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Marco Rubio Strengthens Ties With Billionaire Obsessed With Dictatorship

Economic inequality in the United States has never been worse than it is now. Year end bonuses for Wall Street profiteers are twice the amount of total annual income for all the minimum wage workers in the USA. A year ago, Oxfam warned that by the beginning of 2016, the richest 1% in the world would own more than the remaining 99%.

So, what does Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio Plan to do about economic inequality? He plans to cash in, doing favors for the country’s economic elites, regardless of the consequences for working Americans.

The Rubio Economic Plan works like this: First, Rubio works to weaken laws that protect working Americans, so that their bosses can demand more work for less pay. In the Senate, Rubio has been working to liberate corporations and wealthy families from taxes and restrictions that prevent them from abusing employees, while voting to keep workers’ wages low, prevent union organizing, and double student loan interest payments. As President, Marco Rubio promises to do even more to enrich the already rich by squeezing working Americans.

Second, Rubio takes a cut of the profits that the big bosses make, in the form of direct campaign donations and money laundered through independent expenditures into super PACs. Nice and tidy.

Third, the 99 percent deals with the consequences.

the humble living room of marco rubio's biggest fanThe harsh reality of Marco Rubio’s allegiance to the wealthy and powerful elites is revealed in his growing relationship with one particular wealthy donor: Harlan Crow.

Harlan Crow is the Chairman and CEO of Crow Holdings. It’s his job to keep himself and his family rich and powerful. You see, Harlan Crow was born wealth. He’s the son of Trammell Crow, who founded Crow Holdings.

Crow Holdings is nothing more than a company that was formed to manage the wealth of the Crow family, which at present is over 2 billion dollars.

How does that compare to the money you have in your bank account?

Next Wednesday, Marco Rubio will be traveling to Dallas, Texas to meet with Harlan Crow at a fundraising party where wealthy attendees will be paying Rubio between $1,000 and $2,700 just to get in the door. Don’t believe for a second that Rubio is only getting $2,700 from Crow, though. This isn’t the first time that Crow has been present at a fundraiser for Rubio. In fact, just a few months ago, on Yom Kippur, Crow met and talked at length with Rubio at a fundraiser at his own house, the Crow mansion. Crow is throwing around huge amounts of money, much of it paid through shadowy channels that can’t be tracked, in order to ensure his influence over Republican Party politics.

This same tactic was used by wealthy families and corporations to help bring the Nazi Party to power in Germany. I don’t make that comment without reason. Harlan Crow is more than just a big source of money. Harlan Crow owns a signed copy of Adolf Hitler’s book Mein Kampf, which details his plan for the destruction of democracy and the elimination of German Jews. Crow also owns and displays other Hitler artifacts in his home, including table settings and linens used by the leader of the Nazi Party.

Harlan Crow is also a fan of Adolf Hitler’s artwork, owning and displaying two paintings by the Fuhrer of the Third Reich at the same mansion where Marco Rubio came to ask for cash from Texas elites. To be fair, Harlan Crow owns and displays other pieces of art besides just paintings by Adolf Hitler. He also owns statues of other dictators, including Josef Stalin, Nicolae Ceausescu, Fidel Castro, Vladimir Lenin, and Mao-tse Tung.

Harlan Crow seems to have an obsession with leaders who smash instutions of democracy, and he counts Marco Rubio as a favorite.

4 thoughts on “Marco Rubio Strengthens Ties With Billionaire Obsessed With Dictatorship”

  1. Leroy says:

    I’m shocked that his favorite “dictator-to-be” wasn’t Trump (who keeps a copy of Hitler’s speeches on his nightstand and reads it frequently – I am sure that is where he gets a lot of his Big Propaganda Noise ideas).

    1. Korky Day says:

      He probably tried, Leroy, but Donald Trump refused to be bought, for which you give Trump little or no credit.

      If the Democratic Party were made quasi-illegal, as has happened to my Green Party, and your only ‘realistic’ choices were the Republicans, which of their candidates for president would you choose, Leroy?

      Hint: only one of them cannot be bought by Crow. (He’s also 4 times richer than Crow.)

  2. J Clifford says:

    My read on Harlan Crow is that he wants a strongman that he can keep under his thumb. Having a rival billionaire as President gets in the way of that arrangement.

  3. ella says:

    Trammel Crow, in is later days, was obsessed with making and keeping money. Money was the love of his life. His wife he only noticed if it was imperative, though she did love him. Their son grew up in a dictatorial environment where wealthy men lived in competition with each other for the most money and property acquired as the sole purpose for existence. It is not surprising that Harlan has grown into the model.

    Coming from Cuba as a poor immigrant, Rubio has sought to climb the ladder. He came from a country where the Dictator was the wealthy person. Jeb was susceptible to Rubio’s charm and brought Rubio into the world of politics. As fast study, Rubio was elected to the Congress, but has stated that is not of importance to him, Rubio wants the top position, casting aside his mentor. Crow is the type of man that Rubio is interested in,believes knows about. I wonder if Rubio is ready for what he is about to get into, maybe he is, but he should first realize that the Bush’s knew Trammel and know Harlan.

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