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Actually, Shootings, And All Killings, Are Down

It seems that everyone wants to get in on the panic.

Michael McCune writes in the Pittsburg Post-Gazette that “Mass shootings have become so much a part of American life that I no longer flinch when I see bullet-riddled bodies on the news.”

Mark Monford at SFGate asks, “Can anything stop America’s savage gun epidemic?”

Alexander Goot, writing for Sports Illustrated, has called for professional ball players to step forward to stop mass shootings, writing in the article This Is Not A Game that, “What if the commissioners, and owners, and unions, who all preside over the humongous business of organized sports in this country, decided to shut it all down until we could all figure out a way to stop killing each other on a routine basis.”

Routine? Epidemic? Mass shootings have become a part of American life? Really?

violence in the usa is downThe truth that people are choosing to ignore is that violence is actually at historically low levels in the United States. Violent crime has decreased dramatically over the last decade – even more over the last 20 years.

The number of people shot with guns in the United States per year has actually decreased by about 40,000 people per year over the last decade.

Yes, there has been a slight uptick in the number of incidents in which many people are shot at once, but the increase is not very dramatic, and the occurrence of mass shootings remains extremely rare.

These simple facts are available from the Bureau of Justice Statistics. They show that the United States is actually less violent, and more safe, than it used to be.

People freaking out on the Left need to calm down and accept that, actually, there is not an epidemic of gun violence in the United States.

People freaking out on the Right need to calm down and accept that, actually, terrorism almost never happens in the United States.

The religious belief in an epidemic of victimization is unfounded. The United States of Homeland Insecurity is populated by ninnies. It’s time to pop the bubble of panic. There is no crisis of gun violence of terrorism.

Nothing’s perfect, but things are pretty much okay. Deal with it.

6 thoughts on “Actually, Shootings, And All Killings, Are Down”

  1. ella says:

    Statistics show that is the case. That there may be a temporary uptick in violent crime is possible, but that it may take a few more years to determine if the increase is a trend. That, however, does not assuage the sting of the manner in which violent crime is taking an uptick. Is it more distressing to have news of individuals killed in a fight? Or to hear that there is someone murdering women and children willy nilly in school rooms. Or as the last incident of mass murder, by those who want to simply eradicate people of your nation or religion. Perhaps at a birthday party, maybe in a shopping mall.

    At this point, it has become a matter of how the murders are perpetrated, even more so than how many individual incidents.

  2. Tom says:

    How about stabbings at art museums?

    Woman stabbed at Art Basel Miami, gallery visitors confuse crime for modern art
    [i think they meant “performance art”]

    A woman was stabbed at a Miami art gallery after accusing her attacker of following her around and repeatedly bumping into her. But although the victim was left bloody and fearing for her life, visitors didn’t bat an eyelid, assuming it was a performance.

    The victim, 33-year-old Shin Seo Young, said the Friday night altercation at the Miami Beach Convention Center began after she accused her attacker, 24-year-old college student Siyuan Zhao, of following her around the Art Basel gallery and bumping into her numerous times.

    Following the short confrontation, Zhao stabbed Young in the shoulder and neck with an X-Acto knife, according to The Miami Herald.

    1. J Clifford says:

      Okay, Tom, but at all the other art galleries in the country, no one was stabbed.

      Even in that one Miami art gallery, nobody but that one woman was stabbed.

      Yet, the story we gravitate to, that we become obsessed with, is that one woman was stabbed.


      What attracts us about violence?

      What makes us crave stories about it?

      What makes us want to believe that the world is actually a terrible, violent place when in fact, the stories we tell about violence don’t represent most of reality?

      1. ella says:

        Stepping in for a brief moment: We want to hear about what is happening on the small scale because we do Not want it to become the large scale. It is too late once it becomes the norm.

        1. J Clifford says:

          Ella, violent deaths in the United States are DECREASING. There isn’t any significant risk of them becoming the norm at all!

          You’re safe already!

          1. ella says:

            The whole thought there is there has been an uptick in 2015. But then the real subject is mass killings, unpredictable, and victims which are not knowingly involved directly with the killers motives. The type of killing where individuals just decide to kill several people in the name of warfare that is not obvious to the victims. You can say all day long that, in general, the major portion of the population is ‘safe’. The pople who are going to get into personal fights and kill one another will still happen. Gang killings will still happen. The ‘normal’ killings will still happen. Do we now add, ‘mass and random mass killings’ will just still happen? Or do we at least try to address the cause of these mass killings. Accept the fact they are not senseless acts of violence perpetrated on groups of people who were unknowing of the act to come. Realize that those who commit such acts are not always someone who is mentally ill. Find the reasons, address the issue as crimes on and within our society. Control for these problems and not invite them with platitudes.

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