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Is Hillary Clinton Really A Progressive Who Gets Results?

Hillary Clinton calls herself “a progressive who gets results”.

Is it true that Hillary Clinton is a progressive? Are the results that she gets progressive?

Was it progressive when Hillary Clinton voted in favor of allowing George W. Bush to rush into war in Iraq?

Was it progressive when Hillary Clinton supported the anti-gay Defense of Marriage Act?

Was voting for the Patriot Act progressive? What about her support for electronic surveillance against the American people by the NSA?

When Hillary Clinton declared her support for fracking to get natural gas out of the ground, so that it could be burned, making climate change worse, was that progressive?

What kind of results did we get out of the American military intervention in Libya, which Hillary Clinton supported?

What kind of results have we gotten from the so-called “welfare reform” Hillary Clinton supported in the 1990s?

What have been the results of all the money that Hillary Clinton has taken from Wall Street?

4 thoughts on “Is Hillary Clinton Really A Progressive Who Gets Results?”

  1. Jon sanders says:

    Hillary has her downsides, all 50-year politicians do. Personally, I do not think Bernie has any chance against any GOP candidate. Which I think is a major reason the Conservatives are doing everything they can to denigrate Clinton. They don’t seem to be doing the same thing to Bernie, a long time Socialist, and I think it’s because they are convinced opposing him in the general would be like shooting fish in a barrel. If Bloomberg gets on board, as an Independent and split the Dem vote, the GOP is going to go wild with delight.

    1. Charles Manning says:

      Sanders is widely praised by progressives, but he hasn’t begun to really score against the candidates who accept huge donations from PACs or other moneyed interests. For example, he hasn’t stressed questioning those who’ve finance Hillary’s campaign, including but not limited to Wall Street interests, by probing who they are and what policies they’re advocating. Obviously, by funneling tons of money to Hillary, they hope to achieve non-progressive objectives, but so far both the identities of the contributors and their objectives remain in the background. Sanders also has failed to clearly explain how he proposes to fight the ridiculously lax gun control laws we have now. For example, I never hear him stress that firearms are inherently dangerous, much as motor vehicles are, and contrast the myriad of safety measures Americans accept regarding vehicles and roads with the gun control laws. Sanders also is very weak in his national defense policies, and repeatedly fails to connect on civil rights. Once he overcomes those problems, and recruits a strong progressive vice presidential choice — preferably a Black or a woman — he’ll gain far more support from progressive individuals than he’s garnered so far. If he does that, I think he WILL have a chance against any of the Republicans.

  2. Charles Manning says:

    Peregrin Wood, to be fair, can you cite any progressive results that Hillary Clinton can rightfully claim credit for? The only thing I can think of is that she voted for gun control measures that Sanders voted against (laws don’t really do much to prevent the mass shootings and multiple shootings that plague our nation).

    1. Charles Manning says:

      I meant, laws that don’t really do much . . .

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