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How Well Did Thomas John, Celebrity “Psychic,” Actually Predict the Future for 2015?

Thomas John, the self-described “Manhattan Medium” and “celebrity psychic,” can afford to maintain his well-coiffed, clothes-horse lifestyle: he charges a full $1,000 for a service in which grieving parents, spouses or children can “ask” their loved one just two questions a month. Considering how little time it must take him to cut and paste in messages like “she wants you to know she’s in a happy place” and “he tells me you need to watch out for friends who might not have your interests at heart. I see a name with a J and a T…”, the hourly rate must be astounding.

Thomas John’s friends in the media will focus on and fawn over the handful of correct predictions he made for 2015, but if he’s really psychic, he should be getting them all right. So how’d he do? As a public service, I’m picking up an old tabloid and reading through the predictions he made in December 2014 about what would happen in 2015. Don’t worry, I’ll wash afterward.

Prediction #1: “A Beach Wedding” for Jennifer Aniston.

Verdict: Fail. the wedding was in the hills of Bel Air in California, miles from the ocean.

Prediction #2: “Beyoncé and Jay Z: Great communication, but lots of turbulence. I don’t see an ultimate separation though, but I do see a pregnancy in 2015. I see a little girl.”

Verdict: Fail. No baby for Beyonce in 2015, despite rumors.

Prediction #3: “Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth: This couple will get more serious, and their relationship is going to move quickly — I am even seeing an engagement in 2015!”

Verdict: Fail. Oopsie doodles! Liam Hemsworth seems to be dating Miley Cyrus.

Prediction #4: Thomas John will keep raking in big fees anyway.

Wait. That last one’s mine.

One thought on “How Well Did Thomas John, Celebrity “Psychic,” Actually Predict the Future for 2015?”

  1. Davohn says:

    He is a total charlatan!

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