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Donald Trump Retweets NeoNazi White Supremacist

This week, the National Review, a right wing Republican magazine, devoted an entire edition to the argument that Donald Trump, trust fund baby, billionaire, and presidential candidate, is not conservative enough to be the Republican nominee.

Donald Trump is too moderate

“Donald Trump is too moderate” is the way that the Washington Post summary of the National Review’s position puts it. Is it true? Is Donald Trump is too moderate, not ideologically extreme enough for GOP voters to support?

That’s not what Donald Trump’s policies and stated beliefs suggest. Donald Trump:

– Wants to surround the United States with giant security walls
– Favors torturing prisoners even if there is no possible benefit to the torture
Blames immigrants for America’s problems
– Wants to force all Muslims to submit to national security government database, carry ID cards declaring their religion, and favors the idea of putting them in internment camps – and under Donald Trump’s presidency, no Muslim would be allowed to enter the United States (not even Muslim US citizens)
– Says that African-American protesters are “disgusting”, and deserve to be “roughed up”, condoning physical assaults against African-Americans at his rallies
– Plans to use the power of the White House to “save Christianity once and for all
– Wants to “bomb the hell out of” countries in the Middle East
– Plans to censor the Internet
– Thinks Global Warming is a hoax invented by the Chinese government
– Believes that Barack Obama was born in Kenya
– Repeats debunked right wing conspiracy theories claiming that most murders of European-Americans are committed by African-Americans

The problem with Donald Trump is not that he’s too moderate. It’s that he’s too extreme. The problem with the Republican Party is that its voters LOVE Donald Trump’s ideological extremism.

If there’s any doubt of Donald Trump’s immoderation, an incident yesterday should put it to rest. Donald Trump retweeted a message from a Twitter user using the handle @WhiteGenocideTM. 21 hours later, as I write this article, Donald Trump has yet to delete the tweet.

Donald Trump Retweets NeoNazi

White Genocide is a a conspiracy theory, spread through a network of NeoNazi and White Supremacist web sites, claiming that Jews, African-Americans, Hispanics and Muslims are teaming up in an international effort to make “whites” extinct.

NeoNazi White Genocide Insanity

Although, in the hours after people found out about Donald Trump’s retweet of @WhiteGenocideTM’s material, @WhiteGenocide posted some distracting tweets to try to hide the account’s extreme anti-Semitic, racist, unhinged content, it’s quite clear that, at the time that he retweeted @WhiteGenocideTM, Donald Trump could have seen where the NeoNazi was coming from at a moment’s glance.

@WhiteGenocideTM retweeted posts quoting Nazi Joseph Goebbels about how “our movement” will triumph.

Josef goebbels quote from account retweeted by Donald Trump

@WhiteGenocide deplores the presence of non “white” people in Europe, and imagines Donald Trump as a Napoleonic strong leader to get them out.

racist pro-trump twitter

Trump as Napoleon tweeted by NeoNazi

@WhiteGenocideTM has declared its opposition to the presidential candidacy of Bernie Sanders on the grounds that Sanders is Jewish, and therefore part of an international conspiracy to exterminate “whites”.

anti-semitism pro-Trump

Donald Trump should have been able to see right away that @WhiteGenocideTM is filled with racist extremism, but Trump chose to retweet the NeoNazi White Supremacist’s material anyway.

pro-Trump white supremacist propaganda

anti-Semitic Nazi pro-trump propaganda

Was it all just a mistake? This isn’t the first time that Donald Trump has retweeted messages from NeoNazis.

On Twitter, when you retweet someone else’s message, it’s like bringing that person up on stage with you for a photo opportunity, and shaking their hand. It’s a declaration that you are willing to be associated with that person. People who use Twitter know that you don’t retweet material from people you disagree with – unless you write a message along with it explicitly disagreeing with that material.

Donald Trump has a huge staff dedicated to his tuning his campaign message on places like Twitter. That staff has seen fit, with almost a full day to review the decision, to not distance Donald Trump from the racist NeoNazi white supremacism of @WhiteGenocideTM.

That’s not where the story ends, however. What’s even more disturbing is that Donald Trump’s supporters aren’t repudiating his association with the most extreme, hateful fringes of the Republican Party. They’re cheering it on. They know very well that Donald Trump is no moderate, and they love him for it.

Donald Trump’s Republican presidential campaign isn’t dangerous just because of Trump’s own racist right wing extremism. It’s dangerous because it’s serving as a rallying cry for the most bigoted, intolerant, group of voters in the country. The Trump for President campaign is serving as a beacon for those Americans who are sick of the Bill of Rights, and want to put women, Jews, Hispanics, African-Americans, Muslims, and anyone else who isn’t like them, back in their place.

It’s a fascist campaign, and the movement of hatred that it is inspiring is a danger to American society.

For the record, I’m not calling for a politically correct censorship of Donald Trump, or of @WhiteGenocideTM and Trump’s other NeoNazi supporters.

I believe in freedom of speech.

Donald Trump and @WhiteGenocideTM have the right to say what they’re saying.

I have the right to say that what they are saying is vile, dangerous, and in direct opposition to the democratic values represented by our nation’s Constitution.

8 thoughts on “Donald Trump Retweets NeoNazi White Supremacist”

  1. John says:

    Talk about fear mongering. If trump is considered “dangerously right”, then this article just got knocked out of the stadium, via LEFT FIELD!!!! Your whole article is based on the assumption that trump knows the background and ideology of every single person he has on his Twitter account. The guy has a campaign schedual more demanding than any of the other candidates. He could have re-tweeted it unknowingly. Your claims are full of puffed up notions that are not accurate, but that cause fear to scare moderates that may be looking at Trump as an option to turn and run. It’s a low methodology. If your truth is truth, then let it come to fruition by speaking only the truth. Not by twisting it to your means.

  2. J Clifford says:

    Frank, a person who sees the handle @WhiteGenocideTM and sees the profile page for that account and doesn’t understand that it’s the profile of a NeoNazi white supremacist is an idiot.

    People don’t retweet things unknowingly. It just doesn’t happen, Frank.

    This isn’t someone who posted on Trump’s account. This is someone Trump consciously chose to retweet.

    Do you understand how Twitter works, Frank?

    1. Charles Manning says:

      J Clifford, did you mean John?

      The Twitter thing is a mystery to me. What I heard is that you can’t send more than 150 or so word or characters in a tweet, so I’ve just ignored Twitter. I wonder how many Americans knew what it is?

      Nonetheless, the comments of you and Peregrin have the ring of truth. I’m going to bookmark this article because it compiles all the extremist views of Trump in a way I haven’t seen elsewhere.

      1. J Clifford says:

        Yes, John. Sorry, Frank.

    2. John says:

      Actually no I have a Twitter account but I’ve never really used it. The little bit I have used it I have only ever seen comments and a tiny profile pic next to the comment. No webpages or descriptions about their ideologies are attached. Im sure he has a ton of people on his account. And being a business owner myself I, and that being in the retail industry when I was building my brand I accepted and invited everybody I could to like my Facebook page. Sometimes I regretted accepting some of the people that I did. I don’t know I just don’t sees him as a racist. But I’m biased because I do agree with him on most of his platforms. So I guess I’m coming from a biased point of view.

      1. Charles Manning says:

        We all have biases, but education and discipline are supposed to help us recognize biases for what they are.

        Trump mirrors the views of those who support him. Education and discipline are foreign to his nature, and his followers mirror that, too. But Trump followers are human beings, deserving of respect, even as those of us who deplore Trump’s ideas seek to discredit them by rational discussion, such as on this website. I believe Trump is going to suffer some losses soon. The real danger will be the emergence of Ted Cruz as the leading Republican candidate.

  3. Jim Cook says:

    Two days later and Donald Trump is still promoting the insanely white supremacist Twitter account through his retweet. This is astonishing.

  4. phil says:

    Coulter and Trump deserve each other.
    Fox does what it does for all, the same thing, report the truth.
    They cannot endorse arrogant statements made by the above two individuals who all they seem to do is blatantly criticize and insult other people or groups of people to the delight of the lower classes. GROW UP!!
    Do not vote for him!!!!

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