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By the Standard of the American Family Association, its Very Own Store is “Naughty”

The right-wing Christian corporation that calls itself the “American Family Association” is continuing its effort to inject itself into the national conversation this year by declaring yet again that there some kind of “War on Christmas” because retailers don’t use the word Christmas… enough. That’s right: according to the AFA, if you use the word “Christmas” in your store and feature products having to do with “Christmas,” but do so “sparingly,” you may be an enemy of Jesus. Visit on the web if you’d like to see their complaint list of companies that “sparingly” mention Christmas and have made the AFA’s “naughty” list. This includes Barnes & Noble, which, um, has an entire section of inspirational Christian books on sale in every one of its stores.

Barnes & Noble Christian Inspiration Section.  Why, this is proof that they're in a War Against Christianity

Now that’s awkward. Um, maybe it’s a tactic. Deep cover, you know? They say the most important skill in war is stealth. That’s got to be true in Wars on Christmasses as well.

Moving on, the AFA has put its own store right at the top of the list of AFA-approved stores. Coincidence? Au contraire, mon frere! It must be that the AFA store has Christmas emblazoned all over it, right, in order to earn the very top AFA-approved Christmas-friendly spot.


I checked out on the web tonight, just to see how many times they mentioned “Christmas” on their own store page. Take a look-see for yourself in this screen capture:

The AFA's naughty, naughty, naughty web store.  It kills the baby Jesus!

I count two, just two references to Christmas. One, the highlighted word you see… near the bottom of the page! Two, a graphic advertisement… at the very bottom of the page!

Only two references to Christmas at your web store, American Family Association? At the very bottom? That’s “sparingly” thin. How shocking. Why do they hate the baby Jesus so very much? They must be the Muslim kind of Christians. Hiss.

2 thoughts on “By the Standard of the American Family Association, its Very Own Store is “Naughty””

  1. Korky Day says:

    They’re just upholding the centuries-long tradition of Christian hypocrisy.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      Goes well with mistletoe!

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