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What Less Of Us, More Of God Would Really Mean In Politics

This week, America suffered through the annual ritual of religious grandstanding in which politicians are blackmailed by right wing activists into attend the National Prayer Breakfast, under threat of being accused of not being Christian enough.

Christians who have actually read their holy book know that it contains injunctions against just this sort of thing. It quotes Jesus as telling his followers, “When you pray, don’t be like the hypocrites; for they love to stand and pray in the synagogues and on the street corners so that they may be seen by men.”

Oh, but forget what Jesus was supposed to have said. The National Prayer Breakfast is about using religion to gain political power.

You see, the National Prayer Breakfast isn’t a national event at all.

It’s a private event organized by a secretive religious organization that calls itself The Family.

So, Congressman Doug LaMalfa wasted no time in rushing up to the floor to preach a sermon to the entire U.S. House of Representatives, telling them that they all should submit themselves to the will of his god. Congress should be “Less of us, more of God,” LaMalfa said.

Did Congressman LaMalfa really mean what he said? Does he really believe in the principle of “Less of us, more of God”?

There’s a simple test of Doug LaMalfa’s religious sincerity. If he actually believes what he says about Congress becoming “Less of us, more of God”, then he should start with himself, and just let his god keep him in power.

To Congressman LaMalfa, and all other members of Congress who claim to believe in the principle “Less of us, more of God”, you can prove your sincerity by accepting this challenge: Stop working on your re-election campaigns. Stop spending money to spread the message of “Vote for me!” If you actually believe that your god has the power, let your god perform a miracle, and keep you in Congress without you debasing yourselves to engage in campaigns of extreme self-promotion.

Otherwise, all you’re really doing is just loudly preaching in public about how holy you are, arrogantly praising your own value, and using other people’s religious enthusiasm as a fundraising device, a tool for advancing your own individual careers.

One thought on “What Less Of Us, More Of God Would Really Mean In Politics”

  1. Korky Day says:

    Excellent article, Peregrin Wood.
    If the candidates are too scared to stop campaigning, challenge them to campaign without buying ads, and without big donations and superPACs.

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