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The 47 Gutless Democrats Who Caved In To Republican Xenophobia, Obstructing Help To Victims Of The Islamic State

H.R. 4038 is a bill that accomplishes absolutely nothing to improve the security of the United States.

The bill purports to create security measures to prevent refugees from Iraq and Syria from easily entering the United States. It actually will not do so, if it is passed into law. Here’s why:

1. There is already an extremely rigorous process of security screening for refugees. Only 2,714 Syrian refugees have been allowed into the United States over the last 14 years – not the 10,000 that Republicans complain about.

2. Refugees from Iraq and Syria are victims of terrorists. There isn’t any concrete evidence that Syrian and Iraqi refugees are more likely than anyone else to launch a terrorist attack here in the United States, given that zero Syrian or Iraqi refugees have participated in terrorist attacks here in the United States in the 14 years since 2001.

Yet, H.R. 4038, called the American SAFE Act even though it was passed in reaction to a medium-scale terrorist attack in France, thousands of miles away from the United States, passed the U.S. House of Representatives with the votes of 242 Republicans with the help of the following Democrats:

cowering democratic donkeyPeter Aguilar, Brad Ashford, Ami Bera, Sanford Bishop, Julia Brownley, Cheri Bustos, John Carney, Gerald Connolly, Jim Cooper, Jim Costa, Joe Courtney, Henry Cuellar, John Delaney, Lloyd Doggett, Tulsi Gabbard, John Garamendi, Gwen Graham, Gene Green, Janice Hahn, Jim Himes, Steve Israel, Marcy Kaptur, Bill Keating, Ron Kind, Ann Kuster, Jim Langevin, Dan Lipinski, Dave Loebsack, Steve Lynch, Sean Maloney, Patrick Murphy, Rick Nolan, Donald Norcross, Scott Peters, Collin Peterson, Jared Polis, Kathleen Rice, Raul Ruiz, Tim Ryan, Kurt Schrader, David Scott, Terri Sewell, Kyrsten Sinema, Louise Slaughter, Marc Veasey, Filemon Vela, Tim Walz

This bill won’t help anyone, anywhere. It will only slow down assistance to the victims of the Islamic State by increasing bureaucratic hurdles without any increase in substantive security reviews. Right wing politicians promoted this bill as an easy way for them to exploit Americans’ fears after the Paris terrorist attacks… and the Democrats you see listed above went along with this cynical maneuver.

Take note, Democratic voters. These politicians do not deserve your votes. They do not deserve a minute of your time as a volunteer. They do not deserve a single penny of your money.

They have surrendered to the Republican agenda of fear. They are participating in the politics of Donald Trump.

9 thoughts on “The 47 Gutless Democrats Who Caved In To Republican Xenophobia, Obstructing Help To Victims Of The Islamic State”

  1. Nathan Norman says:

    Many of them were in attendance for this cool concert:

  2. ella says:

    Everyone needs a cause, but for the life of me, unless you have family in Syria or Iraq, would any American want to move thousands of refugees into America? I know it is difficult for those who were not close to it, but the day the Twin Towers came down I was chatting with someone in the first tower. It was sickening. I want you to read this article by Donald trump, I can verify that people were cheering, had celebrations, during and after they came down. Yes, there is no law in the United States to prevent celebrations concerning the murder of Americans by terrorists. They may have had foreknowledge of the occurrence or just been watching it happen. But I couldn’t sleep for three nights, as day and night a revolving party of dozens celebrated the event. They were not Arabs, not many anyway. Most were American citizens, I will refrain from racial comment. I stress that a person does not need to be immediately involved in any such action to sanction it.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      Ella, simple question: were there any Syrians among the 9/11 attackers?

      1. ella says:

        No that I know of. I just asked if someone knew any of their names. A name was being required and most people would not have that information even if such an event had taken place. Jim, I have stated the obvious, people who have family members and close friends in harms way will make a desperate case for them. The request for refugees to be brought to the United States in a time of war with a religious opponent who is dedicated to your destruction, just sounds odd. The refugees for the most part are no doubt just that, looking for a place to be taken care of. To move from a region of strife. Understandable. Why the desperation to bring them to the United States? When the European Union has seen an uptick in violence, with increased threats, it seems that caution is advised. Not desperation on the part of our leaders to bring them in. Seriously does that make sense to you? Do you naturally feel a desperation to bring refugees from another nation to the U.S.? Do you have family or friends over there. I have known people who do, and I know their desperation to have them in a safe place. We are a compassionate people and “all of the above” reasons for migration of nations is coming in force. Resources are in short supply, who are you going to let go so that other may take what remains?

    2. J Clifford says:

      Everyone needs a cause, but for the life of me, unless you have German Jewish family, would any American want to move thousands of refugees into America?

      In a country of 300 million people, a few thousand families who have been victims of war is not even a drop in the bucket.

      As for your assertion that there were thousands of Arab-Americans celebrating the fall of the Twin Towers in New York City, I tell you that this is the equivalent of the blood libel against the Jews.

      Donald Trump’s claims have been systematically debunked.

      As for your claims of a pro-terrorism party on September 11, 12, and 13 2001 that was so loud that you couldn’t sleep, Ella, that bears investigation.

      Give us your address. I will personally travel to your neighborhood and interview the people in your neighborhood about what happened there on September 11, 2001.

      What will they tell me, Ella? Will they tell us of a 72-hour loud party celebrating the terrorist attack, Ella?

      Give us your address. We’ll check it out.

      1. ella says:

        You don’t have to and I don’t want you here, nothing personal. It was investigated locally at the time, along with other activities. It greased me at the time and having to rehash it is not pleasant. There is no law, it was declared, for persons to record an event that is televised and they have the right to celebrate anything they wish to. And as long as they are not reported for disturbing the peace may do so for as long as they wish. They were told on the 2nd night to close the windows, doors and take the revelry indoors. There were several such parties held.
        Please do not call me a liar on this, it is personal.

  3. John says:

    Waaaaaaahhhhh!!! “This bill won’t help anyone, anywhere. It will only slow down assistance to the victims of the Islamic State by increasing bureaucratic hurdles without any increase in substantive security reviews.” Cry me a freaking river! Thank God that bill was passed! Now they just need to start conducting RANDOM HOME SEARCHES for anybody claiming to be Muslim. Kick all their aases out of our country and send them back to where they came from. These people only want to destroy us and it’s political correct idiots like you that are providing them with the means to do it!

    1. J Clifford says:

      Thank you, John, for that Brownshirt performance. You have confirmed the perception that Donald Trump and his Republican supporters are forming the present-day version of the Nazi Party.

      “These people only want to destroy us,” you write. There are between two and three million Muslims in the United States, John. If their only desire was to destroy the United States, don’t you think that they could accomplish more than just TWO deaths from terrorism in the United States per year? That’s the current rate, John.

      Your desire to sacrifice the Bill of Rights in the pursuit of a zealous hatred of people who are different from you is disgusting.

      1. John says:

        And your desire to see a group of people that have openly called for a Islamic Jihad against us come into this country like it’s no big deal us irresponsible and completely ignorant. Oh, and I’m Still waiting to hear how your inquiry is moving along. Are you getting the room ready for the Muslim family your going to host? The funny thing is that you are only “ok” with them coming here because you haven’t had anything done to you directly. I sincerely hope and pray that this situation does not have to get to the point where people like you are sitting on the ground wondering why the Muslims you supported just detonated dirty bombs in several major American landmarks.

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