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Is America Not Safe?

“Security wise, we’re just not safe here any more! It’s Barack Obama’s fault.” So says Sherwin Stern, a supporter of wrestler John Cena, who registered as a presidential candidate with the Socialist Party U.S.A. last month. Stern says he used to be a liberal, but has changed his mind about politics. “When I started making videos I was still a liberal. Last year I realized the idiocy of liberalism and I became a conservative,” he writes.

A very different perspective, but with the same conclusion, comes from Susan K. Smith, who says that, “America is not safe because of white on white crime, because of this tendency of mostly young white men, angry with the world, or angry at their circumstances, and definitely angry at the government, think the way to handle their anger is to go into public spaces and just shoot, or kill masses of people in whatever way they can.”

The belief that America is not safe is common these days.

Komfie Manalo of the Gospel Herald Christian news service writes that, “America is not safe from terrorist attacks.”

Donald Trump supporter Mabyn Shingleton wrote a week ago that “America is not safe. Our borders are open. We have a huge ILLEGAL ALIEN population with @potus bringing in more.”

Hamilton Strategies warns that “America is not safe from Islam.”

Robert T. Jordan, in his book America Is Not Safe, writes that “America is not safe — from enemies either foreign or domestic!”

Tyrone Weaver decclares that “America is not safe with obama at the helm”.

Back in 2004, Texas Congressman Jim Turner warned that “America is not safe” 23 different times in a single speech.

Yet, since Jim Turner made that speech, the United States has not suffered a large-scale attack.

Look at what’s actually happening in the United States today, as shown in these images from live webcams across the country:

In Times Square, Manhattan, America is safe.

times square is safe

In Vinita, Oklahoma, America is safe.

vinita is safe

In Seattle, Washington, America is safe.

Seattle is safe

In Jackson, Wyoming, America is safe.

jackson hole wyoming is safe

In Treasure Island, Florida, America is safe.

treasure island florida is safe

In Kaua’i, Hawaii, America is safe.

kauai is safe

Take a look outside your window. Do you see people being killed by terrorists? No, you don’t. America is safe.

america is safe

So, why are so many people saying that America is not safe? The answer is simple and disturbing: Americans like to use the belief that their country is not safe as a political tool. Every time I’ve found people using the phrase, “America is not safe,” they’re doing so as part of a political argument. “America is not safe,” is a premise that’s used to try to convince people to accept some form of dramatic political change. It’s a cheap tactic that creates a false sense of urgency, so that people in the audience will be less likely to use their critical thinking skills, less likely to exercise healthy skepticism.

This year, the House Homeland Security Committee bipartisan Task Force on Combating Terrorist and Foreign Fighter Travel told a story in its final report to illustrate the political usefulness of the idea that America is not safe: “One of the first Americans do die in the conflict, Moner Mohammad Abusalha, was responsible for a suicide bombing attack on a Syrian restaurant, the video of which was later distributed by extremists on social media.55 In the recording, Abusalha rips up his American passport, urges others to travel to the conflict zone, and warns that America “is not safe”; it ends with him driving an explosive-laden truck into the attack site and detonating it.”

The next time that you hear a politician trying to gain your support by claiming that America is not safe, stop and remember this: The claim that America is not safe is something that terrorists want you to believe, because that belief gives them power over you. Asserting that America is not safe is a terrorist tactic, and politicians who try to gain power by claiming that Americans are not safe from terrorism are terrorists themselves.

32 thoughts on “Is America Not Safe?”

  1. Marc Allan Feldman says:

    America is not safe.
    In Ohio, so far this year alone, there have been nearly one thousand traffic fatalities. Why do Americans risk their lives simply to drive from point A to point B?
    Our food environment is polluted with toxic high caloric density, high simple sugar, low fiber products that cause obesity with associated hypertension, diabetes, heart disease and stroke. Childhood obesity, in particular is epidemic.
    Physical activity levels are down, with central air conditioning, cable TV, internet, video games, and fewer attractions within walking distance to home.
    It is only by raising consciousness and confronting these serious threats to our citizens that we can make America safe.

  2. J Clifford says:

    Thanks for making Peregrin’s point, Marc. Good terrorist argument you’ve used there. Make people afraid, and maybe they’ll support your little presidential campaign, right?

    There are 8 million registered drivers in the state of Ohio.

    That means, if there are one thousand traffic fatalities in Ohio this year, there is a mortality rate for drivers of about one-hundred-thousandths of one percent.

    Is that what you call a “serious threat”, Marc?

    Can we please stop the hyperbole?

    1. Marc Allan Feldman says:

      8 million drivers.
      10 percent is 800,000
      1 percent is 8000.
      so 1000 is one eight of one percent.
      it’s not hard to do in your head if you take it one step at a time.

      a mortality rate of one-hundred-thousandth of one percent would be 8000/100,000 or 8% of a person.
      So you are off by a factor of 10,000, th risk is 10,000 times what you said it was.

      I’m guessing you went to public school?

  3. Marc Allan Feldman says:

    My bad.
    1 percent is 80,000
    1000 is one eightieth of one percent.
    so you are only off by a factor of 1,000 times.

    I went to Public School too.
    But the risk per year of death is still 1 in 8000, or about 12.5 deaths per 100,000 people.

    1. J Clifford says:

      Marc, the risk of death from traffic accidents on any given drive is close to zero.

      This is not to say that traffic deaths don’t happen, but that the death rate from traffic accidents is not a “serious threat”.

      You’re encouraging fear, exaggerating a risk of death in order to gain attention for your political campaign.

      Don’t you think that’s a problem, Marc?

      1. Marc Allan Feldman says:

        “the risk of death from traffic accidents on any given drive is close to zero.”

        That statement would be relevant if few people drove, or if they drove very rarely. But many people drive, and they drive a lot. So although the risk of death from any one given drive is small, the risk of death from car accidents is considerable. To claim that the risk is “close to zero” is irresponsible. This is not an issue of fear, because much of the risk is controllable with appropriate behavior. Texting while driving, drunk driving (or buzzed driving), teens driving with a large number of passengers, all increase the risk several-fold.

        Traffic accidents are a “serious threat”, and driving or riding in a car is probably one of the most dangerous things most people do on a daily basis.

        “You’re encouraging fear, exaggerating a risk of death in order to gain attention for your political campaign.”
        I am encouraging rational concern and respect for risks that are real and measurable. I am a physician with training in public health. You would know this if you read the article about me written here by . . . you.

        “Don’t you think that’s a problem, Marc”
        Yes, I do.

  4. Robert Milnes says:

    Feldman is one of about 6 million latent jewish American terrorists.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      Isn’t the word “latent” great? I am a “latent” hamburger. It means I’m not actually a beef patty between two pieces of bun, but maybe in the future I could be! Latent. Why, I’m a latent penguin! Say it with me. Latent, latent, latent.

      1. Robert Milnes says:

        Lame, lame, lame.
        Try looking up the definition of latent first before you embarrass yourself.

        1. Robert Milnes says:

          Why aren’t the Adelmans called terrorists for lavishly supporting Israel and their choice of candidates in primaries who support Israel, a racist/apartheid, terrorist state; a racist/apartheid counterrevolutionary theocracy?
          That is far from latent.

          1. Robert Milnes says:

            You aren’t a latent hamburger. A latent Hamburgler, maybe.
            A latent Penguin, maybe.

          2. Robert Milnes says:

            Jewish Americans do not stab a few Arab Americans then get shot dead. They don’t hijack planes and ram them into Arab countries. They don’t strap bombs to themselves and go to an Arab market or get on an Arab bus.
            No, they contribute to Israel to buy a LOT of bombs and stuff from usa, WELL THEY PREFER TO BE GIVEN SUCH STUFF BY THE usa. Or they manipulate the usa to fight their wars. Or they control the media or the FED. OR they illegally evict somebody who is a third party candidate. And maybe get a twofer-the poor schmuck might commit suicide.
            You know, they are a little more subtle about their mass murder.

        2. Jim Cook says:

          I would, but I’m only a latent dictionary user.

  5. ella says:

    Intimidation is a form of terrorism. In America today, the people have been trained to depend on the military and, at least at one time, the law enforcement officers in their communities, for protection. Some are returning to the method of self protection, independence in a way, which helps them to be less fearful. The (false) political statements of successes against perceive enemies, only fuels the increasing tension generated by the feeling of intimidation. Why, because today we have information at our fingertips. We can find both sides to the story instantly. So when government officials make blatantly false comments, the truth is staring them in the face. It is political to continue the false statements as long as possible. Some people will believe a lie in the face of the truth, if it is repeated long enough.

  6. Jon sanders says:

    Complete agreement with commentator Wood’s narrative. With any country, no one is totally “safe”, but to conclude that American’s are not safe is ridiculous and seems to be a mantra of the hard right. You must apply statistics to any one personally, and ask yourself the question: “what are the statistical odds of my being subject to a terrorist attack today? In a week? In a month? In a country of 350mm + people you have to round up to zero. The media, and certain politicians will use a tragedy to advance the theory of “unsafeness” – air crashes and terrorist attacks being prime examples. Note that coverage of airline crashes never comment on the number of accident-free air miles that were flown THE SAME DAY the crash occurred.

    1. ella says:

      It would help if the President quit making false statements about important matters. He has made Republican candidates sound like they were afraid of women and children coming from Syria, saying there are no men. Here are some different statistics.

      “Since the fiscal year started on October 1, 98.8% of the 423 accepted refugees were Sunni Muslims, while just 1.2% were Christian. Critics have also pointed out that the Sunni Muslims the Obama administration is letting in aren’t just the “widows and orphans” that Obama mocked Republicans for being scared of.”

      “There are more men than women among the refugees, and most the men are at –or near – the so-called fighting age. For example, 54 percent of the 423 recently-admitted refugees were male. Of them, 111 were between 14-50 years old.” (

      1. Leroy says:

        Even from the rightwing website that you posted from that really quoted no one specifically, it says:

        “Since the tragic November 13th Paris attacks, 132 Syrian Sunni Muslim refugees have been put through a controversial vetting process and granted admission into the United States.

        Surprisingly, not a single Christian has been allowed into the United States from Syria during that time period, despite Christians making up approximately 10 percent of the country’s population.

        Since the United States began taking in Syrian refugees in 2011, there have been shockingly few Christians among them admitted into the United States – just 53 of the 2,296 total.”

        This amount of refugees (who ARE primarily Muslims, but very moderate Muslims who are victims of fanatic fundamentalist Muslim attacks) is a drop in the bucket. Syria itself (the secular Ba’athist government) has taken in major numbers of refugees (many Christian Palestinians [*] ) prior to the start of the Syrian Civil War:

        “According to the World Refugee Survey 2008, published by the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants, Syria hosted a population of refugees and asylum seekers numbering approximately 1,852,300. The vast majority of this population was from Iraq (1,300,000), but sizeable populations from the former Palestine (543,400) and Somalia (5,200) also lived in the country.”

        ( [*] “Christians (1.5 to million), a SIZEABLE number of whom are found among Syria’s population of Palestinian refugees, are divided into several groups.”)

        Yet today:

        “In what the UN has described as “the biggest humanitarian emergency of our era”, about 9.5 million Syrians (half the population of roughly 18 million), have been displaced since the outbreak of the Syrian Civil War in March 2011; 4 million are outside the country as refugees.” (Meaning that 5.5 million are refugees INSIDE of Syria – actually most current figure is 7.6 million internal refugees… The vast majority of refugees – to include the majority fleeing to other countries – don’t want to emigrate permanently to foreign nations; they want the situation in Syria fixed and a return to their native homes). This is born out further by the fact that there are VASTLY higher numbers of Syrian refugees in neighboring Jordan and Lebanon.

        Jordan: In midst of surrounding turmoil it has been greatly hospitable, accepting refugees from almost all surrounding conflicts as early as 1948, with most notably the estimated 2 million Palestinian refugees and the 1.5 million Syrian refugees residing in the country. Jordan continues to demonstrate hospitality, despite the substantial strain the Syrian refugees are holding on national systems and infrastructure. It is also the only safe refuge available to tens of thousands of IRAQI Christians fleeing the Islamic State… Not only is the Kingdom considered the safest country in the Middle East, but also considered as the safest Arab country. (Why don’t the Western powers, G8, etcetera, provides highly significant levels of aid for this effort, which would likely lessen the outflow of refugees from this region).

        Lebanon: As of 2012, Lebanon was host to over 1,600,000 refugees and asylum seekers: 449,957 from Palestine, 5,986 from Iraq, over 1,100,000 from Syria,[**] ) and 4,000 from Sudan.

        ( [**] The current figures for just Syrian refugees, according to the UNHCR is now 1.8 million)

        With a population of about 322,000,000 in America, having taken in (between 2011 and up to 2017) a total of less than 15,000 Syrian refugees literally a drop in the ocean. And refugees that in fact have to go through a VERY comprehensive vetting program.

      2. Leroy says:

        Another article from “The Horn News”:

        This would be major news of such shocking proportions that it would be covered by major media outlets worldwide… and the one email that was actually specified in this “FARTICLE” (fake article) is NOT highly sensitive classified information… The whole WORLD knew about the attacks and deaths within a couple hours of its occurrence.

        1. ella says:

          Many watched helplessly as it occurred and someone told the people who could have helped to stand down. The lies that were told even before the news reached the mainstream media are what was not necessary unless— Within 2 long hours a man was “declared” dead who might still be here today if— The non-answers were carefully orchestrated for hours, years later. Did you watch it?

          1. Leroy says:

            Yes, I did.

            Just not on FOX news.

            And what you just said is a lie.


            You need better sources.

            I’d post links but it would be useless… you have your own “reality” (fantasyland) and aren’t going to let truth get in the way!

          2. ella says:

            Sorry, I have no “sources”. I watched it real time.

  7. Leroy says:

    Where does Obama say that?

    “Critics have also pointed out that the Sunni Muslims the Obama administration is letting in aren’t just the ‘widows and orphans’ that Obama mocked Republicans for being scared of.”

    Hard rightwing websites (like the one that you posted) say that is what Obama said. He did not. He said:

    “Obama said their rants and raves are panic-based, fearful, uninformed, will feed ISIS recruitment efforts and ultimately are cowardly. Republicans pose as tough guys, but some are afraid of admitting refugees, including widows and children.”

    POTUS [President of the United States – Obama] said, ‘We are not well served when in response to a terrorist attack we descend into fear and panic. We don’t make good decisions if it’s based on hysteria or an exaggeration of risks. The refugee debate is an example of us not being well served by some of the commentary taking place by officials back home and in the media.’

    He noted that it takes a long time for refugees to be allowed into the United States.

    Under current law, it takes anywhere from on average 18 to 24 months to clear a refugee to come into the United Sates. They are subjected to the most rigorous process conceivable. The intelligence community vets fully who they are.

    POTUS (Obama) noted that there is ‘an entire apparatus of all our law enforcement agencies” devoted to screening the refugees, including the “center we use for counter-terrorism.’

  8. ella says:

    Obama has made ridiculing remarks concerning Republican candidates concerning the age and gender of Syrian refugees.

    “Obama Mocks Republicans: ‘Now They’re Worried About 3-Year-Old [Refugee] Orphans’” title of article

    By Patrick Goodenough | November 18, 2015 | 4:43 AM EST

    In part says:

    “President Obama speaks during a news conference with Philippines’ President Benigno Aquino in Manila on Wednesday, Nov. 18, 2015, ahead of the start of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)
    ( – President Obama ridiculed Republicans Wednesday for objecting to his Syrian refugee admission plans, saying some GOP presidential candidates vow to be tough on Russia and terrorists but are “scared of widows and orphans.””

  9. ella says:

    Concerns are being taken seriously and there is follow-up throughout the 50 states. The cases mentioned are only those who have been arrested not of those who show casual interest, or who are associating with ISIS sympathizers. The sense of safety does not always indicated safety in fact. A person is safe and feels secure just before a devastating storm or earthquake. Not meant to be an indication of things to come, just saying.

    “Analysis: US support for ISIS ‘unprecedented'” title of article

    In part reads:

    “FBI Director James Comey has previously said that federal officials have launched ISIS-related investigations in all 50 states.

    According to the GWU data, 71 Americans have been arrested for crimes linked to the extremist group since March 2014. Of those, 86 percent were male, 27 percent were involved in plots to launch attacks on U.S. soil and the average age was 26. Roughly half attempted to travel abroad or succeeded in doing so, and the vast majority were U.S. citizens or permanent residents. More than half were arrested in a sting operation involving an undercover agent or an informant.”

  10. Tom says:

    You’re all completely missing the point. Terrorists aren’t the problem.

    We’re going EXTINCT because of the way we live! The climate change problem, one BIG facet of our continuing POLLUTION (of all kinds, mind you, not just CO2 from every factory, vehicle and home heater, but also everything from radiation to brake dust, Monsanto to your cell phone, plastic gyres the size of Texas in the oceans to the blown tire remains on the side of the road, concrete, etc) from our way of living is severely effecting our ability to grow food (and it’s only going to get worse) and is killing off the other species we rely on – marine life, birds, pollinators, trees.

    So it’s not terrorism, it’s our existential predicament for which there’s no solution that you’ll have to come to grips with in the near future.

    [i know, i know – i’ve been saying this for YEARS. Think of it like expecting a heart attack: you can feel really good up until the moment it happens.]

  11. ella says:

    But I will say, that there was a “re-tweet” issue that I did not read correctly and said that it came from the Bureau of Crime Statistics (which is what the article it came from cited). That would have been a red flag. For sure the black on black murder rate was close. I have not figured this out, so if anyone wants to here are the real statistics from the FBI:

  12. Dave says:

    On the morning of 9/11/01 there were close to 3000 Americans who were not safe, yet they probably felt as safe as on any other morning. On that day, statistically, most Americans were safe, just as we probably are on this day. Statistically, that is. It’s all about “feelings.” Do I hear a song?

    Politicians are shrewd in manipulating feelings. The question isn’t “do you want to become the next victim of a terrorist attack,” but rather “do you want to become the next statistic.” Hence the fear-inducing rhetoric because it works.

    There are other reasons for not wanting to be inundated with Muslims in a country that doesn’t yet pray five times a day and likes to smoke, drink and eat ham sandwiches, and talking about terrorists allows politicians to avoid talking about those other reasons.

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    1. Leroy says:


      Sure, Dr. Feldman, happens all the time.

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    1. Leroy says:

      Hey…. maybe this will go viral???

      Milnes, the Libertarian Fascist Anti-Semitic Green candidate!

      1. ella says:

        Maybe Leroy is a virus.

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