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2 thoughts on “What Is A New Age Drink?”

  1. Dave says:

    Rowan, I think there is one way this sign may make sense. My many years in the CIA have taught me to use simple linear logic in solving puzzles of this type. If we take all the letters and numerals on the sign in their given sequential order, they look like:


    Now let’s remove the letters that don’t make sense and factor in the possibility of an occasional abbreviation:


    Looks like the message is b a ISIS Ter[rorist]. This is obviously a recruiting station of some sort.

  2. ella says:

    Maybe they are trying to advertise a faster way to get drunk. Use ‘isotonic’ seltzer to mix(er) your alcohol with so it will ingest faster and/or make it saltier. Not as sinister, but good news to drunk. Maybe a suicide bomber wants a way to get soused fast.

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