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What the UK’s Legislature Has To Say About Donald Trump

Steve Double of the Conservative Party: “Like the hundreds of thousands of people who signed the petition, and no doubt millions of others across the country, I condemn wholeheartedly the comments Mr Trump made about not only Muslims, but Mexicans, women, people with disabilities and other minority groups.

Paul Flynn of the Labor Party: “We are all touched by the accounts of those of the Muslim faith about how devastating the threat from Donald Trump is.”

Sarah Wollaston of the Conservative Party: “I were Muslim—I am not; I speak as a gentle atheist—I would find repulsive the thought that I should be excluded from the United States of America for no reason other than that I was a Muslim… I say this to Donald Trump. Just reflect on the consequences of your kind of religious bigotry. This is not a laughing matter. Think again, and if you do visit this country, take time to visit the mosques; take time to meet Muslims; take time to understand just how profoundly offensive and dangerous that kind of thinking is. There is no place for it in this country or in the United States.

Jim Cunningham of the Labor Party: “Donald Trump has suggested that Cruz—another Republican candidate in the election race—cannot stand for the presidency either. That shows that his views are confined not only to Muslims, but to other people. The man’s whole attitude is questionable. In which political direction is he going? More importantly, where is the Republican party going when it puts up two candidates and one is as bad as the other?

Gavin Newlands of the Scottish National Party: “I have tried to find different, perhaps more parliamentary adjectives to describe him but none was clear enough. He is an idiot.”

Victoria Atkins of the Conservative Party: “His comments about Muslims are wrong. His policy to close borders, if he is elected as President, is bonkers. If he met one or two of my constituents in one of the many excellent pubs in my constituency, they may well tell him that he is a wazzock for dealing with the issue in that way.”

Keri Starmer of the Labor Party: “What lies at the heart of his belief that Muslims should be banned is that he thinks they are all dangerous. That is not buffoonery. That is absolutely repugnant.”

Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh of the Scottish National Party: “Mr Trump condemns a whole religion because of the actions of a terrorist death cult. He also speaks in derogatory terms about women, people with disabilities and Mexicans—the list is never-ending. He is not just wrong; his comments are dangerous, and his views must be tackled seriously.

Tommy Shepherd of the Scottish National Party: “Are we not in a unique position here? I cannot think, in my lifetime, of another senior politician in America or anywhere else wishing the Government of their country to deny our citizens in the United Kingdom free international movement because of their religion.

Tulip Siddiq of the Labor Party: “When people feel a sense of justice—when they feel that we need to stop a poisonous, corrosive man from entering our country — they will act in good conscience. We are not talking about just any man. This is a man with an extremely high profile who has been involved in the American show-business industry for years—a man who is now interviewing for the most important job in the world. His words are not comical. His words are not funny. His words are poisonous and risk inflaming tensions between vulnerable communities.

Paul Scutty of the Conservative Party: “On global security, we need to look at the Government’s counter-extremism and counter-terrorism strategies. Those are far more clever, positive and practical ways to approach the issues than the impractical suggestion simply to close the country to people from one faith. How would someone determine people of one faith? Would they put a badge on them? Would they record them on a database? Although he has not gone quite as far as suggesting putting a badge on people, Donald Trump has not excluded keeping people on a database, which is an extraordinary route to go down.

Naz Shah of the Labor Party: “In the name of democracy, it is important for us to challenge the hatred speech that comes out of Donald Trump’s mouth. By the same token, I stand here as a proud British Muslim woman, and he would like me to be banned from America… I will not allow the rhetoric of badness into my life and my heart or those of my constituents. I will challenge that with goodness, because hatred breeds hate and that is not something that I will tolerate.

Jack Dromey of the Labor Party: “America is a great country — the land of the free and one of our oldest allies. Donald Trump is a fool. He is free to be a fool. He is not free to be a dangerous fool on our shores… What makes Donald Trump’s presence in our country so dangerous is that in the current febrile climate, ISIS needs Donald Trump and Donald Trump needs ISIS. On the one hand, ISIS needs to be able to say, ‘Muslims, you are under attack.’ On the other hand, Donald Trump needs to be able to say, ‘You are under attack by Muslims.'”

Anne McLaughlin of the Scottish National Party: “There has been public revulsion in this country and in the United States towards the statements of this public figure. Let us not forget the outcry from the many good people in the United States at Trump’s statements, which went against all the shared enlightenment values that tie together the United States and the countries of the United Kingdom. In addition to recognising that Trump’s statements were distasteful, we should note the hypocrisy of the son of an immigrant, of a religious minority, advocating being so bigoted against other migrants and religious minorities.”

Rupa Huq of the Labor Party: “The fact that it is Martin Luther King day today makes it even more bizarre that this hate figure is preaching these ridiculous things that we should reject.”

Andrew Murrison of the Conservative Party: “This ridiculous individual – that is, Mr Trump – may be elected as President of the United States.

Corri Wilson of the Conservative Party: “Donald Trump is a divisive character, and I have no intention of standing here to defend the man. His comments on Chinese people, Mexican immigrants and women have been deplorable and certainly do not mirror the type of politics that we aspire to in Scotland. The man seems to out-trump himself—no pun intended—each time he speaks in his bid to gain the Republican nomination, and I am delighted that over half a million people in the UK have chosen to call him out on the latest statements by standing up for our Muslim community and signing this petition.

Kwasi Kwarteng of the Conservative Party: “It is Martin Luther King day, and if he were here today, he would be surprised at some of the sugar-coated versions of American history on display. I am sorry to say that what Trump has proposed has been proposed many times in American legislation. The outright ban on people on the basis of race, colour or ethnicity has, regrettably, often happened in United States history. One need only look at the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, which was on the statute book for 61 years and banned Chinese labourers from entering the United States. The Immigration Act of 1924 similarly banned Arabs and Asians and was changed only in 1952. So Martin Luther King would be surprised at the—one might say “politically correct”, although I do not want to use that term—sanitised version of American history and politics that we have heard today. In that light, Donald J. Tump’s objectionable and hateful views have a history in the American political arena. They are not unusual or something he dreamed up in his head; they come from a long line of nativist legislation.

How can a candidate who has already earned such disrespect from leaders in one of America’s closest allies just within the six months of his political career effectively represent the United States to the rest of the world?

17 thoughts on “What the UK’s Legislature Has To Say About Donald Trump”

  1. Leroy says:

    Do you have any quotes from the leaders of the three main political parties of Canada?

    1. J Clifford says:

      I’ll look into that. I don’t suppose that our resident Canadian Korky would want to help on such a project.

      1. Korky Day says:

        Sorry, I don’t have any quotes handy. I think you might be able to search the Internet from the USA.
        But why only 3 parties? We have 5 in the House of Commons.

        The article showed how the mainstream media serving the 1% can twist the image of Donald Trump all out of proportion to the truth.

        Why don’t the Brits vote to bar Hillary Clinton?
        She’s far worse.

        Trump is from the 1% but he has decided to be unselfish and become a hero to the working class and everyone else who likes competent leadership. He’s far from perfect, but he’s better than any of the other Republicans and better than Hillary Clinton. (Most of Bernie Sanders’ policies are better than Trump’s.)

        Trump is just easy to pick on because he doesn’t have a phallanx of handlers, spin-doctors, speech-writers, pollsters, lobbyists, and fund-raisers buffing his image and making him totally phony.
        The public is getting that point more and more.
        Trump may be rough around the edges, but he’s the real deal. Similar with Sanders, but Sanders’ sense of humour and sense of drama are weaker than Trump’s. The voters would rather have a transparent successful person than an opaque phony like the most of the others.

        Democrats, please vote for Bernie Sanders.
        Republicans, please vote for Donald Trump.
        I’m a Green.

  2. Frank says:

    UK, the land that gave the World the Magna Carta, is finished. Freedom of speech is dead there and appeasing Islamic jihadist and covering up their bad deeds is the norm. UK shouldn’t lecture the US about freedom and civil rights and should just….fuck off. Trump 2016.

  3. Frank says:

    the “mark of the beast” stealth Jihad and the silent occupation of Western civilization by medieval savages, accepted by the idiotic leaders and liberals of the West, in the name of a “diversity” which is only a one way street to them. What Trump is proposing has nothing to do with “banning” a race..but an ideology that is slowly creeping up into the West, subtle and sneaky. Blindness of compassionate liberals cannot see what it is happening and find normal taking into the West millions of these savages of which 70+ % are ONLY males, of military age. How stupid are we? Charlie Hebdo and the Paris massacre apparently was not enough..we need more, right. Germany wlil pay a dear price for what the traitor Merkel has done. It is not matter of is matter of when. But it will not matter to these morons…

    1. Korky Day says:

      I mostly agree with Frank, for a change.
      If we add a touch of Green to Trump, he could become a world hero.
      Trump needs to realize (if he doesn’t already) that the clash between the West and Muslim terrorists is not just a military question.
      As a Green, I suggest peace conferences, negotiations among religious leaders, reforming the United Nations, reparations by colonialists, etc. If someone of Trump’s energy and brains would ATTEND such efforts, the media would follow, which would lead to success.

  4. Korky Day says:

    I heard on the CBC recently some prominent British man who said that he didn’t like Trump but that banning him is stupid because that would lead to sympathy for him. That’s a superior argument.

  5. Korky Day says:

    Lately I’ve been voting with my dollars to support magazines brave enough to put Donald Trump on the cover and/or a meaty article inside, whether they praise him or trash him.

    Most are too biased to do so.
    Lately I’ve bought Time, Esquire, The National Interest, the Atlantic, and Mad! I passed on the National Enquirer because there was too little inside.

  6. ella says:

    “Gavin Newlands of the Scottish National Party: “I have tried to find different, perhaps more parliamentary adjectives to describe him but none was clear enough. He is an idiot.””

    I have a suggestion for Mr. Newlands. Please admit anywhere from 100,000 to 1,000,000 middle eastern immigrants supposedly running from a war zone. When the rape, murder, and pillaging have well commenced, (as it happening on the Continent) remember the person who told you it was an unwise decision.

    1. Korky Day says:

      ‘ella’, you are mostly right.

      However, in 1968 I was a young brown man fleeing my war-torn native country. I went to Canada from the USA.

      Most people realize that only a small proportion of immigrants will be problems.
      But such a big problem sometimes that drastic counter-measures are necessary.
      Maybe better screening and re-education of immigrants. And better integration, such as Guaranteed Jobs (my plan at www . korky . ca).

      1. ella says:

        Korky, that is so nice, and helpful! It must get the attention of many people. In a way I can relate after spending many afternoons after school searching the roadsides for bottles and cans to cash in when a young child. My parents felt it would teach me how it is to work for money and that people have a way to survive in desperate circumstances without resorting to crime. That has stuck with me to this day – many, many days later.

        And it is good to remember that the majority of people have good intentions, the few mess it up for everyone. If only there was a simple way to separate the two so we could safely go forward to help people. Thank you for being a light in the darkness.

        1. Korky Day says:

          That’s sweet of you to say so, ella.
          How about a mass education campaign (for everyone, but especially immigrants from more-affected cultures) about how women are oppressed in almost all countries, and that head coverings mandated by religion or culture are a clear, disgusting, and pitiful sign of women’s enslavement. Pro-life laws are, too, but they are not so obvious.

          If the USA were not a woman-hating culture, women would be as rich as men, on average.
          Laws would now require parity in all legislatures, free abortion, maternity leave, etc.

          Women can’t even drive in Saudi Arabia.

          Men need to be taught that they will be happier being loved by a woman than raping them. Many men, especially from certain cultures, don’t know that. They would deny that if you asked them, but look at their actions.

          Trump wants us to figure out what’s happening with Muslims. Me, too. Let’s debate it.

          I have 2 unlikely candidates for why Muslim men have gotten so much worse in the last 5 years. They are:
          (1) fake nipples (the rise in bottle-feeding throughout the world) and
          (2) Internet porn, which makes Muslim men really angry and jealous of Western men who have the women shown (the Muslims think). Those men don’t even get to see women’s knees or necks. That would drive me crazy.

          1. ella says:

            Even though it is wrong – porn – it is a worldwide habit with men. Very likely – in certain venues – it is available in Arabia as well, although there it is more of a personal matter. If you can afford more than one wife, a man there does so. There is a difference between a “willing” woman and a devoted woman. Any one can be made “willing” with some coercion or incentive (like no choice, rape), but a devoted woman is someone that a makes a good mans life whole. Teaching that and the realization that a mans desires alone do not make him prosperous or comfortable. If he truly has faith, he will follow the rules that lead to all that will bring him peace and excitement.

          2. Korky Day says:

            Dear ella,
            You seem to be a woman. As most women do, you see porn as ‘wrong’. I think that you FEEL it as wrong. You feel sorry for the poor models, and rightly so.

            Let me explain it from a man’s point of view. We men, from youth, feel our sexual drive, a tremendous desire, sometimes an over-powering desire. How are we going to respond to it? If we are lucky enough to find a willing sex partner, we have sex.

            In a relatively egalitarian society like the USA, we learn that girls and women generally want to fall in love simultaneously with having sex. We don’t necessarily want to do those 2 things simultaneously, but we are practical and so we figure, Why not?, let’s try that. Unfortunately, we’re not very good deep, mature, lasting love, especially at first. That nagging horniness is NOT going away, though. It won’t let me sleep. It has no patience for waiting for love to succeed.

            So we fantasize and masturbate, not as an ultimate goal, but as a stop-gap. When I was a teen-ager, I had the Sears catalogue and young women in bikinis on television to enhance my fantasies. Things have evolved since then. All kinds of porn is free almost everywhere in the world where there’s the Internet. (I guess if you pay you get the better-quality porn.)

            It’s not that men always want to ‘objectify’ women and lure them into the sex trade. It’s that we are emotionally desperate, especially when lacking real intimate companionship.

            I imagine that women are jealous of porn. You want us to put it down and focus on loving you. And that would be great, if it were always possible. I think for almost every man, porn is a second choice. We would almost always rather ‘be’ the porn star, if we could, than WATCH the porn star. And sex can include love, of course. If we are smart, we KNOW that it is best when it includes love, preferably long-term love. Then everyone’s happy. I agree with you that ‘a devoted woman is someone that a makes a good mans life whole.’ I have her in my life now, and I do feel ‘whole’. I feel truly sorry for the 95% of the men in the world who seem to be less loving and less sexually fulfilled than I am.

            You conclude your comment, ella, writing about faith. Very few faiths are female-friendly, child-friendly, or sex-friendly. Wiccans, I think. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, if you wring all the hatred of women, children, and sex out of them. Which is damn hard to do. Because then they are hardly Judaism, Christianity, and Islam any more, eh?

          3. ella says:

            You state the facts as they are. Parental advice and mentoring help to guide both young men and women – if the parents are willing and able to do so. Unfortunately that is as rare as “love” of a mate which lasts a lifetime, soul mates. Many misunderstand what love is, believe it is sex, unfortunate. It is a matter similar in young women, some want a lasting relationship, most, but others are more confused than anything. The “nesting” drive is mentally blinding for many young women, not all. These are natural across all procreating life forms though. It is taken care of in a more satisfactory manner, say with geese. An lesson to learn there is that Geese mate for life, travel together for life, raise young together for life. Why cannot humans work together in this manner? Are there too many deceptions available? Too many temptations to draw the mind/fantasies?

          4. Korky Day says:

            Well, ella, if parents don’t guide their children in a different direction, how will humanity ever become more devoted to love, more like geese?

            The only other strategies for our world are a political-social mass movement or mass scholastic education.
            I’m working on the former.

  7. ella says:

    “How can a candidate who has already earned such disrespect from leaders in one of America’s closest allies just within the six months of his political career effectively represent the United States to the rest of the world?”

    Politicians will be what they are the world over. These that have so bravely spoken in a negative tone, do not support the accumulating of debt, violence, crime and social unrest. They surely have compassion upon those who truly wish to seek peace, to assimilate into a different culture, thereby no longer embracing their life long culture and habits. It is possible they even believe that none of those who are fleeing wish to simply create a new society which does that very same thing – only into their own culture – just in a new location. But then it makes loud press to be opposed to those who are sensible.

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