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Why Does Ted Cruz Want to Ban the Diversity Visa Lottery?

It’s a mystery: on December 10 2015, Republican Senator and presidential candidate Ted Cruz introduced S. 2394, a bill with two main provisions.  The first provision is to restrict U.S. employers from using the H-1B Visa system to hire non-Americans at wages lower than the wages paid to Americans for the same jobs.  I find that provision to be both understandable in its motivations and interesting in its effects, although I’m not sure how I come down in my opinion of this provision (I’d enjoy hearing your thoughts on Cruz’s idea).

The second provision of S. 2394 is something I just don’t understand: it would repeal the Diversity Visa Lottery, a U.S. government program that awards green cards to up to 50,000 immigrants from countries with low immigration numbers.  The goal, as the title suggests, is to increase country-of-origin diversity in the immigrant pool.  It is an approach opposite to that of much of the 20th Century, in which immigration quotas kept non-European immigration to an artificially low level.

Ted Cruz has introduced this provision quietly.  He hasn’t issued a press release explaining his position.  He hasn’t made any remarks in the Congressional Record on his bill.  I am at a loss just trying to understand: why would Ted Cruz want to cancel the Diversity Visa Lottery?

20 thoughts on “Why Does Ted Cruz Want to Ban the Diversity Visa Lottery?”

  1. John says:

    Maybe he is getting info that more Americans are beginning to feel like our country may need to focus on its citizens for a while instead of catering to non citizens. America’s open door policy is part of what made this country great, but maybe the risks outweigh the benefits where immigration is concerned at this present time. He may be positioning himself to appear as the front runner on this issue by being proactive in his policy decision making. I don’t know just a thought

  2. Charles Manning says:

    I think you answered your own question. Cruz’s repeal of the Diversity Visa Lottery is “an approach opposite to that of much of the 20th Century, in which immigration quotas kept non-European immigration to an artificially low level.” Cruz is an extreme conservative, and so he opposes diversity per se, and anything (like affirmative action) that would encourage more diversity in any stratum of our society. Doesn’t Cruz loudly decry “Islamic extremists” while refusing to admit that there are violent extremists in other religions, including his own?

    1. Charles Manning says:

      I meant to say, of course, that Cruz’s repeal of the Diversity Visa Lottery is intended to END “an approach opposite to that of much of the 20th Century, in which immigration quotas kept non-European immigration to an artificially low level.”

      By the way, I hope you realize that Cruz is an extremely articulate advocate for regressive, if not fascist, policies. He deserves much closer scrutiny than he’s received so far.

      1. Jim Cook says:

        I agree, Charles. Cruz’s policies are just as nasty as Trump’s; Cruz just has a smoother exterior.

      2. Leroy says:


        And, hopefully if Cruz climbs in polls or starts to win any primaries, the researchers and investigators will come out.

        On the negative side, as any other candidate get any coverage Trump simply ramps up the “slime” to divert media attention to himself.

        1. John says:

          Why is what Trump says considered “slime”? He’s the only candidate that is addressing the issues America cares about, and instead of side stepping around them he is addressing them HEAD ON. He doesn’t have to worry about being politically correct so he is able to address the ROOT of the problems. As far as him making his competitors look bad they are doing that themselves. All he does is bring their scandalous, and corrupt ways to light. All these politicians are a joke (And I mean all as in Republicans & Democrats). They’ve sold this county out piece by piece to the highest bidder then kept the wealth for themselves and the corporations they represent. They don’t represent the people anymore!!!! Your being willfully blind and ignorant if you can’t see what’s really going on. So now we finally have someone not chained down to special interests, or able to be bought by corporate money, and everything he says is true, why does everybody hate on him so much? And how come the rhetoric that comes from the mouth of people like Hillary Clinton isn’t considered “slime” by you? I mean who or what are you really backing is it the democratic party or is it America?

          1. J Clifford says:

            John, Donald Trump isn’t addressing the issues that I care about. Am I not American?

          2. John says:

            Would you mind elaborating please?

          3. Jim Cook says:

            I think you need to elaborate, John. What are “the issues America cares about?” What do you mean by “politically correct?”

          4. John says:

            since its painfully obvious that you intend on being obtuse for this discussion I will go ahead and list what I believe are the important issues for the American people. And when I say the American people I am NOT insinuating that I mean 100% of Americans believe this but I do believe that the vast majority of people living in America feel that these issues are highly important.

            1) Jobs being brought back into America
            2) Healthcare reform. (Obama care is not working)
            3) immigration reform
            4) Protecting conditional rights.Such as the 2nd amendment
            5) Restoring Americas weakened image by bolstering our military back to a level that keeps us as the worlds military leader

            Off the top of my head these are probably the top 5. All of which are being addressed directly by mr. Trump and not through the filter of political correctness, which means the ROOT of the issue will be dealt with instead of dancing around it in circles like circus clowns as to not offend anybody while the country suffers. And as far as the meaning of political correctness goes I.will gladly provide you the Webster’s definition, although I am a tad bit surprised that your ignorant to it due to the fact the liberal left wing party basically invented it.

            po·lit·i·cal cor·rect·ness
            the avoidance, often considered as taken to extremes, of forms of expression or action that are perceived to exclude, marginalize, or insult groups of people who are socially disadvantaged or discriminated against.

            Now that I have elaborated for you maybe you can do what I asked you to and elaborate on what your issues are that are not being addressed. Unless you respond to the question with another question to avoid providing the answer again. Then I will just have to assume that your argumentative response to my original statement was unwarranted and without merit..

          5. Jim Cook says:

            I’m not J.Clifford, and you’ve made clear in your comment that you equate what you think with what the American people think. You’ve also provided two definitions of political correctness that are at variance with one another.

          6. John says:

            Look I’m not trying to argue with you people. I have provided a very clear definition of political correctness. If it’s to much for you to understand just think of the liberal left faction operating in the country today. Ok do you have that in mind? THAT’S THE DEFINITION OF POLITICAL CORRECTNESS!!!!! It’s really as simple as that. You know the funny thing is that even the minority groups (even Muslim Americans!!) Are supporting Trump. Do you know why? Here let me help you so “highly educated” people that you can’t see the forest through the trees group of people.. POLITICAL CORRECTNESS IS DESTROYING THIS COUNTRY!!!! IT’S BECAUSE OF IT THAT OUR POLITICIANS HAVE BECOME IMPOTENT!!! THEY ARE SO WORRIED ABOUT.LOSING A MINORITY VOTE THEY ARE WILLING TO DO NOTHING TO FIX THE PROBLEMS OUR COUNTRY IS FACING!!!! DONALD TRUMP COULD CARE LESS ABOUT WHO HE OFFENDS!! HE WANTS TO DO WHAT’S BEST FOR AMERICA!!!!!! There I don’t know how much more clear I can make it for you people. I hope I made the definition of political correctness clear enough for you this time. I know you hate hearing a different point of view other than your own (I can tell this because of the petty responses I get back that really don’t do anything to contribute to the discussion or validate your point of view) but unfortunately it’s the price we pay for freedom of speech and freedom on the internet. Happy New year! TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT 2016!!!!!!

          7. J Clifford says:

            John, I’m very curious about your claim that “You know the funny thing is that even the minority groups (even Muslim Americans!!) Are supporting Trump.” Do you have facts to back up this claim? I’ll be investigating this later today. Thanks for the provocation to look into it.

          8. John says:

            Ummm it’s as simple as doing a search for “blacks Muslims support trump” on you tube. There’s all kinds of them on there take your pick. You guys are like the research experts around here you should already be privy to this new info!!!

          9. Jim Cook says:

            Anecdotes do not equal trends.

          10. J Clifford says:

            Thinking like this concludes, after looking at the Jews for Jesus web site, that there is a strong trend among Jews for becoming Christian.

          11. John says:

            Oh hahaha…. I forgot you guys like to see stats. The hundreds of videos on YouTube aren’t enough proof. Ok well how does this recent poll done by Survey USA sit with you?

            Donald Trump Has Black Supporters (Really)
            BARRETT HOLMES PITNER09.20.1510:00 PM ET
            Last week, Survey USA released an eye-catching poll showing how Donald Trump would fare in head-to-head matchups against potential Democratic nominees Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, and Al Gore. The most shocking result was not that he beat all four of the candidates. What made everyone’s jaw hit the floor is that he received more than 20 percent support among African-American voters in every matchup.
            Normally, the GOP would be ecstatic about a Republican garnering this much support from the much sought-after African American voter base, but Trump’s success as a divisive, anti-establishment candidate has resulted in most onlookers responding with disbelief and/or alarm.
            How does a candidate who holds political rallies in Alabama with supporters screaming “white power” and has been endorsed by the neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer receive over 20 percent support of African-American voters in a national poll?

            And better yet, why isn’t Ben Carson, the only African-American presidential candidate—who according to a recent Monmouth poll is tied with Trump in Iowa with 23 percent, receiving a similar level of support among African-American voters?
            “Donald Trump has a certain swagger about him that I think registers with people. Especially if he is talking about trying to make government work for the people,” said Donald E. Scoggins, a lifelong Republican and president of the Republicans for Black Empowerment. “I think Trump’s support is primarily personality driven.”
            Trump has already built name recognition and a culture of personality that other GOP candidates could only dream of establishing. Jeb Bush is the only candidate with a similar level of name recognition, but it is much easier to defend the legitimacy of skyscrapers, casinos, golf courses, and television shows that bear your name than the divergent and varying successes of the policies of the two previous Bush presidencies.
            Thus far Trump’s personality, business credentials, and entertainment factor have brought more unanticipated voters into the fold. Who would have ever thought that Diamond and Silk of could potentially vote Republican, or that they would launch a YouTube channel defending Trump and lambasting all those who criticize him, including Fox News and the GOP.

            Wow! 20%!!!! Looks like the tide may be turning in this country….

            YOU CAN’T STUMP THE TRUMP!!!!
            TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT 2017!!!!!!!

          12. Jim Cook says:

            1. Nice cut and paste.
            2. Those are head to head match ups, indicating two candidates in each test.
            3. 100%-20%=???

          13. John says:

            What do you expect me to do? Conduct my own polls? Of coarse I cut and paste it! I was just trying to back up my claim about the black demographic in America beginning to support trump. I never want to see you provide proof by referencing someone else’s knowledge ok? Grow up

          14. J Clifford says:

            What we expect you to do is to have facts first and opinions later. If there aren’t any facts to support your idea that African-Americans are prominent supporters of the Donald Trump, don’t make the claim that it’s true!

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