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Piro Kolvani Accused Of Terrorism

Sarker Haque is doing what Republicans say we all ought to do. He’s an entrepreneur, owning a store in Queens, New York. According to police reports, Haque was in that store when a man named Piro Kolvani walked into the store, demanded to be given merchandise for free, then started shouting about killing Muslims, and attacked Haque, causing cuts, bruises and a dislocated hand.

If these reports are true, that makes Piro Kolvani a terrorist. Terrorism, after all, is defined as the use of violence for political purposes. Kolvani’s attack, as alleged, was a political act intended to intimidate American Muslims.

So, is Piro Kolvani a terrorist?

The police haven’t charged Kolvani with terrorism. Instead, they charged him with assault and criminal mischief, giving him a desk appearance ticket and allowing him to go free for a week. This leniency was shown even though Kolvani has a history of violence. In 2009, he was charged with menacing, resisting arrest and criminal possession of a weapon when he threatened to throw a piece of concrete at a police officer at the corner of 31st Street and Hoyt Avenue in New York City.

Whether Piro Kolvani is a terrorist is for the courts to decide. Muslims accused of terrorism, of course, have been denied access to those courts. Regardless of Piro Kolvani’s guilt, our nation is guilty of allowing the standards of justice guaranteed in the Constitution to degrade from legal rights to mere privileges accorded only to members of groups held in favor by the federal government.

5 thoughts on “Piro Kolvani Accused Of Terrorism”

  1. name says:

    The hypocrisy, and here I thought we were in a modern age.

  2. Randy says:

    Instead of the delusional, low-information, childish jab at American Republicans you should familiarize yourself with the history of Islamic/Greek relations.

    1. J Clifford says:

      … in which Greeks threaten to throw blocks of concrete at police officers. Yes. I see your point clearly. This is all about the Greeks, and not at all indicative of a general rise in right wing violence against Muslims… except, oops, facts:

      1. Demetra says:

        WAIT! Kolvani is Greek?

  3. Najavo Joe says:

    Send this asshole back to Greece , I am a Native American. ..the Police did not do their job , this is a hate crime and this guy was given a desk summons …bullshit !!

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