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Will Your Business Play By The Rules, Or Just Get Out There And Make Things Happen?

“Stop trying to play by the rules, and just go out, have fun, and build the business of your dreams, PERIOD!” This advice came this morning from Nora Conrad, a self-described “productivity coach”. She’s made it her business to tell other people how to work, and her advice is that if you’re trying to build a business, you shouldn’t even try to play by the rules.

She isn’t alone in giving this advice.

breaking the rules of business

We all know the names of business leaders who made their way in the world by breaking the rules. Charles Ponzi, for example, didn’t just exploit the ponzi scheme. He invented it!

Bernie Madoff literally made off with his investors’ fortunes. Rule breaker!

Kenneth Lay and his buddies at Enron weren’t about to let a few rules stand in the way of their entrepreneurialism, and look where it got them!

The accountants told Bernie Ebbers of WorldCom that he had to make the numbers line up in a certain way. Was he going to let them set the rules? No way!

Casinos fix the rules so that they’ll always win in the end, but who made up the rule that casinos get to make up the rules? Jack Abramoff broke the rules, getting tens of millions of dollars from one casino alone. If he had to bribe a few members of Congress along the way, so what? He did it his way!

It’s only losers who are too lazy to exploit a racist fascist regime to create a business who will criticize Volkswagen for engaging in international fraud to cheat on emissions tests. So what if British Petroleum didn’t follow regulations that could have prevented the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon. Regulations are for lackeys! Who cares that Citibank was caught lying to its customers about charges on their credit card bills? Is anyone really bothered that General Electric, Office Depot, and LG Electronics failed to inform their customers about potentially deadly hazards presented by their products?

Some people just don’t understand what it takes to succeed in business, but if you listen to them, you’ll never be productive and achieve your dreams! Go your own way! Don’t play by the rules! Screw the consequences!

One thought on “Will Your Business Play By The Rules, Or Just Get Out There And Make Things Happen?”

  1. Korky Day says:

    Excellent article, F.G. Fitzer. Nora Conrad should’ve had a good editor, like me, who would have advised her to make it clear that business people should not break the law, but should consider breaking the ‘rules’ (standard advice) of business professors, advisers, and consultants if they have a good reason to do so. That’s probably what Conrad meant to say.
    That applies in any field, not just business. Donald Trump is breaking many of ‘rules’ (standard advice) of politics, and sometimes it helps him. Saying ‘hell’ and ‘shit’ in his speeches, though, probably isn’t helping him, but I don’t know for sure.

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