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How Would You Celebrate UCG?

“UGC is inspirational and celebratory.”

This is the phrase used by a new app for that promises to give businesses a new method of data mining people’s social media posts in order to create marketing materials.

Consider the possibilities for the acronym UGC.

What do you think UGC stands for? Why might you be inspired by it and find it celebratory?

How are they making money from it?

How does that affect you?

3 thoughts on “How Would You Celebrate UCG?”

  1. ella says:

    United Government Control (?)

    Wouldn’t celebrate it.

    The same way Monsanto made money by taking key government positions, sell, sell, sell. Who controls all of the information received by the app

    New products offer greater buying choices. A new consumer/citizen control.

  2. Tom says:

    um . . ella . . uh . . ya mixed up the letters there, hon . . it’s U C G, not UGC

    good point tho

    1. ella says:

      University College Galway? A university might develop an app for that purpose?

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