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Residents Of Limerick, Maine Worry that Islamic State Is Invading Them With Christmas Lights

Conspiracy theories about a Muslim invasion of the USA hit a new low over the weekend, when residents of Limerick, Maine reported one of their neighbors to the police for having Christmas lights outside his house that appeared to spell out “ISIS”.

Why report the Christmas lights to the police? Was there a threat to public safety posed by the lights? Could there have been some secret plot by the Islamic State to invade the United States of America, starting in Limerick, Maine, and beginning the attack with Christmas lights?

There was no law, local, state or federal, that was being violated by the lights, but the local sheriff visited the home anyway, just to see if the homeowner was, in fact, a terrorist sympathizer. The homeowner informed the Sheriff that no, the display was meant to display opposition to the Islamic State by showing Santa Claus urinating, in a stream of light, on the name “ISIS”. Upon reflection, the homeowner said, he should have used yellow lights to represent the urine, rather than the white lights he strung up.

Just how stringing up a display of electric Christmas pee on the side of his house would contribute to the defeat of the Islamic State, the homeowner wasn’t able to say. There is no word that the display was seen by any members of the Islamic State, which exists on the other side of the globe, thousands and thousands of miles away from Limerick, Maine.

Ever vigilant, the residents of Limerick have only reminded us that fear and hate never lead to sensible foreign policy.

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5 thoughts on “Residents Of Limerick, Maine Worry that Islamic State Is Invading Them With Christmas Lights”

  1. Gloria J Fritzler McMillian says:

    I have no issue with these people reporting this, Who the hell cares if ISIS sees it. People have every right to be scared and there is no such thing as too low. Ask the 14 dead at the hands of Obama and his minions if they would have liked someone to see a new low. Libtards never see a low on anything. They live in la la land and as anyone and everyone who knows the truth, there are those in Government who think Americans are expendable as long as open borders are achieved. Bravo to those who bring every thing no matter how small to someone’s attention.

    1. ella says:

      You certainly have no problem expressing your opinion! And, even though I find it tasteless, the person had every right to put up his repulsive display. It probably made him feel better having the power to do that. And people do have a right to be concerned, but maybe they should consider that they have known their neighbor for years, (if they have) and what kind of people they are. Since ISIS is a religious community,I doubt they would be overly concerned with Santa Claus though.

  2. ella says:

    This is a thoughtful article that might ease some fears on the part of Muslims:

    “Donald Trump, the leading Republican presidential candidate, called on Dec. 7 for “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.” Replace one word in this formulation and it goes from outrageous to brilliant.”

  3. Frank says:

    You liberal idiots will realize what is happening when is too late and civil war will ensue. I guess the example of Europe and millions of NON-integrated immigrants is not enough…

  4. J Clifford says:

    Yes, we liberal idiots will realize what is happening when it is happening. You right wing super geniuses, on the other hand, can tell what is happening BEFORE it is happening, before there is any evidence for it. You just KNOW what the future will bring, which just so happens to always agree with your personal grudges and bigotries.

    Sorry, no. In matters of the law and government, evidence matters. I’m not buying into your faith-based hatred, Frank.

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