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Whose Side is God On? The NOAA Test

Here we are in the 21st Century.  We have hoverboards, virtual reality implants, hotels on the Moon…

… and still we have some people insisting that tornadoes are an instrument of God’s judgement:

YouTube Video declares Illinois Tornado God's Wrath for Homosexual Marriage

If tornadoes really, really are God’s method of judgment, consider the following tornado risk map from NOAA (the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) today:

Feb 2 2016 Convective Event Risk Map for Tornadoes in the United States courtesy of NOAA

Let’s add a layer to the map:

Feb 2 2016 Gay Beating Hazard Probability Map for the United States (satire)

Whose side is God on, again?

4 thoughts on “Whose Side is God On? The NOAA Test”

  1. Mark says:

    It’s not that God didn’t target Illinois for homosexuality, he did. It’s just that his hand is so large that a few neighboring states also go hit. That, and his aim’s a little off. But, hey, no one said He was perfect.

  2. ella says:

    “… hotels on the Moon…” J Cook

    Really, there are hotels on the moon? And Space X is just getting going with commercial flight. It must be for Washington insiders only.
    So, this must be a new ‘tornado alley’. Up until a few years ago it ran from about the Texas Panhandle through Arkansas and points north. Is this because of Global Warming – that the “alley” has moved eastward? Anyone know? God is on God’s side since He knows what is right and wrong and it is His existence. Tornadoes are atmospheric condition related, so all that rain that ran down the Mississippi River is evaporating in a warm El Nino year. This storm system is not a recalculating of the mid-western “tornado alley” though.

  3. Leroy says:

    The NOAA annual average tornado activity map (average per state) for time period of 1991-2010…..

    As per the 2012 Presidential Election result, the Red (rightwing) States and Blue (leftwing) States are thus:

    Now based on that, the state’s with more than 40 tornados per year are Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Colorado, Florida, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Mississippi, and Alabama.

    Of those 7 are Red and 5 are Blue.

    But I think that the point that is being made is a “tongue-in-cheek” article, a satire article…. that some Christian God does NOT control the weather FOR or AGAINST anyone.

    Tornadoes are atmospheric weather conditions that are due to very specific circumstances. This area of the United States has more tornadoes (as compared to West Virginia or Delaware or Oregon due to atmospheric effects from a large warm body of water (Gulf of Mexico) channeled northward into cooler air fronts between two large north-south mountain ranges (Appalachians and Rockies) or in a few cases (Gulf Coast states bordering the Gulf directly) by other atmospheric conditions that wane and peak at different times of the year.

    As mentioned, a record setting extremely strong El Nino (which is a cyclical global occurrence, not an act of God) will have an effect on both numbers and intensity of tornadoes – and to an extent unusual locations of tornado occurrence locations. As will Climate Change and Global Warning.

    One typhoon in Bangladesh will easily kill many, many more times people than tornadoes kill in a year.

  4. Educated Somali says:

    LOOOL, this is hilarious. This is one of the only times I actually hope correlation equals causation. I can’t believe how similar those two maps are, it really is too good to be true!

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