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Ozark Howler Appears in the Media: Have You Seen This Beast?

The cryptid entity of the Southern United States known as the “Black Howler” or “Ozark Howler” has gotten some notable mention lately.

Wes Johnson of the Springfield News-Leader reports:

“We get a lot of tips in the newsroom, but this has to be one of the best I’ve seen in a while.

‘I believe two things in this world to be true, that Jesus Christ is my savior and that the Ozark Howler is real and living in the Arkansas mountains.’

As the Outdoors reporter, I am of course fascinated with all the critters and creepy-crawlies we encounter in Missouri and Arkansas. And a quick Internet search reveals that the legendary Ozark Howler apparently is a thing folks have talked about for years.

The Ozark Howler tip came through the newspaper’s email address,, where we get all kinds of feedback and story ideas. This one was a doozy. And like they say, if there’s no photo, it didn’t happen.

Yep. There’s a photo.”
Baby Ozark Howler at the Base of a Tree

William DeFalco features the Ozark Howler in his cryptid video blog:

And Sam Uptegrove reports a friend’s sighting of the Ozark Howler in the Christian County Headliner News:

“In fact, reports from witnesses who believe they have heard the beast, far outnumber those who claimed to have seen it.
One witness reported that he and his wife did, both within hours of each other on May 28 and 29 of 2011, near Jasper, Arkansas, in Newton County. They promptly reported it to my friend Lon Stickler on the 30th, and he posted it on his popular website Phantoms and Monsters. (If you have never checked it out, do so.)

“The couple were camping at a local RV park and took a short hike through a nearby valley in daylight, and on their way back, the man noticed something that seemed to be pacing them a short distance in the brush bordering the trail. During the next 10 minutes, the man caught several brief glimpses of it, but could only describe a ‘dark four-legged creature moving back and forth slowly through the brush.’

It never did get close, indicating it was probably more curious than anything else.”

Finally, Ben Welton has named the “Ozark Black Howler” one of the 10 Most Metal American Cryptids of 2015:

“This ‘dog of death’ is known for its coal black fur coat, curved, goat-like horns, and its howl, which has been described as one part wolf’s howl and one part elk’s bugle. Like the various black dogs of British folklore, the Ozark Howler may be something of a omen – a type of spirit warning travelers of their impending doom.”

Have you ever seen the Ozark Howler directly? Have you ever seen any solid indirect evidence of the Ozark Howler’s existence?

4 thoughts on “Ozark Howler Appears in the Media: Have You Seen This Beast?”

  1. Dave says:

    Ozark Howler? Wasn’t her name Hillary?

  2. Nathan Norman says:

    Hitlary Clenis

  3. Korky Day says:

    Have you ever seen Jesus directly? Have you ever seen any solid indirect evidence of Jesus’s existence?

    Many Christians would answer yes to those, but I don’t believe them a bit.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      Neither a Christian nor an Ozarkian be.

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