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The Crow Flies Crazy

I have been flying on United airlines for many many years, using their frequent-flier Miles program, but I am feeling especially dense about this long commercial relationship this morning, because I have only just now realized that there’s something rather relative about the miles.

The miles are not miles. If you look at the screenshot below you’ll see that I was awarded more miles to my account for a flight between Chicago and Newark New Jersey then I was for a flight between Los Angeles and New Jersey.

Does this have to do with the space and time not being the separate things that we ordinarily experience them to be?

If the miles are not miles, what are they? Whatever the heck we say they are today points?

Miles are not miles

One thought on “The Crow Flies Crazy”

  1. ella says:

    Well, the PQD is less to Los Angles. Maybe they are just offering relative “miles”. Relative to what they want to offer. Since the distance: Newark/ New York-Los Angles (Jan 19, 2016) is 2454.27 miles – and the distance between Chicago-New York/Newark (Jan 15, 2016) is 720.80 miles, it may be that you have flown with them so much they are becoming confused. 🙂

    Distances courtesy:

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