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The Real Meaning Of Christmas: Another Terrorist Attack Against American Muslims

What is the real meaning of Christmas?

In Houston, Texas, the real meaning of Christmas is terrorism against Muslims.

Christmas mosque arson

It was on Christmas in Houston that someone decided to set a fire in multiple locations inside a mosque.

So much for all that peace on earth talk.

8 thoughts on “The Real Meaning Of Christmas: Another Terrorist Attack Against American Muslims”

  1. Peregrin says:

    update: The fire was intentional, say investigators KHOU.

    Once again, journalists won’t call it terrorism, because the victims were Muslims, and the religion of the Christmas Day arsonist….

  2. ella says:

    As it turns out, this is the sort of revenge actions that are taking place in the U.S., it isn’t surprising. Of course if it had been a Muslim or atheist doing it you probably would not have mentioned it. Christians are taking exception to the one sided reporting – always against Christians no matter what the circumstances. Instead you should be reading this sort of helpful article that will, in the long run, finally settle things down.

    By then there will be a million Muslim plus mass movement into Christian nations which will change the religious map anyway. God is surely watching and the prophecies are ticking off.

    1. J Clifford says:

      I’m sorry, what? You’re claiming that no one reports on terrorist acts perpetrated by Muslims?

      What universe are you living in?

      Ticked off prophecies… that sounds like a peevish Star Wars sequel plot scheme.

  3. ella says:

    That could be accurate – “Ticked off prophecies”. In the news, Christians are being slaughtered in the Middle East, and even though they are refugees, Muslims are flooding into Europe and coming into the United States. Even though there are misconceptions about Muslims being altogether peaceful – just the “radicals” are not, the movement of one religious base into another is causing problems. It is not a few immigrants moving to another country for a change of life, or life style. And they are not interested in becoming Christians. Someone has to ‘move over’ to give room for another religious base to infiltrate the society. I wonder how that would work out if one million Christians decided to reverse the immigration, move into what is a Muslim country? “Christians” have always been generous in giving to anyone in need. And “Christians” very seldom take any action against another religion in this country. Not even legally. There are some flakes out there that are burning churches, but they are not called “Christians”. Are you sure that the “someone” who set fire to the Mosque was even, or claiming to be, Christian? Or is that just a supposition? Ooh, Star Wars! Have you gotten to see it yet?

    Do you remember in history when the Spanish held large tracts of land in the Americas? Still did when the newly formed United States came into existence. They were gentlemen ranchers with huge spreads that employed hundreds of people. They were very generous to the traveling Americans. They had no worries, after all it was all Spanish territory – right? I’m not saying that is what is happening now, just that change is happening. Will everyone be surprised if it is allowed to do so radically?

    1. Jim Cook says:

      The United States is not a Christian Base. It has no official religion. In terms of adherence, Christianity has been on the wane for many decades. There’s plenty of room in the religious ecological space; as much space as exists between each person’s ears.

  4. ella says:

    So – now you are stating that you are anti-Christian and have no knowledge of the United States having been founded and developed by Christians ethics and that the vast majority of churches in the nation were Christian denominations – and may still be. Not that you have said that, it is the apparent ignorance of your statement. A title: “Christian Base” does not fit, but social class Christian base does. But then you are right that more people have been weak enough to be intimidated into publicly at least, refraining from mention of Christianity. Even less reason for t0 you to assume that the attacker(s) of the Muslim facility were Christian. They may well have been Muslims that were angry with those worshiping there. Or Atheists who wanted to blame it on Christians. The old blame game.

  5. Dave says:

    Apparently the perp is a Muslim man named Gary Nathaniel Moore who claims to pray at the mosque 5x a day, 7 days a week. Anti-Christian bigotry, Peregrin? In the pages of Irregular Times? Golly.

    1. ella says:

      Applause for Dave! And this provides the link to further explain the situation.

      Christian intimidation by false accusation. An example of Christian persecution in the United States? Constant false accusation is another form of social intimidation to force another social group to either cringe and be afraid of being shamed or to avoid their beliefs. Nasty psychology.

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