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Green Party Candidate Jill Stein Lags Back To Plan B Status

The Green Party presidential campaign of Jill Stein has been struggling for a long while now, finding itself without the resources even to compose press releases on major national and world events, such as yesterday’s announcement that 2015 was the hottest year on record. It’s been four days since the Jill Stein for President campaign has issued even a quick little message on Twitter.

“There’s just no way we are going to be able to compete with Bernie,” Stein admits in a recent video. “We are not competing with Bernie. We are on a different track.” It seems that the candidate who has been asking voters not to settle for the lesser of two evils is now casting herself as the lesser of two goods.

Stein is now casting herself as “Plan B” for Bernie Sanders supporters. “I think it’s important for them to check out our campaign and consider helping to make sure that we’re on the ballot in every state, to consider us your insurance policy,” she says.

7 thoughts on “Green Party Candidate Jill Stein Lags Back To Plan B Status”

  1. Korky Day says:

    She’s smart, like Nader.
    Nader offered to pull out if Gore would do a few simple things to help the country.
    You know what happened.

  2. Stephen Kent Gray says:

    Seems like Hillary Clinton is locking up the nomination. Bernie isn’t winning enough states and delegates.

  3. Stephen Kent Gray says:

    Jill Stein keeps musing about a Green/Democrat unity ticket of Bernie Sanders being here running mate if Hillary Clinton is the Democrat nominee. The other unity ticket of her being his running mate on a Democrat/Green unity ticket is interesting if that would happen, but Bernie probably isn’t going to be the Democrat nominee.

    At least Gary Johnson is running a campaign and is okay with being the spoiler who prevents a Donald Trump presidency. Libertarians really hate Donald Trump. A mass exodus from the Republican Party to the Libertarian Party because of Donald Trump could happen.

    1. J Clifford says:

      Jill Stein is floundering, and in part, that’s due to her refusal, along with the rest of the Green Party’s core, to deal with the reality of politics as they are in the United States. Bernie Sanders is not going to join Jill Stein in a Green Party ticket as her vice presidential running mate. That’s not the kind of politics he’s playing. He’s got a position in the U.S. Senate to advance his liberal ideas with a Democratic Congress in 2017, and he’s campaigning to strengthen his footing to do that. Helping Donald Trump win the general election is not part of the Sanders plan.

      1. Stephen Kent Gray says:

        If Bernie Sanders were the Democratic nominee which wouldn’t happen, would you support him naming Jill Stein as VP? It’s a far fetched scenario, but who do you want as his running mate?

        Also, by comparison lots of news outlets like the Huffington Post are already christening Gary Johnson and the Libeetarian Party with the title of THE THIRD PARTY, not Jill Stein and the Greens or whomever else and the Constitution Party.

      2. Stephen Kent Gray says:

        Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein’s tweets this week regarding a collaboration with Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders were covered by, the website of The Boston Globe.

        The site said Stein “said she’s open to a ‘collaboration’” with Sanders, “though it doesn’t seem like the Vermont senator is currently interested. In a series of tweets Wednesday, Stein said efforts to reach out to the Sanders campaign have returned no response.”

        RT America writes that Sanders “needs all the support he can get,” and “Stein has an offer that would be unprecedented if accepted. Stein is running for president just like Sanders is, but their ‘shared goals’ could be enough for them to work together, the Green Party candidate tweeted. … What Stein’s idea of a collaboration would include remains elusive, and with Sanders more or less ignoring the olive branch, it currently is serving more as a preemptive offer to collaborate with those who ‘feel the Bern’ should they find themselves dissatisfied” with a Hillary Clinton nomination.

        Basically unless Bernie Sanders changes his mind, Jill Stein’s olive branch will be just a tactic to get Feel the Bern Democrarts to become Jill Stein Democrats (simmilar to Ronald Reagan Democrats during 1980 and 1984).

  4. Stephen Kent Gray says:

    More on this:

    Seattle City Council member Kshama Sawant has launched an online petition urging Sen. Bernie Sanders, who is currently seeking the Democratic presidential nomination, to join Jill Stein on a Green Party ticket or to run as an independent.

    Sawant said, “The stakes are too high to let this moment slip through our fingers. That’s why I’ve launched this petition urging Bernie — if he is blocked in the rigged primary process — to run as an independent, or as a Green on the ticket with Jill Stein. We can’t allow the corporate media, Wall Street PACs, and the Democratic Party establishment to derail this movement before the real presidential election even begins.”

    Link below

    Sign the petition if you want to, or don’t if you don’t want to, but here it is.

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