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The American Family Association Hates Christmas (PROOF!)

Within the American Family Association‘s hermetically-sealed world view comes irrefutable proof that it hates Christmas.

For some years now, the right-wing Christian advocacy group has insisted that there is a War on Christmas, waged with the oddest of weapons: retailers who don’t use the word “Christmas” enough.

Actual quote from AFA President Tim Wildmon:

“There are secular forces in our country that hate Christmas because the word itself is a reminder of Jesus Christ. They want to eradicate anything that reminds Americans of Christianity. That is why it is important to remind governments and companies to keep the word Christmas alive.”

Twelve companies have been identified by the American Family Association for the hate-filled act of not using the word “Christmas” enough times. What does it take to be a Christmas hater? I’ve tallied the number of web pages with the word “Christmas” on the websites of each of these twelve companies. Here are the results:

Christmas Haters 2015: # Web Pages Featuring the Word Christmas at the Websites of the Twelve Stores Declared Enemies of Christmas by the American Family Association, December 2015

Apparently, unless you use the word “Christmas” on at least 193,001 different web pages, you are a Christmas hater.

In an awkward twist, the website of the American Family Association Store only uses the word Christmas on 359 web pages.

You have the heard the call, dutiful Christians everywhere! If you love Christmas, you must boycott the American Family Association. Send them letters! Form a picket line! Write your Congressperson!

AFA, I sense some internalized hatred issues. Please, don’t take it out on the Baby Jesus. Get help.

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