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Little Pizza Joint on the Strip Mall

“Pa,” said Laura, “It’s so warm in here.  Why can’t I take off this blanket?”

“Never you mind that, Laura,” said Pa. “You are a big girl now and big girls do not complain.  It is a tradition for the girls of the Ingalls family to be wrapped in a blanket for the Christmas trip to Grandfather’s house, ever since your great-great-grandmother Laura in her house in the Big Woods was a little girl. Besides, I do not hear a complaint from your sister Mary.”

“That’s because Ma gave Mary Benadryl for the ride.  She is all sweaty, Pa.”

“Caroline,” said Pa with a twinkle in his eye, “I thought we discussed this back home.”

“Pshaw, Charles. A little quiet won’t hurt a soul.  How do you think Baby Caroline has managed to sleep so soundly in her car seat for the past five hours?” utica,  new york, christmas 2015 

“Well,” said Pa as he turned around to look at the back seat of the family’s Forrester. “I suppose that’s all right. But we will have to order takeout from Pizza Parlor when we stop for dinner instead of eating in.  Those two girls will not wake up for hours.”

“Can we have stromboli, Pa? I love stromboli.”

“That’s ‘May we,’ Laura.  Please practice proper grammar at all times.  And Charles, I’m taking that blanket off of Laura and Mary right now.  For heaven’s sake, The Weather Channel said it would be hitting the seventies this afternoon.”

2 thoughts on “Little Pizza Joint on the Strip Mall”

  1. Leroy says:

    I read that the previous high temperature for Cleveland, Ohio was 61 degrees for December 23rd. They were predicting a record-breaking 71 degrees. Due to an apparent slower moving RAIN front clearing through it ONLY hit 68 degrees and then later that evening another fast-moving RAIN front came in from the West and kept temps in the mid 60s until late evening.

    I called a friend of mine who said that their ten day forecasts there shows that NONE of the low temps there are going to hit freezing with highs in upper 40s and (mainly) 50s with one other 60s projected.

    She said that she supposed the few walking around in parkas were Trump supporters.

  2. ella says:

    In the South, well the movie title “And a River Runs Through…” the backyard is fitting. A trickle that is normally a small spring down in the dell is a raging river rushing to a bigger flood downstream. In other areas a tornado here and there. A group of families are without homes because their apartment building burned down. And it is nice to be fortunate, blessed, in these circumstances, with the hope of life and a future. Merry Christmas.

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