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The Republican Presidential Candidate Who Wants You To Stop Being Clueless

A few weeks ago, Herbert Stephens of Concordia, Missouri, announced his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016.

Who is Herb Stephens? He’s the candidate with the most political experience, he says. Stephens writes, “Stop Being Clueless Among all the candidates running for the presidency, I have more experience when it comes to matters dealing with political leadership. I studied for 10 years, and have a degree in Political Science.

More political experience than Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton? Well, Herb Stephens does have the political experience to on serve that, “Common sense dictates that the only way to make tax reforms possible is through a referendum in every state.” Common sense? We all remember when our grandmothers would say to us, “Listen, child, tax reform is only possible through a referendum in two-thirds of the state legislature!

Common sense is all well and good, but what professional experience does Stephens have that has prepared him for the White House? Stephens writes, “I have run for the US Congress twice, and came in second in the congressional race in as many tries. Along the way, I have become a successful hotelier who has owned 23 hotels, and written books.”

Someone who has written books, and failed to be elected to Congress twice is certainly better prepared that someone who has been a U.S. senator or Secretary of State, right?

2 thoughts on “The Republican Presidential Candidate Who Wants You To Stop Being Clueless”

  1. ella says:

    Well, at least as qualified as Ben Carson who is gaining by the books he has written. Of course he too may be developing a business line too. As for Hillary? This speaks volumes:

    “This woman wrote the book on terrorizing women, on terrorism,” Willey exclaimed in one of those interviews.”

    “Continued Willey:”

    “Her tactics and the things that she set in motion against all the women like me, the ones you have heard of and the ones you haven’t heard of, and the ones who are so scared that they fled the country, are terrorist tactics like I’ve never seen before.”

    “I went through them. I lived through them. And I know exactly what I am talking about. She is the war on women. I don’t care what anybody says.”

  2. ella says:

    You could take the subject of the Gallup Poll that calls Hillary Clinton and Obama the most admired people in the world. Start with 1993, Hillary Clinton and Obama. Follow the trail through the years.

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