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Margaret Flowers Runs For Senate Promoting Progressive Peace

This is the last year that establishment Democrat Barbara Mikulski will be seen in the United States Senate. She’s retiring from office with a mixed record that saw aspects of a 20th century progressive agenda mixed in with support for regressive policies. Senator Mikulski’s support for Big Brother government surveillance was particularly disappointing to her constituents.

Flowers for Senate 2016In 2016, voters will have the opportunity to elect a more thoroughly liberal candidate. This chance will exist regardless whether progressive U.S. Representative Donna Edwards wins the Democratic Party nomination.

Margaret Flowers is running as a Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate in Maryland. Flowers is a pediatrician, and so it’s not surprising that her campaign centers around the desire to replace the complexity of Barack Obama’s insurance-dependent health care reforms with a simple, universal single payer health care system.

Dr. Flowers isn’t just running a one-note campaign, though. Flowers is cooperating with Clean Up The Mines on environmental issues, speaking out against the use of police as enforcers of discipline in public schools, opposing the Transpacific Partnership, talking consistently about racism and working against economic injustice. Flowers is co-director of It’s Our Economy, a project of Popular Resistance that’s dedicated to “people and planet before profits”. Flowers refuses to accept any corporate financial contributions to her campaign, and was arrested at a recent protest against the U.S. bombing of a hospital run by Doctors Without Borders.

If you’re looking for a clean, positive, idealistic campaign to support instead of focusing on the crass fearmongering that’s dominating the presidential race, Margaret Flowers is worth a look.

13 thoughts on “Margaret Flowers Runs For Senate Promoting Progressive Peace”

  1. Quinton Underwood says:

    Mr. J Clifford,

    When you say Margaret Flowers is intent on getting rid of OBAMA CARE that is all you need to say and she has my vote if I were able to vote for her. I am not for anything that OBAMA is for.

    “I make a living by what I get, I make a life by what I give”

  2. J Clifford says:

    Obama is for breathing, Quinton.

  3. Dave says:

    Some excellent clips from interviews with Margaret Flowers and Bill Moyers on Moyers and Company.Com. She’s a very pleasant person and her heart seems to be in the right place on access to healthcare, but she seems rather clueless as to funding. One written quote on the site which is not clear as to who actually said it, Moyers or Flowers: “In most single payer plans, every American would be enrolled and would pay into the fund through taxes.” Well, that’s only working Americans, not every American.

    Americans who would benefit from a single payer plan at the expense of the officially employed:
    Children and Infants
    Able but between jobs

    Other Americans who would benefit from a single payer plan at the expense of the officially employed:
    Immigrants still not employed
    Illegal aliens (undocumented) unemployed
    Unemployed not looking for work
    Corner crack dealers
    Unsuccessful one-hit hapless hipster musicians
    Unsuccessful one-hit rap artists
    All “installation” artists
    All but a handful of artists
    Muslim extremists
    Obsessive Twitter followers
    Known derelicts
    Basement dwellers
    Somebody stop me

    1. Kevin Zeese says:

      What a strange comment. Nitpicking the word every American when there is actually legislation that spells out how single payer would be paid for — it is a mix of taxes both employer and income; done in a progressive way so those at the lower end pay less and those in the higher brackets pay more rather than the current approach which is a regressive tax where those at the bottom pay a much higher percentage of their income. The US is ranked 54th in the fairness of how we pay for healthcare according to the OECD.

    2. CALynn says:

      LOL! That is exactly what the opposition would point out!
      Add to your list:
      Nazi sympathizers
      Trumps supporters
      Porn stars
      Trust fund babies

      Everyone in means everyone!
      Thanks for the laugh.
      We love and support Margaret.

  4. ella says:

    Dave and J Clifford!? Are you for Ms. Flowers or against single payer healthcare? Pro Obamacare? It is nice to see someone viable who is running on the Green ticket. The debate about single payer healthcare is ongoing, but it should be pointed out that the same list is benefiting from the current version of Obamacare and more expense to the ‘working’ taxpayers is coming as more of the law comes into active effect. Single payer insurance could be done separately from Medicare/Medicaid, which would leave the taxpayers only using that insurance. There are many ways to arrange a system or systems, for instance, that would benefit citizens only.

    1. Dave says:

      Ella, I like Margaret Flowers for standing up for Green Party environmental issues, and most of my own activism has been concerned with the environment, especially on a local level where I can have a larger impact.

      You made a reference to “single payer insurance” and there simply is no such thing. Insurance is where everyone in a plan contributes premiums for which they receive benefits, and those benefits are determined by accurate actuarial formulas which will give a true cost of the plan. My rather tongue-in-cheek listing of beneficiaries aside, I believe it’s important for government to help the truly disabled as well as many other classifications of people who, through no fault of their own, need help in hard times. Obamacare and single payer type plans are two concepts of how to go about this that are extremely unfair to working people. If Ms. Flowers would speak in such a way that I believed I would be contributing to an equitable insurance plan for myself and other working people, and, in addition to that, direct government assistance for those unable to contribute, she’d have my vote. I have in mind a two-tier system similar to Chile or New Zealand, both very successful.

      Compulsory, Soviet-style healthcare is not good enough for me and my family, neither is it good enough for the disabled and indigent in my community. If Margaret flowers should become an advocate for the actual quality of healthcare in her district and not just quantity, I think she could easily multiply the number of her supporters, which in turn would help her advocacy of environmental conscientiousness. The environment ultimately is the most important thing for all of us, and too many environmentally conscious would-be representatives sabotage their own viability as candidates for office by embracing mandatory but ill-conceived solutions to social issues.

      1. ella says:

        Could you post that comment here?

        That is a great point and so well put. This would be a great Green Party victory if Dr. Flowers can be elected to the Senate!

        1. Dave says:

          No place for comments on the site, have to email her.

          1. ella says:

            I hope you did email her. These candidates need all the help they can get and you could do Dr. Flowers a world of good. Did she answer you?

      2. Kevin Zeese says:

        Glad your comment was tongue in cheek — sorry for criticizing it.

        Margaret describes system like France (ranked #1 in the world by the World Health Organization), Japan, Taiwan, many other European nations, Australia, New Zealand and Canada as models. She wants an equitable system where everyone in the US has access to the healthcare each needs and where the cost of healthcare is spread across the population in a fair way (a progressive way based on people’s income and wealth). She wants healthcare to be treated as a public good rather than as a commodity or investment center for Wall Street. The key to creating an expanded and improved Medicare for all that the United States can afford is to end the private insurance industry which is an expensive middleman that does not provide healthcare, control pharmaceutical prices which are way out of line with global standards and stop allowing investor-hospitals that are designed for profit and not healthcare. After that, Margaret says that we have to realize that access to healthcare does not ensure health there are many factors that impact health, e.g. quality food, housing, income. So, once we have a single payer system we still have work to do to create a healthy society.

  5. Stephen Kent Gray says:

    016. ]
    Freddie Dickson (D)
    Donna Edwards (D) – Congresswoman & Attorney
    Ralph Jaffe (D) – Retired Teacher & Frequent Candidate
    Charles Smith (D) – Community Activist & Frequent Candidate
    Violet Staley (D) – Educator
    Blaine Taylor (D)
    Ed Tinus (D) – Upholsterer & ’12 Candidate
    Chris Van Hollen (D) – Congressman, Ex-State Sen., Ex-State Del. & Attorney
    Lih Young (D) – Economist, College Professor & Frequent Candidate
    Chris Chaffee (R) – Home Building Contractor, Community Activist & ’10/’14 US Rep. Candidate
    Sean Connor (R)
    Richard Douglas (R) – Ex-USDOD Official, Businessman, Attorney, Iraq War Veteran & ’12 Candidate
    John Graziani (R) – Retired Federal Contract Manager, Photographer & ’14 US Rep. Candidate
    Greg Holmes (R) – Business Consultant, Ex-MTA Official & ’12/’14 US Rep. Candidate
    Joe Hooe (R) – Tire Store Owner & ’14 State Del. Nominee
    Chrys Kefalas (R) – Attorney, Trade Association Executive & Ex-Gubernatorial Aide
    Mark McNicholas (R) – Mortgage Loan Officer
    Lynn Richardson (R) – Businesswoman
    Anthony Seda (R) – Teacher & Navy Veteran
    Richard Shawver (R) – Conservative Activist & ’06/’10 Candidate
    Kathy Szeliga (R) – State House Minority Whip & General Contractor
    Dave Wallace (R) – Businessman & ’12/’14 US Rep. Candidate
    Garry Yarrington (R)
    Elizabeth Croydon (Green) – Comic & Actress
    Margaret Flowers (Green) – Pediatrician & Progressive Activist
    Arvin Vohra (Libertarian) – Businessman, Educator & Frequent Candidate
    Greg Dorsey (Independent) – Music Instructor & ’14 State Sen. Candidate
    Steve Gladstone (Independent) – Computer Programmer
    Edward Shlikas (Independent) – Retired School Facility Manager & Ex-Teacher
    Kay Young (Independent) – Diversity Consultant

    Elizabeth Croydon is also running for the Green nomination.

  6. Stephen Kent Gray says:

    I forgot to mention Arvin Vohra, who I am friends with on Facebook is also running.

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