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First They Gave Money To Hitler. Now Allianz Is Giving Cash To These American Politicians.

A common theme in science fiction is a return by time travelers who go back to find Adolf Hitler when he was a baby, and try to kill him in order to prevent the creation of Nazi Germany and World War II. A less morally ambiguous time travel adventure, however, could center around going back to stop the massive financial payments from German corporations to the Nazi Party, transforming Hitler from the butt of jokes into a viable choice for Chancellor. Without immense infusions of corporate cash, the Nazis would never have made the big time, and the more moderate leaders of the republic would have chosen more reasonable policies than genocide and the nationalist military expansion that triggered World War II.

This story is highly relevant to our own time and place, because, as in the Weimar Republic, corporate cash is being allowed to thoroughly distort democracy in the United States. The stories of corporate donations by the Nazis and the use of corporate donations by extreme right wing politicians in the United States, many of who advocate some of the same kind of policies favored by Adolf Hitler, converge at certain points – where some of the same corporations that propped up the Nazis are propping up extremist politicians in the United States right now.

Prime among these is the international insurance company, Allianz. In the early days of the Nazi Party, when Adolf Hitler needed cash to advance his hateful plans for totalitarianism, war, torture and genocide, Allianz stepped forward to provide. Money from Allianz transformed the Nazi Party from a tiny fringe group into a major player in national German politics.

Allianz didn’t just give financial donations to the Nazis to enable them to seize power. Allianz used its early investment in the Nazi Party to gain the privilege of becoming the primary source of insurance in the Third Reich. Allianz insured the Auschwitz concentration camp where huge numbers of Jews were worked and starved to death.

While Allianz helped make sure that Auschwitz remained up and running, and provided for financial payments to the death camp’s guards who tortured prisoners, the company refused to honor the life insurance claims of the families of Jews killed in Auschwitz. The Nazi executives at Allianz said that because the Nazis didn’t keep records of the deaths of its prisoners at Auschwitz, there was no proof that the life insurance was needed. Maybe, said Allianz, there were just a lot of Jews who were pretending to have been killed by the Nazis – at the same death camp that Allianz itself had inspected and insured.

Allianz was so thoroughly involved in the Nazi Third Reich that its CEO was appointed to the position of economic minister under Hitler. Of course, the Nazis were bombed out of power 70 years ago, so the story ends there, right? Wrong.

Just as Allianz used political donations to bring the Nazi Party to power in 1930s Germany, Allianz is using political donations to support the aggressive, militaristic, nationalist, racist agenda of right wing politicians in the United States.


Andy Barr, Charles Boustany, John Carney, John Delaney, Charlie Dent, Bob Dold, Tom Emmer, Virginia Foxx, Frank Guinta, Jeb Hensarling, Jared Huffman, Mike Kelly, Leonard Lance, Kenny Marchant, Luke Messer, Gwen Moore, Mick Mulvaney, Erik Paulsen, Robert Pittenger, Tom Reed, Dennis Ross, Paul Ryan, David Scott, Brad Sherman, Patrick Tiberi, Mimi Walters, Roger Williams, Richard Blumenthal, Roy Blunt, Orrin Hatch, Mark Kirk, John McCain, Tim Scott, Richard Shelby, Pat Toomey, and Ron Wyden.

In the 2016 election cycle so far, 77.8 percent of the donations made by the Allianz of America PAC to U.S. House candidates were made to Republicans. 78.5 percent of the donations made by Allianz to U.S. Senate candidates were made to Republicans.

Of course, that’s just the money that’s been paid above the board, directly to political candidates themselves. How much money Allianz may have laundered through shadowy independent expenditures, perhaps with money coming directly from the same German headquarters that once wrote checks to Adolf Hitler, is not known.

11 thoughts on “First They Gave Money To Hitler. Now Allianz Is Giving Cash To These American Politicians.”

  1. Robert Milnes says:

    Peckerwood, Blumenthal is a democrat, not republican, and jewish.
    THAT is the big problem in America and American elections, the ZOG. Israel/USA controlled elections. jewish Americans marching goosestep in support of Israel. jewish Americans somehow doing disproportionately well financially and sending it directly or indirectly to Israel. AND supporting all the government subsidies to Israel AND supporting Israel virtually alone in the United Nations. ZOG supporting democrats and republicans-the reactionaries.
    So equating Nazi Germany to present day America, NOT. Virtually the exact opposite. jews in CONTROL, not flushed out like they should be in America.
    Lessons of WW2-wasted on YOU, moron.

  2. Robert Milnes says:

    Let’s celebrate the targeting of Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump reimpregnated by jewish husbands. And let’s hope and pray Savannah Guthrie gets half jewish pregnant again, like the Zionists want for all naïve, foolish, brainwashed nubile gentile women in America. Feast in and on AMERICA!
    Happy Holidays!

  3. Quinton Underwood says:

    Peckerwood Peregrin, now that makes for a good ring, ring, so you say that in the 2016 election cycle so far, 77.8 percent of the donations made by the Allianz of America to the U. S. House candidates were made to Republicans and 78.5 percent of donations made by the Allianz of America to the U. S Senate were to the Republicans. Really, it should have been 100% in both cases. For you to equate what is going on now to Hitler just shows what side you are on. Hitler was intent on destroying Israel and that is the same case with the Democrats today.

    “I make a living by what I get, I make a life by what I give”

  4. Robert Milnes says:

    Quinton Underwood, are you tripping?
    The democrats dare to be snippy to Bibi and Tzipi. THAT constitutes intent on destroying Israel?
    BTW Israel was only a wet dream in Zionists minds when Hitler was alive.

  5. Tom says:

    VIDEO: Ralph Nader on the Corporate Elections

    In this video, Abby Martin interviews legendary activist Ralph Nader about who has power in America and about the 2016 presidential race—from the “brownshirt” Trump movement to “corporate criminal” Hillary Clinton.

    [yeah, go ahead – vote for whichever scum you prefer, it won’t matter – humanity is done]

  6. ella says:

    This is the total list of recipients, Party affiliation and where from. By being able to see how much money has been donated to each campaign, we can can better understand how little influence is being generated. Of course all donors are on candidates lists and as this one donates to more than one party, it would be interesting to find out what criteria must be met to be awarded the donation. Another interesting matter is that, all of the listed donors for the 2016 election cycle, that have donated over $200, are all Allianz employees. Feel free to distribute or cite this material, but please credit the Center for Responsive Politics.

    Feel free to distribute or cite this material, but please credit the Center for Responsive Politics.

    Total to Democrats: $6,400
    Total to Republicans: $23,300
    Barr, Andy (R-KY) $700
    Boustany, Charles W Jr (R-LA) $700
    Carney, John (D-DE) $800
    Delaney, John K (D-MD) $1,000
    Dent, Charlie (R-PA) $800
    Dold, Bob (R-IL) $1,000
    Duffy, Sean P (R-WI) $700
    Emmer, Tom (R-MN) $2,000
    Foxx, Virginia (R-NC) $700
    Guinta, Frank (R-NH) $1,000
    Hensarling, Jeb (R-TX) $1,000
    Huffman, Jared (D-CA) $1,800
    Kelly, Mike (R-PA) $800
    Lance, Leonard (R-NJ) $2,000
    Marchant, Kenny (R-TX) $800
    Messer, Luke (R-IN) $700
    Moore, Gwen (D-WI) $1,000
    Mulvaney, Mick (R-SC) $1,000
    Paulsen, Erik (R-MN) $1,200
    Pittenger, Robert (R-NC) $1,500
    Reed, Tom (R-NY) $700
    Roskam, Peter (R-IL) $1,500
    Ross, Dennis (R-FL) $1,000
    Ryan, Paul (R-WI) $1,000
    Scott, David (D-GA) $1,000
    Sherman, Brad (D-CA) $800
    Tiberi, Patrick J (R-OH) $1,000
    Walters, Mimi (R-CA) $500
    Williams, Roger (R-TX) $1,000
    Total to Democrats: $2,000
    Total to Republicans: $7,000
    Blumenthal, Richard (D-CT) $1,000
    Blunt, Roy (R-MO) $1,000
    Hatch, Orrin G (R-UT) $1,000
    Kirk, Mark (R-IL) $1,000
    McCain, John (R-AZ) $1,000
    Scott, Tim (R-SC) $1,000
    Shelby, Richard C (R-AL) $1,000
    Toomey, Pat (R-PA) $1,000
    Wyden, Ron (D-OR) $1,000
    Based on data released by the FEC on November 16, 2015.

    Feel free to distribute or cite this material, but please credit the Center for Responsive Politics.

  7. Robert Milnes says:

    Who cares about this? This is chump change.

    1. ella says:

      True, it is chump change, but as Peregrin Wood has implied, there are shadow contributions to be considered, if we knew what they were, and that they exist. What about a lobby for Alliantz? You know that the biggest benefactor of Obamamcare is don’t you?

  8. Robert Milnes says:

    Peregrin Wood is clearly NOT a very good investigative reporter. His hit piece on me proved that. This article just follows his usual clueless writings.
    Peckerwood, if you would just ASK ME, well, you might could do a Pulitzer. But no.
    For example, the jewish shrink that just died, Robert Spitzer, did a hit piece on Wilhelm Reich back in 1953. Whereas I’m in a position to prove Reich was right-about most of it. Not right about accumulators and cloudbusting, offshoot pyramid power etc.
    And he didn’t handle his case in federal court very well. But then, neither did I!
    IMO Reich was more important than Einstein. Much more.

  9. Quinton Underwood says:

    Robert Milnes, there is a saying that “you can’t fix stupid” well with your writings you are sure trying to do so, as a matter of fact I believe if you looked in the Webster Dictionary and found the word “stupid” you would find your picture beside that word. If you cared to read the most valuable and correct book ever written, which by the way was not written by man, you would find that Israel has been here for close to 7000 years and will be here long after the USA is gone. You would find that any nation that turned against Israel (as the USA is now doing)failed to exist.

    “I make a living by what I get, I make a life by what I give”.

    1. ella says:

      Do any of these names sound familiar in American business?

      “Hugo Boss designed the intimidating uniforms of the SS (as well as the drabber brown shirts of the SA and the the Hitler Youth). Volkswagen designed the Beetle at Hitler’s behest and churned them out using slave labor and IBM designed the punch cards that were used to systematize the extermination of people by race and class.”

      Here is an online accounting Allianz history (by Alliaz):

      “Kurt Schmitt’s energetic course of expansion in the 1920s had made Allianz the biggest insurance company in Germany. In 1933 Schmitt became Minister of Economic Affairs in Adolf Hitler’s government. In 1935 he resigned from this post as he was unable to implement his political ideas and his health was failing. After his recovery he returned to Allianz and in 1938 became General Director of Munich Re.”

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