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If Deadly Enemies Aren’t Being Confronted, How Come We Aren’t Dead Yet?

At last night’s Republican debate, presidential candidate Ted Cruz declared that, “The world is getting much more dangerous. We’ve had seven years with Barack Obama in the oval office, a commander-in-chief that is unwilling even to acknowledge the enemy we’re facing. This is a president who, in the wake of Paris, in the wake of San Bernardino, will not even use the words radical Islamic terrorism, much less focus on defeating the enemy.”

This is alarming – or at least, it is until you begin to think about it.

Let me slow it down to the pace of the Republican voter’s mind.

If there are deadly dangers that seriously threaten us all…

…and the President of the United States has not been willing to confront them, or even admit that they exist…

…for seven… entire… years…

how come we aren’t all dead yet?

ted cruz and danger

Don’t get it yet? Think about it this way:

How powerful can a violent enemy, determined to destroy the United States, truly be if, after given the opportunity of a U.S. President offering no resistance to its attacks for seven long years, it hasn’t even managed to destroy Rhode Island yet?

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