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Yes, She’s a Myth, but What Does She Drive?

You probably know that Ronald Reagan’s old “welfare queen” line about black inner-city women living it rich off their welfare checks was a myth, a distortion based on a single unrepresentative anecdote. Regardless, thirty years later you can find dozens of Tweets every day featuring the “welfare queen” phrase. More than 8,000 web pages have been published that feature the idea of a “welfare queen” driving a Cadillac…

… a Cadillac? Why a Cadillac? Well, Ronald Reagan used the Cadillac car model in his stories, and anything Ronald Reagan said tends to stick around. But since a generation has passed, in which the boat-like Cadillac has kind of gone out of style, I wonder: has the mythic “welfare queen” story incorporated any new makes to keep up with the times?

The quick answer: Yes. Here are the quick Google stats of the number of web pages for the following combination of a make of car and the phrase “welfare queen”:

Acura 770 web pages
BMW: 6,340 web pages
Buick: 1,770 web pages
Cadillac: 8,640 web pages
Chevrolet: 11,500 web pages
Honda: 6,220 web pages
Hummer: 1,860 web pages
Fiat: 1,220 web pages
Infiniti 457 web pages
Jeep: 11,900 web pages
Kia 1,220 web pages
Lexus: 3,320 web pages
Lincoln: 3,320 web pages
Mercury: 8,390 web pages
Nissan: 12,700 web pages
Porsche: 4,050 web pages
Rolls-Royce: 4,270 web pages
Toyota: 7490 web pages
Volkswagen: 7,050 web pages

Yes, folks, the fictional welfare queen is driving all sorts of vehicles these days. Let this be a lesson to you: if you’re a fictional character used to push questionable changes in policy, don’t stick to what you’ve always done. Try something new. If you’re a criminal immigrant, try taking a dance class. If you’re a latte-sipping liberal, think about cappucino. A little rebranding never hurt anyone who doesn’t exist.

3 thoughts on “Yes, She’s a Myth, but What Does She Drive?”

  1. ella says:

    I see you have not been around long enough to know about the welfare Cadillac. Yes, in fact the Government gave away brand new Cadillac’s to black welfare recipients. One per household. The color of their choice. Did they know how to drive? They learned. How long did they keep it? Until the full tank of gas they were given with it ran out in many cases. They were left at the side of the road and towed later. In drive ways. Wrecked and recycled. A few were actually of benefit to those who were looking for transportation to work or to spend the welfare money, which back then was in plenty.

    Who wound up with the massive wealth that was lavished on the “welfare Queens”, the welfare bozos. The welfare slum lords. The welfare businessmen who just took the food stamps for a little cash, then doled them out as “payment” for services.

    Yes, our brilliant Congress used the then bloated Social Security fund to develop a political program of the their own, which is still in progress today. Trillions of Dollars in debt.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      Prove it, Ella. Prove to me that the government gave away brand new Cadillacs to black welfare recipients. Cite me the source of your knowledge.

      P.S. Why do you particularly care that they’re black welfare reciients?

      1. Jim Cook says:

        There is no proof of such a program, because no such program exists.

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