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The Suburbs Of Chicago Can Vote Grizz For Congress In 2016

The 5th congressional district of Illinois, which kinks its way to the north and west of the city of Chicago, has been represented by Democrat Mike Quigley for many years. Quigley has been more of a moderate in Congress than a true progressive, however. He’s voted against progressive budgets, for big military spending, and against efforts to reform abusive electronic spying networks in the federal government. Quigley only supports liberal legislation about 50 percent of the time.

Warren Grimsley for CongressFor a more truly liberal representative in Congress, where can voters turn? In 2016, the 5th district of Illinois has an alternative candidate from the Green Party. Warren Grimsley, running under the nickname Grizz, is challenging Mike Quigley for his seat in the House of Representatives.

Grimsley supports:

– a tax on carbon emissions
– higher wages
– community arbitration panels to deal with allegations of police abuses
– reducing the size of the military
– ending the fully armed and operational system of federal government spying against ordinary American citizens

Why not vote for Grimsley the Green? What has the 5th district got to lose, besides a middling Democrat who often votes with the Republicans?

2 thoughts on “The Suburbs Of Chicago Can Vote Grizz For Congress In 2016”

  1. Leroy says:

    I think that the reasoning can be found here:'_5th_Congressional_District_elections,_2014

    The incumbent Mike Quigley has a strong base, strong organization, and strong war chest… and beat the Greens candidate over 10 to 1.

    It looks like the Republican “candidate” didn’t raise or spend ANY money… and still got over 5 times the vote as the Greens candidate.

    I just don’t think that John / Jane Doe AMERICAN voters are prepared to vote for Third Party candidates to any degree of significance.

    The exception might be if Trump doesn’t get the GOP nomination. I believe that if his support numbers are in that 25-30% range that he will bolt and run Third Party. If so, polls (the most recent that I have seen) show that roughly 40-55% of his supporters would vote for him as Third Party – which is, what, maybe 9-10% of total vote?

  2. Stephen Kent Gray says:

    istrict 5:
    Mike Quigley (D)* Incumbent
    Warren “Grizz” Grimsley (Green) – Construction Remodeling Contractor
    Rob Sherman (Green) – Light Airplane Construction Engineer, Ex-Radio Show Host & Atheism Activist
    Michael Barz (Write-In)

    Rob Sherman is also running for the Green nomination

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