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27 thoughts on “God Does Not Answer Your Prayer Because…”

  1. John says:

    ummm maybe it means that He knows that giving you exactly what your praying for may not be the best thing for you or whoever else it may effect. But you should still go ahead and pray that Trump doesn’t become president 🙂

    1. J Clifford says:

      then, doesn’t that mean that sometimes when God answers prayers, it’s because he is not good? This weird idea that whatever happens is good because the universe has made it happen is the kind of thing that they made up the word “tautology” to describe.

      1. John says:

        Your intellect is truly amazing, and yet at the same time, completely and utterly ignorant of the truth. It must be quite an empty feeling thinking that all of this just magically “happened” by some “lucky” cosmic event. That we are but simple organic “mistakes of nature” that have evolved to the point of exploring our galaxy. But yet we just happen to be the only creature nature allowed to develop to our current level. And that when we die that there’s Nothing after this. This is all just a big lucky error nature made by mistake. Man, even just typing that mentality out made me feel depressed, and lonely. Thanks for reminding me why I believe in a loving creator that has an even better place than this waiting for me when I die. so that I can face death with no fear… Yeah I don’t know why anybody would want to believe that over the “nothingness” version. My mom is a hospice nurse. She said there’s two kinds of people when it comes to death. There’s people that go confidently knowing that there is a loving God waiting for them, and then there’s people who think that this physical existence is all there is and when you die it’s over. After 20+ years of doing hospice the only people she’s seen become completely terrified before they die are the people that don’t believe in God. Because the funny thing is that everybody is spiritually minded on their death bed. EVERYBODY. So you go ahead and continue putting your FAITH in man’s knowledge. I’m sure you still have some time before it’s your turn to look down the barrel of “nothingness”.

        1. J Clifford says:

          John, I think you’re still missing the point. It’s not happening magically. Magic is in the imagination, which is a good thing. We human beings can make, using our imaginations a better world. The mistake is in thinking that the world that we desire to be true is the world as it always was, not the world that we create through our efforts and individual inspiration. Do you honestly think that I don’t fear death, that I haven’t suffered? Everyone does. Everyone has. There are atheists in fox holes.

    2. Jim Cook says:

      So the 10-year old girl who prays for an end to her torturous epilepsy and terminal cancer, to no effect, really is better off with them?

      That’s not a rhetorical question.

      1. Korky Day says:

        Excellent point, Jim Cook. But the crazy believer will say that there is something we don’t know about the girl that God knows that makes it better for her to suffer and die.

      2. John says:

        We live in a fallen world. It wasn’t supposed to be like this. Unfortunately death happens here. To some it happens in youth and to others a long life. God not healing the young girl with cancer is not Him not loving her. It’s for reasons only he knows. I mean you could say the same about abortion. But those little ones, although as alive as you and I, have not even had the chance to learn how to pray. Is it Gods fault for not saving them to? We are all given free will. The world has improved dramatically because of it, but it has.also suffered tremendously. Animal die offs, polluted waterways, strange new aggressive forms of cancer popping up at alarmingly increasing levels, destroyed ozone and climate imbalance from world governments detonating nuclear bombs in our upper atmosphere, man’s inhumanity to man, and I could go on and on. God loves humanity and wants that not one should perish..But in the end when we are standing before the judgement throne it we will be given the opportunity to see how the choices and decisions we made in this life affected everybody and everything around us. Everybody will give an accounting for their life on earth.Spiritual is the real, reality is the dream. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. This is not all there is.

        1. J Clifford says:

          What kind of crazy standard is that, John?

          If a doctor was able to cure a young girl of cancer but decided to refuse to do so, you wouldn’t call that doctor loving. You would rightfully conclude that the doctor is a creep.

          Your God either doesn’t exist, or is a complete monster.

          Why would I want to follow your religion?

          1. John says:

            It’s as logical as your assumption that mankind evolved to where we are now based on “survival of the fittest” theories.

        2. Jim says:

          That was a long way of you saying, yes, the girl deserved the horrible painful death, and what love God shows by giving it to her. That’s twisted thinking, John.

          1. John says:

            And that was a typically short way of you saying you are ok with Muslims that have a jihad against us but not thoes big ol’ meanie Christians that are out there causing so much havoc…..

          2. J Clifford says:

            John, for a person who claims to have a religion that brings him peace, you really don’t seem very peaceful.

            This web site consistently promotes nonviolence. It doesn’t promote holy war, whether that holy war comes from Muslims, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, or Hindus.

          3. John says:

            I’ve said nothing condoning violence of any kind. So, now that I’ve pointed out your obvious aggression towards Christians your going to accuse me of being violent? Your funny

          4. J Clifford says:

            John, there are other ways to not be peaceful other than condoning violence. Harsh judgmental tirades, for example.

            On violence, which presidential candidate do you support, I wonder, with what foreign policy?

  2. Jon sanders says:

    Amen to that!

  3. ella says:

    People who suffer with terminal illness that is painful accept that fate once given time to absorb it. Everyone has to die, some fight it to the death. But we do not leave this world alone, we just leave everything behind. Anyone who has experienced the ‘after life experience’ knows this. The ‘out of body experience’ is another occurrence that people, who do not know about it, tend to use as a ‘there is no God’ excuse. If these things happen then of course they are ‘natural occurrences’. And of course they are, but what do we consider ‘natural’? Everything that is created is ‘natural’. What is ‘prayer’? Talking to, in this case, God. There is nothing new under the Sun. Don’t you think God has heard it all by now? He knows what will happen if He does what everyone wants Him too. Prayer is a way of communicating thanks, worry, fear, gratitude, wishes and desires. He answers prayer, sometimes even though it would seem that hurts. A suffering person of any age only willingly suffers if they believe they will one day feel better, get beyond that awful pain and be able to live again. Take that away and most are very willing to go to a better place. Praying can gives us the courage to go on or the certain knowledge that it is time to de-cease.

  4. Leroy says:


    Though I am a Deist (*) and not a Christian or any other organized religious belief, I could not have said it better.

    My mother experienced a NDE back in the mid 1950s (as a young woman) long before having ever heard of the NDE or all of the later published works, studies, researching, etcetera that came out (and admittedly a LOT of the individual publicized experiences are pure horse hockey).

    I myself had two separate incidents where the vocal intervention of SOMETHING saved my life (once when I was three and the other time 30 years later, almost to the month). And both times it was clearly the same voice (the first time directed to my mother but in my presence). Something like that you don’t forget. Note that in neither case did I have a prayer answered (as there were none, nor any capable of being done in the circumstances).

    And that doesn’t count the numerous occasions that I walked away from situations that left others shaking their heads (where there were very minor injuries in what generally would have been fatal situations or extremely serious injuries – like being in seven crashes were the vehicle was severely totalled and the worst injury being a – technically – “broken neck” in that three vertebra were fully cracked but the spinal cord untiuched; and that in a car whose remains were at no point more than 36″ high). And again, I did NOT have any prayer answered (as there were none, nor any capable of being done in the circumstances).

    Is that going to always be the case? Of course not. We all Pass at some point. What’s the old saying that we are all born with a death sentence? I currently have severe systemic pneumococcal and will likely end up hospitalized. Maybe this is my time. C’est la vie. (Even more ironically when I was five I had a non systemic pneumonia only form of pneumococcal and was hospitalized for almost a month and nearly died twice… I assume that there were likely prayers from the family / extended family as this was Bible Belt Appalachia, but none from myself… I had already witnessed that Something before).

    What I don’t believe is that a specific “God” pertinent to a specific religion “answers prayers” to a specific flock of “Chosen People”. The Creator or Providence or Supreme Architect has “created” a Cosmos / Universe for ALL. Not a Yahweh or Jehovah or Allah (all, interestingly, referring to the same Abrahamic god), etcetera.

    As believed by Thomas Jefferson, priests and pastors and ministers and imans and swamis, etcetera, have conjured up comforting myths and fables to explain the inexplicable, but their pretense to knowledge and authority disempowered the people. As he wrote to his nephew in 1787, “Your own reason is the only oracle given you by heaven, and you are answerable not for the rightness but uprightness of the decision.”

    (*) Although classical Deists themselves rarely wrote or accepted that the Creator is a non-interventionist during the flowering of Deism in the 16th and 17th centuries; using straw man arguments, their theological critics attempted to force them into this position. The modern non Deist interpretation of absolute non intervention is not accurate. The Creator meant for Man to evolve in all aspects, to include intellectually, spiritually, and, most importantly, in the realm of humanism. One of the special achievements of such deism-based humanism is that it discloses new, anthropocentric moral sources by which human beings are motivated and empowered to accomplish acts of mutual benefit. WE are being given the opportunity (as combined with a combination of Free Will and Destiny) to grasp our human-oriented problems, to work at and fixing problems, and continue to evolve into ever better humans. At least that’s the view as I see it from my observations, experiences, readings, etcetera.

    1. John says:

      What lodge are you from?

  5. John says:

    Looks like I made him angry again about talking about the supreme deity. Okay okay I’ll go stand in the back of the class

  6. Rhialto Marrvellouss says:

    God does or does not answer your prayers for one very simple reason.
    That reason is lack of existence. If god answers your prayer, that is simply you hornswoggling yourself into accepting the premise that:
    This happened after I asked god to do it. Therefore, it happened because I asked god to do it. Therefore, my prayer had effect. This is a well known mistake in logic, known as “post hoc, ergo , propter hoc”.
    If god does not answer your prayer the explanations, in religious jargon, are many, and, for the most part mutually contradictory. “God doesn’t want to interfere with my autonomy.” “God wants me to feel pain now, so I will enjoy the bliss more, later.” The application of a functioning bullshit detector to these ideas leads to a judgement of “liar, liar, pants on fire.”
    Really, folks, isn’t it about time for humanity to hang up this bizzarro set of lame assumptions, self-delusion and paranoid fantasies?
    Gentlemen, I remain your arrogant, disobedient master.
    Rhialto Marrvellouss

  7. ActualThinkingisBetter says:

    This is just a waste of my time, but HERE GOES: Let’s see: there are 2 kinds of people in this world. The first type has been indoctrinated as a child by adults to believe in some kind of religion. It doesn’t matter which one, it gets told to the child as FACT, so BELIEVE IT! The cycle just repeats with every new generation. These “believers” can’t see, or figure out, that “religion” came out of the caveman era when there was zero education and zero human knowledge of any science. The Catholic church put Galileo in house arrest for simply coming out with proof that the Earth revolves around the Sun, not the other way around. Only a brain-washed person would believe that Joseph and Mary didn’t create their son, Jesus, by having sexual intercourse. So, we have the “immaculate conception” belief, claimed by Christians, that is beyond ridiculous. Proof? The “religious leaders” are, very often, just greedy, corrupt people who are out to use the generation-after-generation of indoctrinated people as a source of power AND money. Look at the “mega churches” around the U.S. and all of the corruption. The list is long! The brain-washed people who call themselves Muslims, Shiite and Sunni factions, have been fighting and killing each other for 1,400 years! Look it up! If they really believed in the Koran, they wouldn’t blow-up each others’ mosques. They claim the mosques are “holy places”, then they damage / blow-up the other faction’s “holy places.” The Koran and the Bible forbid killing-murder, but the people, who are supposedly “believers”, just ignore the prohibition and go do it in the name of “god.” The second group of people have used their intelligence, not their emotions, to look at the scientific facts and come to the conclusion that “religion” is false in all of its various types. The believers in religion claim they “talk to God” or “God talks to them”, but, of course, they provide no proof of that OR “life after death” OR “a soul”–on and on. “Religion” can’t stand scientific investigation because it is completely based on superstition, fear, ignorance, emotion, “believe it because a wise man said it”, on and on. Some “believers” will actually try to kill, OR will kill, anyone who dares to question anything about their “religion.” Never mind that their “religious books” forbid killing-murder. People who are “non-believers” are often attacked by the “believers” and it is actually dangerous to say you are a non-believer all across this world. Given past history and the extinction of a long list of species on Earth, I think it is probable that “religion” will cause the end of the human species. Just look at the religion-crazed people in the Middle-East and other places. KILL! KILL! KILL! Now that a device exists that could cause the end of the human race, I think it will be used by the religious maniacs in their “holy wars” and, eventually, most, or all, of the living things on Earth will be destroyed. Then, many billions of years in the future, the Earth will be destroyed by the star we call the Sun. My guess is that there won’t be any humans alive to experience that! So, “believers”, keep up your self-charade, keep giving money and time to those greedy, egotistical “preachers” and, maybe, but I seriously doubt it, given human history, you will wake-up and realize you have been brain-washed and duped. BUT, I WON’T HOLD MY BREATH! Look how many idiots are supporting T-Rump! He’s on wife #3, folks.

    1. Dave says:

      “Religion came out of the caveman era and there was zero education and zero human knowledge of any science.”

      Do you know this for a fact, or is it something you take on faith? Someone (your “educators” most likely) has told you that mankind lived in caves and did nothing for 250,000 years, then in the last 5000 years decided to write things down, build spaceships and computers, use antibiotics, etc. As a child, you believed them because you had no other frame of reference. You took it on faith. You believed it.

      And you are preaching your beliefs to the rest of us. I read somewhere: “Believe only what you yourself test and judge to be true.”

      At the end of the 250,000 years (that is, 5000 years ago) Babylonian schoolboys were doing Euclidian geometry on cuneiform tablets. Zero human knowledge of any science my ass.

      Religious beliefs concerning our origins are just as valid as “scientific” beliefs, in that they are beliefs, period.

      And here’s a somewhat different take on prayer: maybe God answers some people’s prayers and ignores others. Even on a human level, I know I get requests from a lot of people in a day, but I only respond to the ones I want to, usually depending on the relationship that I have with them. People who treat me as though I am monster usually have a low priority with me.

      1. Actual.ThinkingisBetter says:

        You can believe anything you want. It is, supposedly a Free Country. Did you miss the simple fact that science has advanced more in the last 100 years than in the past, say, 100,000 years? Where is the scientific proof that a god, any god, exists? Is there a “heaven” or “hell?” So, then a Catholic Pope says there is no hell. Interesting. Say there Mr. Pope, maybe there isn’t a heaven or even a “God!”. But as long as the money keeps coming in, the leaders don’t care. I don’t care what people believe as long as they leave me alone and don’t try to kill ” nonbelievers.”. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. have a happy and prosperous 2016.😉

  8. ActualThinkingisBetter says:

    A actual “wise man” said the following:

    Believe nothing just because a so-called wise person said it.
    Believe nothing just because a belief is generally held.
    Believe nothing just because it is said in ancient books.
    Believe nothing just because it is said to be of divine origin.
    Believe nothing just because someone else believes it.

    Believe ONLY what you yourself test and judge to be true.

    BUDDHA – Hindu Prince Gautama Siddharta, is credited with
    saying those things. INTERESTING!!! A “wise person” said it.
    Maybe that person was more “wise” than the average thinker.

    1. John says:

      I totally agree with that statement. It is only a fool that believes whatever is being fed to them by any other human being. There was a period of time in my life I began to question my beliefs. I wanted to find out, for myself, if what I was being told by people I trusted was true. So I went outside my belief system and studied areas that I had been told never to study or ever think about. Im so glad that I was able to overcome fears and dogmas that had been instilled in me since birth. Ultimately, I ended up back where I had started bit with a renewed sense of confidence, self respect, and wisdom. I totally agree with watermelon belly on this one. 🙂

  9. ActualThinkingisBetter says:

    JOHN, you have used your brain to think instead of allowing yourself to be brain-washed and duped. That is very commendable. Personally, I have never talked to someone who died and came back to life. So, this stuff about “heaven” is totally unproven by any reasonable standard. As we know, the ancients–Greeks and Romans, believed that the heart was where thinking and emotions came from. You know–it beats faster when you are excited. They mostly thought that the brain was a cooling system for the body! Well, they saw sweat on the head and face, so go figure. People today still use the heart as, “You are in my heart” or “my heart is full of joy”, etc., and maybe they are just repeating the same old junk or maybe they actually (!) think that big muscle has feelings. If you stand back and take a careful and reasonable look at humans, what you see sure ain’t pretty in many ways. Humans express their animalistic nature on a daily basis. Look at all of the murders on the news. Why would educated and thinking people commit murder? Anger is certainly a big cause. So, humans can’t control their anger and they kill. Hummm, sure sounds animalistic to me. Religions are supposed to teach people to respect other humans. So, we might ask, why hasn’t killing / wars been either eliminated or greatly reduced by the world’s religions? SIMPLE: the people who claim to believe in these religions allow their animal side to get in the way. How else to explain the fact that there is more killing and more wars now than ever before. How about the people who go to church on Sunday and then, on Monday, are back doing their white collar crimes? How about the politicians who don’t seem to know the word “honesty” if they tripped over it? Oh, but they are “true believers” and worship, worship, worship. I really hate to say this, but I believe that the human race is DOOMED because what you see is a continuation of the animal side with the use of newer and more deadly weapons. Instead of using intellect and education to stop the warring and killing, humans use technology to make bombs like the ones dropped on civilians—men, woman, children, babies, in Japan, WWII. I served (was forced by the draft) in the Vietnam war and at least 58,000 U.S. service personnel were killed. The “enemy” deaths, military and civilian, were over a Million! For what? Money for the Military-Industrial Complex–Greedy humans with no care for human life.
    QUESTION: Do you think the human race is doomed? If not, what will keep extinction from happening? I like the bare facts and I don’t see this animal behavior going away. It just keeps getting worse as we “advance civilization.” NOPE–just bigger and better weapons of destruction / death. AND, our children? What are they being taught? What are the most popular movies and computer games all about? Fighting / war / death and destruction. STAR WARS!!! It ALL stinks! See why I am pessimistic about the future?

  10. ella says:

    ActualThinkingisBetter “It just keeps getting worse as we “advance civilization.” NOPE–just bigger and better weapons of destruction / death. AND, our children? What are they being taught? What are the most popular movies and computer games all about? Fighting / war / death and destruction. STAR WARS!!! It ALL stinks! See why I am pessimistic about the future?”

    Fact is even better. Knowledge that has been around since way before the Biblical Flood, was used as soon as the tools were made available to use it. This is known by the greater part of the world’s population but not taught in the United States. Knowledge was crushed by the “Church” of Rome in the “Dark Ages”. That should not be justified by denying the presence of God. The “Church” in Rome was not the only leg of the followers of Jesus of Nazareth, who came to give honor to God and “Grace” to those who would accept His teachings and honor that living God. But the Church of Rome past down the information (partially) that it believed would best benefit the common people, mostly those who could not read. Of course that led to personal interpretation by “preachers” and the divisions (denominations) began to spread. God still existed, He had sent his message, but apparently does not wish to sacrifice another Son for our benefit.

    God answers prayer/questions/communication/requests/. We may not recognize that or understand it, but it is true.

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