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Despicably Shameless And Minion Made

unique industries made in china despicable meThe minions – short, yellow, subhuman little workers who enjoy being abused, and don’t need to be paid, or even fed, by their megalomaniacal boss. How much cuter could they get, right?

What’s not so cute is the reality of Minions merchandising. Minion goggles that last for a day or two before falling apart, Minion bouncy balls that end up getting lost underneath a couch before a week is through, Minion party banners that are taped up for a couple of hours before being thrown away, Minion temporary tattoos that wash off in the bath before bedtime, these are all provided by Unique Industries, a distribution company in Philadelphia that sells to stores like WalMart.

These labels to all these products proudly declare that they are “minion made”, which would be adorable, if it wasn’t so pathetically true. Minion Made products from Unique Industries aren’t made in the United States, under labor laws that protect workers, and environmental laws that protect the planet.

Instead, Unique Industries Minion Made products are produced in factories in China, where the costs are kept low by an authoritarian regime that denies workers the right to organize to improve their condition, allows factories to engage in massive releases of environmental toxins, and uses prison labor to keep wages down.

The real life minions in these Chinese factories don’t laugh and cheer when their bosses abuse them. They don’t enjoy living on next to nothing. Americans might not be able to understand the way that they talk, but they don’t make cute squeaky noises when they are suffering. They’re real people, driven to work in terrible situations, living under an oppressive dictatorship, and Unique Industries profits from that. It’s so much more efficient than employing American workers.

These factories in China are just like Despicable Me, except without the jokes, and with cruelty wiped clean of its cartoonish veneer… so that American kids can have cheap, disposable favors for their parties.

Despicable, indeed.


4 thoughts on “Despicably Shameless And Minion Made”

  1. Korky Day says:

    Some of us organize against such things.

  2. ella says:

    And even with all of that trying to save money, China is losing money. I guess they learned that they should not have been loaning the Untied States a million dollars a day. Maybe they are getting even one way they can. The best thing would be to bring manufacturing back to the USA and put our citizens to work.

  3. Dave says:

    The Left and the unions put Bill Clinton in office. Clinton managed the WTO deal that brought in China. The U.S. has since lost a third of its manufacturing jobs to China. See how that works?

    To his credit, Clinton now says it was a mistake. Forward!

    1. J Clifford says:

      The Left put Bill Clinton in office, but Bill Clinton is not the Left. He’s Center Right, and during his time in office, earned the strong opposition of many liberals.

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