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Why Do We Need Cars In Cities?

cars in trafficThe city of Milan has become so thick with toxic smog that it banned cars from its streets for six hours during the middle of the day for three days this week.

Smog kills tens thousands of times more people worldwide than terrorism does. Lack of physical exercise is a serious health problem in the United States.

Given the risk, why shouldn’t we follow Milan’s example, and expand it, here in the United States?

Why do we need cars in American cities at all?

2 thoughts on “Why Do We Need Cars In Cities?”

  1. ella says:

    With pedal bikes, electric bikes, trikes, and small electric cars, why indeed do we need gas powered cars? Big trucks to move the goods we purchase into the stores we buy them from, those we need. Many businesses use gas vehicles that could be made into electric vehicles. Or at least hybrids. Better emission standards really help – think. Don’t they have stricter standards in California? Why is that limited to just California?

  2. Leroy says:

    I have given this a lot of thought.

    Mass transit seems to have to be the primary response.

    Electric vehicles sound like a great option until one looks at cost factors and – even more so – WHERE does the electricity come from?

    And then, pedal bikes and other forms of human propulsion. What about the elderly? The disabled? What about highly inclement weather?

    California may have stringent emission standards, but they aren’t ZERO emissions. As I recall, LA still has the highest smog rate of any large city in America (due possibly to also having the highest automobile per capita ratio?).

    Yes, there are cleaner natural gas power plants out there. But still a lot of coal power plants. And with conservative politicians tying up legislation and rules for even more “cleaning” (scrubbers, etcetera) at coal plants, well…

    Then there’s nuclear power plants, but they too have such hardcore adherents and proponents that it has pretty much stabilized into a situation of what we have now (not sure there’s any even being proposed).

    Meanwhile, we take brown coal, shale oil, sand oil (all VERY dirty) and ship it off to countries that have basically no such regulations and laws.

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