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$399 Bulletproof Whiteboards? Utterly Unneeded in 2014 and 2015.

When the privatized military contractor corporation Hardwire Armor Systems started selling $399 bulletproof whiteboards to freaked-out school administrators in 2014, I bet $1,000 that despite the deployment of thousands of these whiteboards (at the cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars) there wouldn’t be a single incident in 2014 in which a schoolteacher used a bulletproof whiteboard to stave off an attacker.

There wasn’t. Not a single incident in 2014.

There hasn’t been in 2015.

There won’t be in 2016.

You may think this is old news. But Hardwire Armor Systems is expanding its production capacity and hitting the road for bus tours to win over more gullible school superintendents. As long as fear sells, we need to speak up and declare that we’re not buying it.

10 thoughts on “$399 Bulletproof Whiteboards? Utterly Unneeded in 2014 and 2015.”

  1. Quinton Underwood says:

    Jim Cook, You are right, we do not need $399.00 bulletproof white boards. But what we do need is for the men of this country is to answer to the responsibilities of our USA Constitution and more precisely the 2nd Amendment, and except the position of being able to protect themselves and their family. If this was done these acts of violence would cease because inside or outside the country a person or group of people will not enter an area where there would be a mass retaliation when trouble starts.

    “I make a living by what I get, I make a life by what I give”

    1. Dan Chilcoat says:

      Or we could be like every other civilized country, get rid of the Second Amendment, and restrict gun ownership. Australia is a good model. After multiple mass shootings they got rid of most of the guns and. viola, the number of mass shootings fell off the cliff.

      1. Dave says:

        Dan, if we get rid of the first amendment, will that stop people from shooting off at the mouth?

    2. Jim Cook says:


      What trouble? School shootings are not a trouble in the United States. If you’re worried about your child getting shot, worry about what happens out of school. Check the numbers at…

      1. ella says:

        Those statistics are disturbing. Consider this. in 1960 there were 0 children murdered in public schools. There were 0 mass murders in public schools. In fact, there were 0 mass murders in the United States. There had not been a “terrorist” act. Home grown, just because of a ‘pipe bomber’, or, as is developing, because external organizations are taking advantage of the political environment. Flower Power!

        1. Jim Cook says:

          What is the specific source of your statistics regarding the year 1960?

          1. ella says:

            Oops, I was wrong, though I don’t remember any. There were 6 mass shootings during the decade of the 1960’s.

  2. Quinton Underwood says:

    Mr. Jim cook, you must really think that you are “IT”, and you would really would be if you had a toothpick in your fat mouth that can do nothing better than show your lack of brains. I did not refer to “SCHOOL SHOOTINGS” at all, You did that. I only agreed with you that we did not need $399.00 bulletproof white boards. But since you so ignorantly brought my children into the mix, I will tell you that my wife and I have a son that has an IQ of 140+, is at the top of the ladder in his vocation, has two sons that he has put through Eagle scouting ranking and is working on the third now. One of his sons and his daughter has been awarded so many scholarships that their college education will be a very small expense. and their daughter is going into “HEALTH AND MEDICAL ADMINISTRATION”. Again I did not mention schools, that is not the only place where the people of this country is at the mercy of individuals out to harm someone. Case in Point: The 14 who lost their lives and the 21 or who were injured in San Bernardino, Ca. Because they were not able to take care of themselves, and this was to their on choosing. Oh, I failed to mention our daughter is in her on business and doing well. No, I am not worried about my children in or out of school.

    “I make a living by what I get, I make a life by what I give”

    1. Jim Cook says:

      “these acts of violence” = reference.

      Congratulations on your son’s IQ and his Eagle scout status.

  3. ella says:

    And Wikipedia gives a full description of those shootings by name, place and year:

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