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Danger in the Middle East. Who Will Confront This Threat?

Why do they hate us?
Why are they coming after us?
Why do they want to kill us?
Where are the voices who will speak out for an end to the bloodshed?

These are the questions that people are asking in the the world today.
Some people are asking these questions in the United States.
Some people are asking them in Iraq.

How many U.S. non-combatants are being killed?
How many Iraqi non-combatants are being kiled?

Let’s get some perspective using statistics from the U.S. Department of State, which every year puts together a count of private U.S. citizens killed worldwide as a result of terrorist attacks. You can find these annual reports here. The trend:

U.S. Private Citizen Deaths Worldwide in Terrorist Attacks, 2005-2015

Now let’s get some perspective using statistics for documented Iraqi civilians killed by U.S. and Coalition forces and the coalition-sponsored Iraqi government. Source: Iraq Body Count. The trend:

Document Iraqi Civilians Killed by U.S. Forces, Coalition Forces and the Coalition-Supported Iraqi Government, 2003-2015

Now let’s put the two pieces of information together, side by side for comparison:

U.S. and Iraq Civilians Killed, 2003-2015, Juxtaposed

Every death is tragic. On which of these deaths have you been focusing? What is the dangerous threat in the Middle East? Who will confront it?

One thought on “Danger in the Middle East. Who Will Confront This Threat?”

  1. Charles Manning says:

    Can this be true? If so, once again Irregular Times has put things in perspective like no one else. Thanks!

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