of people who were allegedly seen celebrating the attacks and holding tailgate-style parties on rooftops while they watched the devastation on the other side of the river.”

  8. Bob in Ohio says:

    ella”–I see you are conveniently, for you, skipping the facts and just babbling about nothing. IT IS NOT A CONSPIRACY THEORY that G.W. shut down the FBI unit investigating the guys who became the 9/11 hijackers. BUSH DID IT! I have a picture, NOT photo-shopped, of G.W. Bush, as our President, kissing the Saudi King on the lips! Standing next to them is Condi Rice and next to her is Prince Bandar, the Saudi ambassador to the U.S. Then, I have another picture of Bush walking hand-in-hand with the Saudi King. That was all done in the Saudi Arabian capital. Since the money to fund the 9/11 terrorists came from Saudi Arabia and 15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudi citizens AND Osama binLadin was a Saudi, MAYBE, just MAYBE, you can explain all that! BUT, you can’t (or won’t), because it is obvious to me from your comments that you aren’t interested in the facts OR the Truth, just FOX-Snooze type B.S. Go back to K-garten and start over.

  9. ella says:

    I don’t need a photo, I saw it, it was run on TV. (the kiss) What are you getting at. Anyone who was there or paying attention at the time, saw the videos of a group of men filming the planes crashing into the buildings and then, with audio on cheering as the first tower began coming down. Police found them and put an end to it. Their explanation: we just happened to be here a saw it happening and decided to film it. No crime committed. You need to prove that Bush shut down any FBI investigation concerning the hijackers. They were investigated and those who were flying and got pilots licenses just vanished. How else do you think they knew who did it, where they were trained, what their names were. There were other passengers on those flights. Just like finding information concerning the celebrations that were signaled down the Appalachian country from North, find someone to verify that Bush ordered, and give the reason for the order, to the FBI not to investigate men who were known to be terrorists, and were they known to be terrorists. And FYI the Bush family were very close friends to the bin Laden family, had been for years. It is like finding evidence of the celebrations today. Disturbing the peace, a minor infraction. And political correctness. History being changed for the advantage of the present. I stand by my statements.

  10. ella says:

    Bob, for a military man (I don’t know your rank or division), you are either playing dumb to get information, or just insensitive to the truth. But either way. I only came on here today to say Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. May your holidays be peaceful.

  11. Bob in Ohio says:

    “ella”–YOU are ignoring the Truth! Guess you just totally ignore what Greg Palast, in his BBC investigation, uncovered in “Bush Family Fortunes.” Bus HAS NEVER refuted the statement that he shut down that FBI unit. Guess you missed (again) that ALL U.S. airports were closed down when Bush allowed those Bin Ladin Saudis to get on that jetliner and go back to Saudi Arabia. From reading your comments, I see that you know a little, but apparently have missed the Big Picture. The terrorists at the flight schools even told the instructors that they just wanted to learn to TAKE-OFF! Guess you missed that, too! I worked in mil. intel. and I have forgotten more than you know about the Bushes and the Middle-East non-stop wars. EVER heard of April Glaspie? Probably not. YOU are the one who is badly mis-informed. Watch FOX, do you? Listen to Lush Draft-Dodger Limpbaugh, do you? Head-in-Fanny Hannity, too? Big Liar O’Leilly? Vote (R)atpublican? Kiss Plutocrat azzes?

  12. Bob in Ohio says:

    J Clifford—-love that comment!!

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