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Muslims Are Welcome In This Neighborhood

Regular readers of Irregular Times will notice that, today, there is a new green image on the right hand margin of our page. It’s a picture of a lawn sign, specifically, a yard sign that declares: Muslims Are Welcome In This Neighborhood.

muslims are welcome in this neighborhood lawn signWe have added this image to Irregular Times because this week, the United States has been diminished in the eyes of many people around the world, and doesn’t seem like a very welcoming place.

Ben Carson has insisted that Muslims in America be forced to carry government-issued identification cards and submit to Big Brother surveillance. Ted Cruz has declared that people from some countries should have to prove that they’re Christians, not Muslims, before being allowed to visit the United States. Marco Rubio has called for the closure by the federal government of Muslim-owned businesses. Donald Trump has promised that if he is elected President, he will prohibit any Muslim from entering the United States – even American citizens who have merely gone to Canada for a short vacation.

The voices of these Republican politicians are loud, but they’re not representative of what the American people think in general. Carson, Cruz, Rubio and Trump are fringe extremists who are out of touch with the American tradition of constitutional rights, including freedom of religion and equality under the law. What’s more, these Republicans are being just plain rude.

There are some dangerous Muslims in America, but not very many. There are dangerous Christians, and dangerous Jews, dangerous Hindus and dangerous Buddhists, too. Within any group, there are some people who are bad news, but they’re usually a minority.

It’s important for the sane majority of the American people, the people who don’t want to see their country rush off into yet another bloody, expensive, and unnecessary war, to stand up and make themselves visible. It’s time that we counter the voices of paranoia with voices of compassion and reason.

There is no significant threat of Islamic terrorism in the United States. Muslim terrorist attacks are actually extremely rare in our country, and they aren’t on the increase.

There have been zero terrorist attacks in the USA committed by Muslim refugees from Syria. Those who claim that there have been are either dishonest or deluded.

So, I’m putting out a sign in my yard that declares simply that Muslims are welcome in my neighborhood. I’m putting out this sign as a counter to the lies of unscrupulous Republican politicians who are eager to gain personal power for themselves by exploiting people’s bigotry against American Muslims, a cultural minority that’s easy to target because it’s less than 1 percent of the population.

I say that Muslims are welcome in my neighborhood even though I have no desire to convert to Islam. I am an atheist. I don’t trust religion. I wouldn’t advise any friends or family to become Muslims. I don’t like the ideology of Islam, either as it is expressed abstractly or as it is conducted in practice.

The thing is, I wouldn’t choose to make many of the same choices my neighbors make. I hold different opinions about religion, politics, art, food, lawn mowing, and pets from most of the people I meet. That doesn’t mean I want to use the power of government to persecute the neighbors I disagree with.

The United States of America is a multicultural nation. A few of especially obnoxious American subcultures insist upon the irrational belief that their own subcultural agenda is The Real America and deserves special government protection and promotion above all others. The rest of us know that they’re wrong. We look at the Constitution and see a document that established a government that doesn’t discriminate, a nation where minorities have the same rights as majorities. We have a country where the punishment of entire populations for the crimes of a few isn’t practiced. Our system operates under the assumption of innocence and the right to a fair trial.

Rules aside, the wise among us know that cultural diversity makes life better for us all. I’d rather live in a neighborhood where I can find all sorts of people, rather than a place where everybody is just like me. So, yes, Muslims, I welcome you to come live in my neighborhood. Right wing conspiracy theorists are welcome too, just so long as they agree to respect everyone else’s rights. We’ll judge you by your deeds, not by your creeds.

111 thoughts on “Muslims Are Welcome In This Neighborhood”

  1. Frank says:

    “cultural diversity make our life better”? Do you mean the cultural diversity that is causing race and religious clashes? The Cultural diversity that killed 130 people in Paris, 14 In San Bernardino? The cultural diversity that goes parading in the street of the major European capitals yelling and screaming: death to America, death to the Jews, Sharja law for Britain, Islam will conquer the world? The cultural diversity that screams “racism”, “whie privilege” and “police brutality” “black lives matter” and “what do we want…dead cops” while ignoring the massacres happening in our inner cities? Cultural diversity my ass….

    1. Jim Cook says:

      What a lovely lens of selective perception. It is undoubtedly true that in a world of billions you can find dozens of instances of outrage for any group you want to rant against.

      Crime in general is down in U.S. cities. Homicide rates in American cities are down (source: Your “massacres” comment is wildly off base.

  2. Charles Manning says:

    Peregrin Wood, your essay is impressive. It’s painfully obvious that many people, chief among them Donald Trump, don’t recognize that the kind of multiculturalism you describe is the only true long-range solution to the violence and hatred afflicting so much of the world. I hope your essay changes some minds.

  3. Gloria J Fritzler McMillian says:

    This idiot is disgusting racist bigot against Americans and he should be hung for treason. We cannot be a multiculturalism society. We are killing ourselves when we want Sharia law and any other laws and culture that is not Ameriacan and this idiot thinks Sharia and all things it does is just dandy. I can’t stand such a nut job. they are not American and have no right to live in this country but would fit nicely in the middle east.

    1. J Clifford says:

      When you make death threats, Gloria, you don’t convince us of the sincerity of your opposition to terrorism.

    2. Charles Manning says:

      There’s an irony that Peregrin Wood didn’t mention but that I guess has to be brought up. For diversity (cultural, racial, religious, whatever) to work, each of the diverse individuals and groups should let go of any devotion they may have to government support for things like disrespect, bigotry, selfishness, dishonesty, violence, torture, antipathy for the rule of law, and (of course) intolerance of diversity. Gloria, I think you’re totally correct that Sharia law isn’t right for a culturally diverse society. But if people want to argue to the contrary, let them exercise freedom of speech, which is a necessary constituent of tolerance, and which doesn’t exist in countries that live under Sharia law.

    3. Peregrin Wood says:

      Gloria, I’m not surprised you want to Put a noose around my neck and lynch me. According to your Facebook profile, you are a lover of the Confederate Flag, an anti-patriotic symbol used by those who think that the South should have won the Civil War, keeping slavery alive, supporting the South’s Jim Crow codes, under which African-Americans would be found hanging from tree limbs, killed for the crime of not being “white”. Your profile picture shows that you want to eliminate all Islam from the United States. What about other non-Christians? Do you want to kick us out of the Ubited States too? I see that you’re a member of an organization that calls itself “Stop Immigration To The United States”. So, you’re against anyone who was born outside the United States? It must take a lot of energy to keep all that rage in your heart. Your Neo-Nazi ideology certainly is thorough, Gloria. You want to kill people and kick people out of their homes, all in the name of your Christian religion. Have you considered that this kind of ugliness could be the reason that Christianity is shrinking in America? Do your neighbor’s in Oklahoma City know that you promote this kind of racist and religious violence?

  4. Leroy says:

    I would like to know where, in the United States, Sharia Law is practiced.

    The practice of Sharia Law would be just as illegal as the practice of Old Testament Biblical Law or Dharma (Hindu) Law.

    Religious practice is personal. But religious law – of any type – is (thankfully) prohibited legally. We are a secular nation with civil laws when it comes to The Law.

    Repeatedly chanting rightwing propaganda stories doesn’t make them true.

    It’s like the lies spread repeatedly by rightwing wingnuts that Dearborn, Michigan officially adopting Sharia Law.

    BS propaganda from the start (their current Mayor in fact is of direct Irish heritage):

    1. Leroy says:

      A satirical website called the National Report intentionally made up an article for entertainment purposes on Sunday, Oct. 27 about the City of Dearborn enacting sharia law over the weekend. The article is false; Dearborn is not under sharia law and has never at any time even considered such an action.

      “Dearborn has never been, nor ever will be, under sharia law. We are governed by the U.S. Constitution, the Constitution of the State of Michigan and the City of Dearborn Charter,” said Mayor O’Reilly.

      “We are a city named after a Revolutionary War Hero. We have lost loyal Dearborn American military service personnel in every war this country has fought to protect the individual rights we are guaranteed through the U.S. Constitution,” he said.

      “We are a community that proudly honors those who served our country to protect those rights. We have annual observances on Memorial Day, Flag Day, Korean War Armistice Day and Veterans Day,” said Mayor O’Reilly.

      The phony article appeared on the National Report, a website meant to be humorous, and has since been posted on other websites and circulated over the internet.

      It also has been reposted multiple times on Facebook by people who are taking the fictional article at face value, and then expressing outrage about something that is simply not true.

      “The National Report’s misguided attempt at humor furthers the goals of some people who have tried to suggest that the City of Dearborn is anti-American because our population includes residents who are Muslim,” said Mayor O’Reilly.

    2. Leroy says:
    3. Korky Day says:

      A couple of you have almost conceded that if Sharia Law is adopted, diversity is out the window.

      And how do we prevent Sharia Law? Maybe barring the borders to those who believe in Sharia Law is not such a bad idea. Just in case our educational system fails to re-educate the masses well enough and fast enough that Sharia Law is bad.

      Don’t forget that defunding public education has led to more people putting their children in private schools, many of which are Muslim!

  5. Nathan Norman says:

    Most pedophiles don’t act on their inclinations but many still do. If you have children will you welcome a pedophile into your neighborhood?

  6. Nathan Norman says:

    Let’s put it another way. Not all NAMBLA members rape children but some do. If you have children would you invite a NAMBLA member into your neighbourhood? Into your house?

    1. Jim Cook says:

      To start with, your example is not parallel, because not all Muslims hold a predatory ideology, while all NAMBLA members do.

      1. Nathan Norman says:

        Muslims hold the ideology in the Koran that comes from the mind of a pedophile named Muhammad. The book prescribes some terrible ideas that Muslims actually follow unlike Christians who ignore their book. For example, most Muslim majority nations are Theocratic whereas most Christian majority nations are secular.

        Some NAMBLA members are predatory. Most are not. Like Muslims. However I’m not stupid enough to invite either into my neighborhood just as I’m not stupid enough to let a bear in my house or play with a rattlesnake.

        1. Jim Cook says:

          You can find plenty of incestuous and pedophilic ideology in the Bible. If you’re going to be selective with the Koran and apply your selectivity to Muslims, you should make similar selections with the Bible and apply your selectivity to Christians.

          1. Nathan Norman says:

            No because Christians don’t follow their book. I said that above and you ignored it.

          2. Korky Day says:

            You’re right, Nathan Norman, that Christians follow their book much less–on average. But some do follow some very bad parts of it, like hating gays.

      2. Korky Day says:

        All GOOD Muslims hold a predatory ideology, Jim Cook. Those that believe the Koran.

        The faction that broke off from Islam (and their ‘ideology’) is called Baha’i.

        1. Jim Cook says:

          You clearly don’t know many actual Muslims.

          1. Korky Day says:

            I’m genuinely curious, Jim Cook, because I don’t know very many Muslims.

            Do the hordes of Muslims that you know reject the genocidal, murderous, imperialistic parts of the Koran? And how do you know they aren’t pretending to reject those parts in order to calm us so that we in the long run can be defeated, as advised by the Koran?

            The Bible, as bad as it is, doesn’t recommend such lying.

          2. John says:

            I don’t know why you even waste your time trying to talk sense and logic into these people. They don’t care if it’s right or wrong as long as they are POLITICALLY CORRECT that’s enough for them. So until we can get rid of the P.C. Mentality we are going to have to contend with this irrational thinking that has brought this country to the brink of ruin. It’s

          3. Jim Cook says:

            1) Uh, yeah, they do, just like the vast majority of Christians don’t go around strapping their children to rocks and knifing them to death (homework: read the Bible).
            2) You’re the one preaching the politics of exclusion here, not my Muslim friends.
            3) Why bother talking to me if you think everything I say is based on lies? I mean, really, why bother?

          4. Korky Day says:

            If your country, Jim Cook, declared war against the Islamic Caliphate, would it be reasonable to ask Muslim tourists to your country if they believed in the Islamic conquest of the world before letting them in during the war?

            I bother talking to many people for fun and intellectual stimulation.

          5. Jim Cook says:

            But our country has not declared war against any Islamic Caliphate. Furthermore, our country has not declared war against any religion.

            You’re trying to justify your prejudice by imagining an existential threat, but I don’t buy the premise of your prejudice.

          6. Korky Day says:

            The USA has fought its dozens of wars since 1945 illegally, without declaring war, Jim Cook.
            It is warring right now against the Islamic Caliphate.
            This is not theory, Jim Cook. Actual war, albeit illegal on the part of the USA. Actual bombing.

            The Koran is the Muslims’ declaration of war against us infidels. Any of the many Muslim theocracies are thus at war against us, technically, even if there is no fighting at the moment, unless they have rejected the Koran.

            So you can stick your head in the sand if you want to, Jim, but it’s happening. People are dying in the war.
            Peaceniks like us must activate for peace. I do so through the Green Party. The Democratic Party is pro-war, as usual. Maybe Bernie Sanders can save it.

          7. Jim Cook says:

            It’s not an Islamic Caliphate except in ISIS’ mind, the Koran is not at war, no Muslim nations are in a declared war against the United States, and the United States is not at war either. People are dying all the time; it is what people do. These details matter. It is not sticking one’s head in the sand to insist on accuracy. Stop whipping yourself into a panic; history shows that panicked people make mistakes they come to regret.

          8. Korky Day says:

            No, Jim Cook, you are still sticking your head in the sand. Has the USA declared war since 1941? No.
            Yet the USA many times has been and is at war, illegally, because the Constitution requires a declaration of war by Congress.
            Have you heard of Vietnam? No declaration of war.
            ISIS? No declaration of war.

    2. John says:

      That’s a great metaphor to use. Because it drives home the logic behind stopping the flow of professed Muslims coming into this county until we can figure out a way to make sure they aren’t radicals and that they don’t convert after they enter.

      1. Korky Day says:

        Good point!

      2. Jim Cook says:

        Read this piece from the L.A. Times to get a bit of historical perspective on the panic sweeping our nation today:

        1. John says:

          I’m sorry and I don’t mean to come across as being disrespectful but are you a complete idiot jim? Are you not watching the news about what is happening over in Germany and Sweden right now?!? Well in case you don’t know what’s going on let me give you a quick run down. These people that these countries are letting in these refugee are coming in and causing all kinds of problems in there host country! There raping their women and demanding that they have the own law instituted there what part of this are you not getting? What do you want to do? Let them in and let the same exact thing happened here Don’t be an idiot! The time for political correctness is over if time for us to start watching what we do and taking care of our country.

          1. Jim Cook says:

            Eyeroll. I refuse to bow down in fear on the basis of a handful of anecdotes.

            I also refuse to speculate considering that, as the New York Times says, the identity of the suspects is unknown in those cases; no one has been apprehended. By your standard, if I could name a few cases of white people from Kentucky raping people, then you would have to agree to excluding people from Kentucky from interstate travel — and any objection you would make could be dismissed with the cavalier “the time for political correctness is over!”

            Since you called me an idiot, I’ll be similarly blunt: get a backbone and stop freaking out like a scared ninny. Crime rates are down in our country. You are safe. Calm yourself down.

  7. Nathan Norman says:

    I bet Peregrin Wood would also agree with this statement: (Why not?)
    There are some dangerous pedophiles in America, but not very many. There are dangerous straight people, and dangerous gays, dangerous bisexuals and dangerous pansexuals, too. Within any group, there are some people who are bad news, but they’re usually a minority.
    There is no significant threat of child raping in the United States. Child rapings are actually extremely rare in our country, and they aren’t on the increase.
    There have been zero child rapings in the USA committed by NAMBLA members from Cuba. Those who claim that there have been are either dishonest or deluded.
    So, I’m putting out a sign in my yard that declares simply that pedophiles are welcome in my neighborhood. I’m putting out this sign as a counter to the lies of unscrupulous Republican politicians who are eager to gain personal power for themselves by exploiting people’s bigotry against pedophiles, a cultural minority that’s easy to target because it’s less than 1 percent of the population.
    I say that pedophiles are welcome in my neighborhood even though I have no desire to join NAMBLA. I am an asexual. I don’t trust sexual orientation. I wouldn’t advise any friends or family to join NAMBLA. I don’t like the ideology of NAMBLA, either as it is expressed abstractly or as it is conducted in practice.
    The thing is, I wouldn’t choose to make many of the same choices my neighbors make. I hold different opinions about sexual orientation, politics, art, food, lawn mowing, and pets from most of the people I meet. That doesn’t mean I want to use the power of government to persecute the neighbors I disagree with.
    The United States of America is a multicultural nation. A few of especially obnoxious American subcultures insist upon the irrational belief that their own subcultural agenda is The Real America and deserves special government protection and promotion above all others. The rest of us know that they’re wrong. We look at the Constitution and see a document that established a government that doesn’t discriminate, a nation where minorities have the same rights as majorities. We have a country where the punishment of entire populations for the crimes of a few isn’t practiced. Our system operates under the assumption of innocence and the right to a fair trial.
    Rules aside, the wise among us know that cultural diversity makes life better for us all. I’d rather live in a neighborhood where I can find all sorts of people, rather than a place where everybody is just like me. So, yes, pedophiles, I welcome you to come live in my neighborhood. Right wing conspiracy theorists are welcome too, just so long as they agree to respect everyone else’s rights. We’ll judge you by your deeds, not by your creeds.

    1. Charles Manning says:

      Nathan Norman, the diversity Peregrin Wood praises is diversity of morally and legally acceptable personality traits, beliefs, etc. The article Wood cites says what I believe most perceptive observers know: “[A] large body of research—conducted across dozens of years, countries, and situational settings—maintains that racial and ethnic diversity is critically important to our communities, our social institutions, and even our own brains.” Racial and ethnic diversity have nothing to do with sex crimes.

      1. Nathan Norman says:

        The “research” sounds like bullshit. Link it. I can link you to how Muslim theocratic societies work: beheading raped women, crucifying infidels, stoning faggots and adulterers. It is not complementary to Western secular society. By the way, Islam really isn’t much different than NAMBLA. It too was founded by a pedophile. It too advocates marriages between men and children. Please stop denying reality.

        1. J Clifford says:

          Nathan, this isn’t about LIKING Islam. It’s about defending the Constitution’s establishment of a government that does not get involved in religious issues.

          What’s your alternative? Set up a Federal Government Office Of Religion Licensure?

          Once you start rearranging laws so that they only apply to certain groups of people, rampant discrimination becomes possible – and not just against the groups for which you nurture a pet hate.

          1. Nathan Norman says:

            The alternative is to not let them in the county. There is not a right to be in the U.S. We wouldn’t let a known pedophile immigrate here and we shouldn’t let Muslims immigrate here either.

          2. Horatio says:

            Actually, Nathan, there is a right to equal treatment under the law, and a prohibition in the Constitution of governmental religious discrimination.

            Are you willfully ignorant, or does your hate just blind you to obvious facts?

          3. John says:

            “Actually” Horatio your wrong:
            In fact, the Legal Information Institute at Cornell cites this provision of federal law:

            Whenever the president finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.”


            All I can say is these scumbag jihadists better pray to allah that trump doesn’t win!!! He will if I can help it

          4. J Clifford says:

            A link to Cornell University, so that we can understand the actual context, would be better than a link to the fringe site WND.

          5. John says:

            Anyone supporting people of the Muslim Faith are complete morons. Facts are facts, and it’s a fact that the Muslims want to destroy America from the inside.

            Fact: in the 1400 year history of islam, muslims have murdered over 270 million people.
            Fact: Since 911, muslims have committed over 23 thousand deadly terror attacks around the world.
            Fact: Islam can not and will not peacefully co exist with any other religion on earth. Never.
            Fact: Where are all those so called “peaceful” muslims when the terror attacks occur? Why do they not stand publicly against the attacks as a religious group? The reason….. is in the verses below… It goes against their koran.

            Muslim (20:4645) – “…He (the Messenger of Allah) did that and said: There is another act which elevates the position of a man in Paradise to a grade one hundred (higher), and the elevation between one grade and the other is equal to the height of the heaven from the earth. He (Abu Sa’id) said: What is that act? He replied: Jihad in the way of Allah! Jihad in the way of Allah!”

            Muslim (20:4696) – “the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) said: ‘One who died but did not fight in the way of Allah nor did he express any desire (or determination) for Jihid died the death of a hypocrite.’”

            Muslim (19:4321-4323) – Three separate hadith in which Muhammad shrugs over the news that innocent children were killed in a raid by his men against unbelievers. His response: “They are of them (meaning the enemy).”

            Tabari 7:97 The morning after the murder of Ashraf, the Prophet declared, “Kill any Jew who falls under your power.” Ashraf was a poet, killed by Muhammad’s men because he insulted Islam. Here, Muhammad widens the scope of his orders to kill. An innocent Jewish businessman was then slain by his Muslim partner, merely for being non-Muslim.

            Tabari 9:69 “Killing Unbelievers is a small matter to us” The words of Muhammad, prophet of Islam.

            Ibn Ishaq: 327 – “Allah said, ‘A prophet must slaughter before collecting captives. A slaughtered enemy is driven from the land. Muhammad, you craved the desires of this world, its goods and the ransom captives would bring. But Allah desires killing them to manifest the religion.’”

            Ibn Ishaq: 990 – Lest anyone think that cutting off someone’s head while screaming ‘Allah Akbar!’ is a modern custom, here is an account of that very practice under Muhammad, who seems to approve.

            Ibn Ishaq: 992 – “Fight everyone in the way of Allah and kill those who disbelieve in Allah.” Muhammad’s instructions to his men prior to a military raid.

            The Quran:
            Quran (2:191-193) – “And slay them wherever ye find them, and drive them out of the places whence they drove you out, for persecution [of Muslims] is worse than slaughter [of non-believers]… but if desist, then lo! Allah is forgiving and merciful. And fight them until persecution is no more, and religion is for Allah.”
            There is a good case to be made that the textual context of this particular passage is defensive war, even if the historical context was not. However, there are also two worrisome pieces to this verse. The first is that the killing of others is authorized in the event of “persecution” (a qualification that is ambiguous at best). The second is that fighting may persist until “religion is for Allah.” The example set by Muhammad is not reassuring.

            Quran (2:244) – “Then fight in the cause of Allah, and know that Allah Heareth and knoweth all things.”

            Quran (2:216) – “Fighting is prescribed for you, and ye dislike it. But it is possible that ye dislike a thing which is good for you, and that ye love a thing which is bad for you. But Allah knoweth, and ye know not.” Not only does this verse establish that violence can be virtuous, but it also contradicts the myth that fighting is intended only in self-defense, since the audience was obviously not under attack at the time. From the Hadith, we know that Muhammad was actually trying to motivate his people into raiding caravans with this verse.

            Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 11.22.17 AM
            Quran (3:56) – “As to those who reject faith, I will punish them with terrible agony in this world and in the Hereafter, nor will they have anyone to help.”

            Quran (3:151) – “Soon shall We cast terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers, for that they joined companions with Allah, for which He had sent no authority”. This speaks directly of polytheists, yet it also includes Christians, since they believe in the Trinity (ie. what Muhammad incorrectly believed to be ‘joining companions to Allah’).

            Quran (4:74) – “Let those fight in the way of Allah who sell the life of this world for the other. Whoso fighteth in the way of Allah, be he slain or be he victorious, on him We shall bestow a vast reward.” The martyrs of Islam are unlike the early Christians, led meekly to the slaughter. These Muslims are killed in battle, as they attempt to inflict death and destruction for the cause of Allah. Here is the theological basis for today’s suicide bombers.

            Quran (4:76) – “Those who believe fight in the cause of Allah…”

            Anyone, and I’m including American liberal scum, that can read the dictates of this religion and still think that inviting them here by the thousands to live amongst us is a complete moron and fool. And you should be kicked out of America and sent to an Islamic country to live in the middle east and see how you like it then.

          6. Jim Cook says:

            Fact: you cut and pasted that text in from one of 144 other websites that repeat the text, like some old chain mail, without any sourcing, fact-checking or individuality on your part until the last sentence, when…

            Fact: you’re calling for the discriminatory and exclusionary treatment of people for the sin of disagreeing with you.

          7. Korky Day says:

            Jim Cook, are you saying that those quotes are NOT from the Koran?

          8. Jim Cook says:

            No. If I were saying that, I’d say that. There are a number of claims in John’s comment before the quotes, not just quotes, and I’m saying John hasn’t checked them out. They scream “hyperbole” and are entirely unoriginal to John. John’s reduced himself to a bullshit-spewer, which is a very degrading thing for a human to be.

            As for the quotes, if you take just about any long old religious text, including the Christian Bible, you can find all sorts of nastiness in it. If you declare that all Muslims must be what the worst quotes from the Koran are, then to be consistent you should declare that all Christians must be what the worst quotes from the Bible are. I don’t think John, or the political leaders who think like him, are interested in being consistent.

          9. Korky Day says:

            I guess we shouldn’t let in any theists at all.

          10. Korky Day says:

            Jews are just as bad against Arabs. Those 2 closely related ethnic groups should call a truce, take the hate out of their holy books for the other, and help us bring peace. Now.

    2. John says:

      It’s extremist leftist mentality like this that will be the cause of this countries ultimate demise. To secure this false pretense of “freedom” you would condone someone that practices, or desires to have sex with children? You sir are not only sick in mind, but totally devoid of any moral bearing. I would be willing to bet that you would never put a sign like that up in your front yard big enough for your neighbors not to miss it. It’s easy to say things like that under the general anonymity of the internet. But like I said no way you would do that because you would probably be run out of your neighborhood. Nobody wants sick minded individuals living near them or their children. And your point of view is extremely disturbing. But thank you for being a great example of why I think the lefties are for lack of a better term a cancer to the liberty of this country. People that are using the good things of this country against itself. Sick

      1. J Clifford says:

        John, don’t be a ninny. Demise of the nation at the rate of two people per year would take forever. The rate of reproduction completely overwhelms it.

        Being neighborly isn’t left wing extremism, John.

        1. Korky Day says:

          Where did John say 2 people per year?

        2. Korky Day says:

          J Clifford, where did John say 2 people per year?

  8. John says:

    Give it up Frank these people are completely stiffnecked and unable to see beyond their indoctrination programming they received at university. Too weak minded to not be politically correct. Gotta make everybody winners and everybody equal and everybody happy……

  9. Korky Day says:

    The main problem with the lawn sign is that it seems to elevate Muslims over others.
    It’s the same problem as with ‘Black lives matter’.
    Both slogans need rewriting.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      In order for such statements to elevate Muslims (or black people) above others, Muslims and black people in America would have to start at the same level of being esteemed and respected. Disrespect for Muslims and black people in the United States is so demonstrably low that it is important to counter such animus with particular declarations opposing them.

      1. Korky Day says:

        Yes, Jim Cook, anyone can see that such was the intent of the slogan writer, as you say. It nevertheless is still counter-productive in the way I said. You have to consider how it’s going to be received, not just how you meant it. That’s what a good writer does. The slogan is thus poorly written.

        1. John says:


  10. Korky Day says:

    How about to enter the USA one would have to disavow all intolerant, genocidal statements such as those found in the Koran, Bible, etc.?

  11. Korky Day says:

    Any country could stop all immigration if they want to.
    Nothing bad about that. They might feel they like it better that way.
    Maybe for environmental reasons.
    Let other countries solve their own problems. Being the descendant of immigrants, my ancestors would have suffered under that policy, but it is a national right to control immigration any way they like.

  12. Korky Day says:

    Another poorly written slogan, besides
    ‘Muslims are welcome in this neighborhood’, is
    ‘No one is illegal’.

    That 2nd slogan is so bad that it says literally (in strained English) that no one can break a law.
    Even if you narrowed the focus to immigration (which the slogan does NOT do), it still says ridiculously that no one can break an immigration law. You might as well say that laws are illegal. It would make as much sense.

  13. Korky Day says:

    From my parts 6-20:

    Letter to the NFIRC editor published here 2013 February 1, received 2012 September 14:

    by a woman who visited Syria

    I have travelled to the Middle East twice. Syria is 90% muslim. It is their prophet who is telling Muslim women to wear the hijab for protection. Protection from? Protection from men.
    Men in undeveloped nations are unable to channel their sexual energy. Muslim Arab men are in the majority unsophisticated and have lower levels of education.
    Also, because the Middle East is a war zone, women are safer if they are sexually unprovocative.
    Also, they live in countries where the level of censorship is maximum. They don’t see nudity or swimsuits anywhere. When I went to a swimming pool in Syria, a young male swam underneath the water with a mask and pinched my labia. I screamed and went toward him with the intention of hitting him. I couldn’t catch him.
    I then told the lifeguard, he laughed at me with the boy and said I was crazy.
    When we left the pool we were told to not tell anyone what had happened. If we told, we would be forbidden to return to the pool. We would be punished. Meanwhile he got no punishment. I kept my mouth shut because it was over 40 degrees celsius everyday. We needed and wanted to be able to return to the pool.
    Anytime we went out, we needed to be acompanied by a male. My aunt would walk with an umbrella at all times, because the men are constantly trying to pinch women’s buttocks in the street. This is the truth. I was there. I lived it. I experienced it.
    I know you will argue that the women are now safe in Canada. Why can’t they just hang up their hijab? Because, they are unable to. They are extremely vulnerable to men. They are 100% untrained at protecting themselves from masculine desire.
    It’s like walking into a lion’s den for them. Men are preying on women who they sense are not “men smart”. These women can very easily be abused, taken advantage of. Very easily. They are not aggressive women able to yell stuff at a man. They are conditioned to be submissive. They also don’t know martial arts, for the most part.
    I spoke with a Muslim woman who graduated from SFU. Feeling momentarily free she removed her hijab and began circulating in society. A young white man, about her age, fell in love with her, they started dating. He became too clingy, she felt fearful and unprepared. She got scared. She phoned the cops, said he was stalking her. She went through a hellish time. She did not know what was happening to her in her life, she began eating junk food at McDonald’s, gained weight and began seeing a psychiatrist. He medicated her.
    She then started having nightmares about him at night. She would wake up in such a panic that she wasn’t able to tell it was only a bad dream, she thought he would come after her so she ended up phoning the police in the middle of the night.
    The police came and they told her she needed to seek help from her psychiatrist.
    You see, a muslim woman does not know what to do with a man other than get married, give birth to children, rear his kids. Basically, raise a family. Go to the mosque, obey the prophet Muhammed and God, Allah. Dating, espacially a white man is for them like taking acid. They will likely hallucinate a hellish nightmare from being clueless about what’s going on.
    I have to let you go now, please remain co-operative in trying to empathize.
    —from a very unrepressed woman, [name withheld by request].

    1. Jim Cook says:

      Clearly from this anecdote, we can generalize to the characteristics of more than a billion people. Clearly as mud.

  14. Korky Day says:

    How are the signs selling?

  15. Korky Day says:

    The signs are described as ‘imported’. From where?

    1. Jim Cook says:

      That should be a typo by cafepress, although I will personally check that out. See!PAGETYPE?sq=Made%2bin%2bthe%2bUSA&sf=101113&sg=1&st=826256&documentid=154852&action=view for a list of Made in the USA products, which include the Yard Sign.

    2. Jim Cook says:


      A follow-up. After a few hours of really chirpy hold music over a few different days, I got an answer. The signs are indeed made in the USA. What you saw on the product page was indeed a typographical error made during an upgrade — the lawn signs are not imported, and CafePress representatives have assured me that during their next regular upgrade, their error will be rectified and the “made in the USA” affirmation will reappear.

      Thanks for bringing this inconsistency to my attention; it’s always good to check up on these things, because (think Skreened) on occasion suppliers do change their terms from underneath one’s feet.

      1. Korky Day says:

        Thanks and you’re welcome, Jim Cook.
        I am not fully reassured, however, and I don’t think you should be, either.

        They are going to fix their error ‘during their next regular upgrade’??!!??!!

        How about today? How about this hour? How about right now? When I find I’ve make an error on my Web site, I drop everything else and fix it IMMEDIATELY. I put down my lunch and do it NOW. While I’m still chewing.

        They don’t sound like the kind of people you can trust. Maybe the products are made in the Northern Marianas Islands (technically the USA) by imported Chinese quasi-slaves. Maybe in a Mexican maquiladora sweatshop (by fraudulent USA law ‘Made in the USA’).

        1. Korky Day says:

          Trump and I don’t like self-inspecting! (Listen to his speeches on the Iran deal.)

        2. Jim Cook says:

          Sorry, but you just converted me to eyeroll mode. Maybe they’re made out of the blood of baby unicorns. Maybe they’re made by indentured smurfs. None of your suppositions make sense. The reason these are made in the United States is that they’re printed vinyl, which is inexpensive to produce and easily, automatedly printed. Bumper stickers and signs like these are commonly made in the USA.

          1. Korky Day says:

            If you really wanted to reassure your customers that you haven’t used loop-holes in the labeling laws, you’d probably state the city of manufacture for each item, not ridicule the potential customer.

          2. Jim Cook says:

            I’m just not one of those people who pretends to be perky to make a sale. Besides, I would be very surprised to find that you had bought this lawn sign, given that you’ve been promoting the idea of discriminating against Muslims for weeks.

            Particular cities of manufacture are not possible to declare in this case because particular factory sources shift for corporations. I had a long, drawn out conversation over many days, and I’ve also sourced vinyl myself over many years, and I’m thoroughly satisfied at a personal level. I encourage you to call CafePress if you have further questions and to research the vinyl market in the United States for yourself if you would like more information.

          3. Korky Day says:

            Thanks, Jim Cook, for your attention on this question.
            No, I am not likely to buy that particular sign.
            However, I am interested in the question of fraudulent, illegal, or barely legal sweatshops in general for all products, from your company and elsewhere. I want to know which companies use them and which don’t. I think everyone should know. I think all products should have honest labels.
            Your attention to that might increase your sales, which would please me, in general, though not for signs or buttons I dislike.

            I mentioned a couple of the loop-holes I’m aware of and you seemed unaware and uninterested in whether you and your customers have been ripped off by those loop-holes or not.

            You wrote, ‘Particular cities of manufacture are not possible to declare in this case because particular factory sources shift for corporations.’

            That is false. If you and your suppliers have nothing to hide, you’ll provide the information for all your products and keep it up-to-date.

            Perhaps you did not realize that the city of manufacture is not a concern for its own sake, but merely to help determine if a loop-hole has been used.

            If, for instance, the city is Chapel Hill, North Carolina, neither of the particular loop-holes I mentioned was used.
            If, on the other hand, the city is San Ysidro, California, that’s a tip-off that it might really have been made in Tijuana, Mexico, using the fraudulent maquiladora loop-hole in USA law. I’m unsure because I haven’t read the actual law. That’s your department.

          4. Jim Cook says:

            I don’t care what seems to you. In this case, I’m well aware of the strong vinyl manufacture inside the borders of the United States. If you can’t bother to educate yourself and you want to make up conjectures, then go ahead and invent.

          5. Korky Day says:

            I conjecture when you haven’t fully informed us, Jim Cook.
            It’s your job, not mine, to inform your potential customers.
            I spend more of my money with sellers who agree with me on that.

            The public wants to know where everything was made, not just vinyl.

  16. Korky Day says:

    Thanks, Jim Cook. I’ll wait.

  17. Korky Day says:

    After my many years of life and study, I can remember only one trait of Islam that I admire: They don’t drink (except the ones that break that rule). Neither Trump nor I drink, though neither of us is Muslim. So what does Islam have to offer me? Nothing. Can any of you Islamophiles tell me even one other good thing about them?

    1. Jim Cook says:

      There is a world of difference between being an “Islamophile” and someone who rejects blanket prejudice toward Muslims. Yes, I’m talking about you. You’re prejudiced.

      I can tell you many good things about Muslims I have met and formed friendships with. They have been good-humored, open-minded, independent thinkers, generous and inviting. You insult reality by placing blanket statements over an entire set of 1.6 billion people.

      1. Korky Day says:

        Jim Cook, have any of your Muslim friends told you that they reject the evil parts of the Koran?

        1. Jim Cook says:

          Korky Day, have any of your Christian friends stopped what they’re doing in the middle of a conversation to tell you they reject the evil parts of the Bible?

          A large number of my Muslim friends show that they reject the idiocies of ancient holy texts (just as members of every major religion must do) through their moral, thoughtful, kind conduct.

          1. Korky Day says:

            Yes, Jim Cook, actions are important.
            But you should still ask your Muslim friends point-blank if they reject the Koran.
            I ask similar questions of all my faithful friends, as soon as I can get around to it.

            Maybe your friend is peaceful, but his stupid, angry, alienated, loner son will pick up a ‘holy’ book they find lying around at home and decide to become a martyr for God (Jesus or Allah).

            I think that many of the founders of the USA would have more strongly rejected religion publicly if they had thought that they could get away with it politically at the time.

          2. J Clifford says:

            Korky, for you to claim, FROM CANADA, that the United States should reject admission to everyone who belongs to Islam, because Islam has objectionable, violent beliefs…

            …while YOU promote the objectionable, violent beliefs of Donald Trump, which include bombings, war on a whim, torture, sexism, racism, and the thorough eradication of constitutional liberties…

            … would be laughable, if it weren’t so profoundly dangerous and hypocritical.

          3. Korky Day says:

            You don’t have to answer my good points because of my alleged faults, J Clifford?

            Donald Trump is only my third choice, but he’s not nearly as bad as you say, by a long shot.
            Name me one racist thing he’s said, please.

      2. Korky Day says:

        You’re side-stepping the issue, Jim Cook.
        Of course Muslims are people who have some good qualities.
        The question is whether they are good people in part because of Islam, or in spite of it.
        I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t be a better person if they became an atheist.
        But some religions teach some good things.
        The Mormons teach not to drink or smoke. That’s good.
        Islam teaches not to drink, but they smoke (half as good as the Mormons).
        What else does Islam teach which is good compared to other religions or to atheism?
        I’ve heard that they might be less racist, which is what attracted Malcolm X.
        Nothing else that I know of, but I’m willing to learn.

        1. Jim Cook says:

          I am not sidestepping the issue. I’m identifying the core issue. If you cannot judge the goodness of a person based on their religion, which you just acknowledged, then you should not use religion as a basis for discrimination.

          1. Korky Day says:

            We’re coming close to an agreement, I think, Jim Cook.

            Will you now agree to screen everyone, asking if they publicly reject and spit on any holy book which advocates genocide, misogyny, imperialism, homophobia, etc.?

            And if they don’t pass, they don’t get in to a self-respecting country. And if they are already in a country, they are watched. They deserve to be watched and monitored closely, eh? We can offer them free education in love, peace, tolerance, diversity, freedom, equality, science, etc.

  18. Korky Day says:

    How do you know, Jim Cook, that they aren’t just pretending to be nice, as the Koran instructs them?
    Of course, infidels can pretend to be nice, too, but we don’t have a holy book which advises us to deceive like that in order to conquer the world.

    If Scientology or Nazism had 1.6 billion people, would you talk as nicely about them, as if they must be a little bit good in order to grow that much?

    Each bad group has 3 kinds of people: the rulers, the dupes, and the slaves. Islam is a bad group. The ‘good’ Muslims became Baha’i. The ‘good’ Christians became Unitarians, Quakers, Doukhobors, etc.

  19. Korky Day says:

    Many Muslims also cut off their tiny daughters’ genitals. Like Jews who similarly mutilate their baby boys’ genitals, none of those adults are welcome in my world, let alone my neighbourhood.

    Their religious leaders must take stands in favour of girls’ and boys’ rights. Until they do, they are guilty. As a baby, I was one of the victims.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      Let’s keep your member out of the debate. Many, many of the 1.6 Billion Muslims around the world don’t. Which would make it a good idea, yet again, not to judge people by religious labels but rather by what they demonstrably do. Which would make Donald Trump’s idea to ban people according to amazingly broad religious labels a really stupid idea.

      1. Korky Day says:

        Then, Jim Cook, we can ask everyone if they condone cutting genitals without consent? Regardless of religion?

        1. J Clifford says:

          Korky, there is already a behavioral screening process at the border. Nothing is ever foolproof, but the borders are already secured. There is no border crisis. There is no crisis of violent refugees flooding the country.

          There’s no reason to be afraid.

          Maybe you might stop to wonder why Donald Trump is working so hard to make voters afraid when the actual causes for fear are so small.

        2. Jim Cook says:

          I don’t see how genital-cutting policy is relevant to immigration if there are laws within the United States.

          I’m glad to see you’ve begun to reject Donald Trump’s pro-discrimination stances.

          1. Korky Day says:

            Jim Cook, there are NOT laws in the USA or Canada criminalizing the forced amputations of foreskins, largely for religious excuses.

            Even if female amputations are prevented in those 2 countries, the world needs much more opposition to religion.

            Donald Trump is talking off the top of his head, in many cases. He and we realize that implementation might vary. He’ll discuss it with Congress and make a deal. We’d rather have a relatively transparent politician like him than a carefully scripted politician like Hillary who represents mostly what I oppose.

          2. Jim Cook says:

            What I’m wondering, if you’re really concerned about male circumcision, is why you haven’t been so outraged about Jewish immigration to the United States.

            Female circumcision is clearly considered by U.S. law:

            Are you willing to call for the immediate cessation of all Jewish immigration into the United States? If not, then this circumcision stuff is a red herring.

          3. Korky Day says:

            Good points, Jim Cook. Now that you have brought it to my attention, I realize it would be hypocritical to bar immigrants who want to do something legal in the USA or Canada. So first we must criminally prosecute all physicians and rabbis with mutilation and sexual assault who commit non-consensual circumcision. Then we can work on the immigration controls for such crimes.

          4. Jim Cook says:

            OK, at least consistent on circumcision. But consider that it’s also legal to be a Muslim. So would you now oppose Donald Trump’s proposed prohibition on Muslims entering the country?

          5. Korky Day says:

            I have been skeptical from the start, Jim Cook, about barring Muslims. It has its pluses and minuses. Might be legal under existing laws. And any laws can be changed–it’s right in the USA Constitution.

            So any politician can do anything they want legally if they first make it legal through changing the laws, including the Constitution as law. I didn’t say it would be easy, but it is possible. Therefore, you can’t ever truthfully say, ‘Oh, they can’t ever do that because it’s illegal.’

            If I were Donald Trump, I would propose barring Muslims and anyone else who says they believe in a holy book or a religion which would violate the laws of my country, as does the Bible and probably others. In other words, no religious freedom to those who would deprive others of their religious freedom. That has a nice ring to it–maybe it would make a good constitutional amendment.

            Would you support that? And not just holy books. Do they follow crazy murderous leaders? Do they believe in slicing off children’s genitals? I’m not sure that all those questions are asked of immigrants and whether they must score 100% to get in. I’m a brown immigrant myself, not a rabid racist.

  20. Korky Day says:

    J Clifford, thanks for your concern that I’m over-worrying. That’s what people said to me when I didn’t want to eat junk food in the 1960s. What they and possibly you don’t realize is that I’m a very happy person, quite optimistic. I don’t worry too much. I worry the right amount. And I look ahead. Unlike you.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      Stop attention-trolling.

      1. Korky Day says:

        Is that what you call posts you don’t like, Jim Cook?

        1. Jim Cook says:

          That’s what I call pleas for attention with absurd questions.

          1. Korky Day says:

            Did you read the article, Jim Cook?
            Was it absurd?

          2. Jim says:

            I’m referring to your question, “Is Irregular Times pro-rape?” What a patently absurd question, nearly as absurd as the notion that I should believe any factual claim written by the absolute loon Dennis Prager.

          3. Korky Day says:

            Did you read the article, Jim Cook?
            Was it absurd?

          4. Jim Cook says:

            Do you really promote skewering baby heads on pikes, Korky Day? Is it true that you favor feeding grandmothers to crocodiles? Why haven’t you come out in opposition to benzene-smuggling rings?

            Yes, it’s an absurd article, given that it provides no substantiation or primary source references and is written by a man who has a history of sketchy relations with truth.

  21. Korky Day says:

    Thanks, Jim Cook. You seem to have read it.

  22. Korky Day says:

    Walmart’s ‘Made In USA’ Televisions Are Allegedly Made In China

    by Alan Pyke Nov 12, 2014 3:31 pm

    1. Stephen Kent Gray says:

      Korky, as someone already in Canada, what do you think of a potential influx of Americans into Canada in the event of a Trump win?

  23. Korky Day says:

    Hi, Stephen Kent Gray.
    The same sort of news happens each time a Republican appears to be winning.
    With Bush 2, especially. Few US Americans actually come here as a result.

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